Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random Thoughts: Oprah's Final Farewell

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

First, a confession. I had never seen an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in my entire life before tuning in to the finale. And, it has been on for the majority of my life. I've flipped past it, sure. I've seen a clip or two online, yes. But I've never watched more than a couple of minutes. This is particularly of interest when you consider the facts that a) I've known a handful of people who have been ON her show (albeit before I knew them), and b) I spent an entire summer watching Jenny Jones' talk show every day.

When I heard that Oprah was starting her own television network, I was amused. I even planned to DVR the first thing that aired... but my DVR didn't understand how to record a channel that did not yet exist. Or, at least I couldn't figure out how to make it recognize what I wanted (I was out of town when it premiered). And now, I can't say that I've even tuned in to her channel once, though I do look at the lineup now and then while I'm scrolling through the on-screen guide. I didn't even realize when The Oprah Winfrey Show was ending (though I did know this was her final season) until maybe a week before the finale.

So, I DVR'd the two-part finale spectacular (which, for some reason that an Oprah fan could probably tell me easily, ran on Monday and Wednesday) and watched. Here are my thoughts, and I encourage you to share with me whether you watched the finale and what you thought. 

Part I:
- I liked her clothing choice (the purple dress seen to the right) for the first part. 
- I love "Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night," so hearing the Black Eyed Peas was cool.
- Apparently the guests are surprises... Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise... Tom Cruise has been on her show TWELVE times.
- There's a LOT of singing. First, a kid sings. Then, a guy sings. Then, Patti LaBelle comes on singing. Then, some Madonna. Geez! Is Oprah always so musical?
- I liked Dakota Fanning comes introducing those young girls who share how Oprah changed their lives.
- I really liked finding out that, because of Oprah, a bunch of schools have libraries. But, I totally rolled my eyes at the "Oprah Tree" being put in front of all those libraries. And then some more... 25,000 to be exact.

Part II
- Nice highlights of the early years... I found them amusing and cute.
- The motivational thoughts didn't hit me the way they affected some of the people I talked to about the episode, but they were nice nonetheless.
- um, the rest of the hour kinda bored me... nothing else notable.

Well, what did you think of the finale?
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Anonymous said...

The big spectacular thing was two parts, on Monday and Tuesday. The last episode was Wednesday, with just her talking. I liked the finale(s). I saw episodes here and there growing up, but started watching it more in college and then every episode once we moved here and got Tivo. :) I have the Oprah dvd set, which is a really nice compilation of highlights from over the years, organized by categories (celebrity interviews, funny moments, makeover shows, surprises, meaningful moments with some of the "regular people" guests, etc). I'll really miss the show.

- Katie (for whatever reason my iphone won't let me log in)

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

thanks for the explanation, Katie. I don't know why I understood a commercial to say that the finale was Monday and Wednesday, LoL! The compilation DVD set sounds interesting, if it's on Netflix I may add it!