Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wipeout Back; Gosselins Give Back; 16 and Pregnant Updates

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Cake Boss, Kate Plus Eight, 19 Kids and Counting, 16 and Pregnant, and Wipeout.

ake Boss "A Big Bumblebee & a Bossy Grace" (S04E17):  Buddy is showing some of the crew the new bakery again. They keep telling Buddy that it's too big, and he's starting to second-guess himself. [the place is enormous and he's talked about all sorts of new additions that I don't know the bakery is ready for...] A guy from Chevy comes to see Buddy about a Camaro cake to feature Bumblebee from Transformers. Buddy will get to drive a Camaro. He puts Grace in charge while he's out. They have a bunch of the other cars as well. Buddy and some of the guys make most of the cake at the special effects' guy's place. Grace and Madeleine get into an argument since Mary is two hours late. Mary apparently told Buddy that she was going to the dentist, and Grace asks Buddy about it when he returns, but it blows up because he tells her to just worry about herself. They finish the Transformers cake and it weighs a lot - over 1500 pounds. There are some issues in the transport, and they're doctoring it up when it arrives. It works out okay in the end and the special effects go fine as well.

Kate Plus Eight "Giving Back" (S02E09): They went to NE Tennessee to volunteer. Jamie came again. [what's with her lately? she has her own kids to parent, doesn't she?] TLC partnered with Feeding America. The family learned about people who don't have enough to eat and then formed an assembly line to create bags of food. They did 200 bags in half an hour! Then they practiced packing goods received from a food drive. They help out at a school, too. Then it was on to a soup kitchen to serve dinner. [how many good deeds are they cramming into a single day?? Not that it's a bad thing, but these kids are known to become overstimulated and meltdown...] Kate did some radio interviews to promote the food drives. It was going to be crowded at the food bank and Kate gave the kids the option to stay on the bus if they didn't want to be overrun at the public appearance. [Some of the fans were kinda obsessive! A tattoo of Alexis' name??] Kate gets to drive a NASCAR pace car. Then, Kate took the kids to a grocery store and they just filled a cart with things to donate. [kinda awkward, but get where they're coming from.] Kate donates money to support eight kids for a school year. The kids also got to ride in the pace car. This was their Spring Break. [I'm glad that the kids are learning to volunteer from an early age. I often wonder how I would be different if I "gave back" before I was 14 or so.]

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Get Dirty" (S07E04): A re-cap of the Duggars and how they make money on real estate. "A few weeks ago" they bought a rental house that is full of trash. Jill stays with Josie and the little ones. Jennifer, from Indonesia, comes over now and then, and is helping out this time. [but no Jonathan this episode.] Grandma Duggar also has some rental properties. Michelle had a prior engagement. [not sure what...] They wore surgical masks because of how gross it's going to be. [wow that place was full of junk!!] The Duggars produce about five bags of trash per day. JimBob says that one of the kids might live in this house someday, and Jana says she hopes none of them do! [LoL. love Jana!] Jill was with Jordyn, Jennifer, Johannah, and Josie because she didn't want to play in the trash. [LoL.] Josiah wraps Jackson in plastic wrap, then JimBob unrolls him and he spins around. [big waste of saran wrap!] It took them 5 hours to clean the house, which produced 36 trashbags of stuff... two truckloads! The next day they need to paint and tile some rooms in a warehouse. It's snowy out so the kids spent the day sledding for Joseph's 16th birthday. Some family friends joined them. They have three teams and they try to drop clothespins into a jar. The team who gets the most in get to go first in the serving line. [Anna doesn't look that pregnant here... but then again, Joseph's birthday was in January.] End with Joseph blowing out the candles on the cake. [I thought that the cake was very artistic!

and, the First Grandson Special:  
Starts with a recap of how Josh and Anna met, courted, married, and had their first child, announced their second pregnancy, etc. [Michelle's hair is still really tightly curled.] The Duggars have been on The Today Show 9 times and since they have a good relationship with the show, they usually leak out news to them first. [Why did they have the DVD images blurred? we can't find out what educational programs the Duggar family watches? LoL.] Some of Anna's friends found out she was pregnant through television rather than she or Josh telling them. [that's kinda weird. Though I wasn't thrilled that I found out about some friends' pregnancies on facebook rather than from them. Also, it appears that Anna is drawing on her eyebrows now... they don't look as nice her her natural ones.] Josh and Anna have been prepping Mackynzie to be a big sister. [nice to hear Anna do the bulk of the talking.] "A couple Ms, a couple Js" makes it sound like they're going to have a bunch of children... [and Anna talking about whether the crib will match the room furniture was kinda odd.] They're taking Bradley classes again [we see Anna in an outfit similar to the one she wore when she made ice cream with the Duggars. She's 20 weeks when we see her in it here]. Josh "loves" birthing classes. [that struck me as a bit odd as well... not really sure what that means.] Mackynzie was still staying in Josh and Anna's room, and they moved her to her own room since they'll need the space for the new baby. The crib didn't have directions. Joseph helped Josh put it together. Michelle and JimBob were surprised by the sex for Josh, but for the rest they found out ahead of time. [I wonder why... at this point, wouldn't it be fun to have a surprise? You already have everything in every color, LoL.] Duggar babies tend to have large heads. Michelle treated the older girls and Anna to manicures and pedicures. [Anna calls JimBob and Michelle "Mom and Dad" now. a big change from calling them Mr. and Mrs. Duggar like she did in the beginning of he marriage.] Michelle didn't get her own nails done. [not real explanation as to why not.] Johannah got to go with the older girls and had a great time. When Anna was 37 weeks, they went with JimBob and Michelle on the book tour to New York and Ohio. She packed everything she'd need in case the baby was born along the way. In Nashville they met with Anna's family for a bit. Then it was on to Niagara Falls and a bunch of book tour stops. Anna wanted to do some laboring in water, and they set up a kiddie pool of sorts in the house. Anna labors for 17 hours and gets frustrated. Anna wants to move to the living room so they set that up. Anna goes to the bathroom and in the process moves to the bathtub and has Michael James about thirty minutes later. Anna thanked Jesus a lot after the birth. 
If you're interested, on the whiteboard at the Bradley class was: "Pelvic Rocks - Squats - Kegels - Butterfly - Walking - Relaxation" then "Protein 80-100mg every day" (though the misspelled protein as "protien") then "Salt your food to taste" then "drink to thirst :)" and the steps were Physical at the bottom, then Mental, then Emotional.

and Pregnant "Allie" (S03E09):
16 and just started her senior year of high school. Lives in Pasadena, TX. Lived in NJ before that, but had to move with her dad because her mom couldn't afford to keep her. Boyfriend is Joey, a sophomore football player.
August, 23 weeks: they were going out like 2-3 months when she got pregnant. She was on the pill and missed a couple days. [if you can't take it consistently, find another form that works for you!!] She doesn't have friends in her classes. Her dad kicked her out when she got pregnant, so she has to live with Joey and his parents. His parents talked to them about abortion or adoption. His mom is a druggie. They'd like to move in with Joey's grandmother, but she doesn't think there's enough room.
September, 26 weeks: her mom calls and says that she's going to come down when the baby is born. [her mom sounds nice.]
September, 27 weeks: It's stressful for her to keep up with school. It's time for Homecoming. She has to take a bus and walk to her doctor's appointment. She makes jokes about her water breaking at school.
September, 28 weeks: They know they're having a boy and they start getting stuff second-hand. Joey's grandmother lets them stay there for a few days. Joey's mom freaks out and yells at Allie for no reason. Allie keeps quiet and just sits there as his mom keeps screaming and causing a scene. [scary. glad Allie kept it together under that much pressure... especially since pregnancy tends to make women extra-emotional!] Her mom offers her a place back in NJ, but she'd have to leave Joey. His grandmother says that they might be able to stay with her for a year, until they're on their feet. They go get their stuff from Joey's mom's house.
October, 32 weeks: They practice diapering on a cat. [why is it always cats?? The tail would confuse me, LoL.]
Halloween: She paints her belly like a jack o'lantern.
November, 34 weeks: Joey's mom started calling him, apologizing. She announces that she's going to rehab for 5 days of detox (she's on opiates, has been for ten years).
December, 39 weeks: it's the week before Christmas break. She's not wearing maternity clothes but her pants won't button. The plan is that she'd go into the hospital on Thursday, and end up delivering before she gets to leave. Her mom says she won't be able to be there until the first or second week of January. [awww. too bad.] They break her water and start her on pitocin. 5am, 3 hours into labor, she begins to be in pain. Joey's grandmother rubs her back for her. [that's so sweet.] 8 hours into labor she gets an epidural. 10 hours into labor, she's 5cm and 90% effaced. Aydenn Anthony is born December 17th, 7 pounds, 3 ounces.
1 Day Old: They learn about diapering and bathing the baby. A couple of her friends come to the hospital to see the baby. She texted her dad to tell him she had the baby, but he didn't even ask what hospital, so it's doubtful he's going to come. [and that's the last we hear about him, too. I wonder if maybe he's slightly in the picture but doesn't want to be on-camera at all.]
3 Days Old: She's excited and nervous to go home. Allie is afraid to bathe Aydenn. [that was an interesting scene. I bet this happens a lot with these teen mothers who don't have much child care experience or even babysitting behind them.]
2 Weeks Old: Joey's in school and his grandmother is at work, and Allie has to take care of the baby by herself.
3 Weeks Old: Joey isn't helping too much.
1 Month Old: her mom is coming for the weekend. Joey's parents take Allie to the airport to meet her. Since Joey isn't stepping up, Allie's wondering if she should go back to NJ. Her mom leaves, and says that she's only a phone call away.
January, 6 weeks old: [this is a struggle for the timeline, but I'll let this one go, since it's close with a little rounding.] She can go back to school now and wants more help from Joey. She's struggling to be away from Aydenn and get into the swing of things at school. Allie talks to Joey's grandmother about Joey not helping. Allie confronts Joey about it, and he doesn't know what to do or how to fix anything. This is really making Allie think about leaving.
9 Weeks Old: It's even worse now. Joey has even started sleeping on the couch. Allie tells Joey that she wants to leave, and he says that she's ungrateful. Joey says that he's trying, and Allie says that volunteering to help once a week isn't good enough. Allie and Joey break up and Allie takes a suitcase of stuff and leaves. She's at a friend's house and wants to stay there long enough to graduate. Then she'll move to New Jersey. [interesting. I wonder if MTV will choose her to follow if they continue with this season of girls...]

16 and Pregnant "Unseen Moments" Dr. Drew talks about some of the mothers. Taylor thinks that breastfeeding is gross. Jordan is waiting for a proposal. Izabella gets engaged. Nathan's mom doesn't want him to spend so much time at Taylor's. Taylor did see an adoption counselor with Nathan. Nathan sets up a small nursery in his bedroom so that the baby might be able to stay over there sometimes. Cleondra asks her mother's boyfriend to go get her some maxi pads and underwear. [but she asks him for medium. what size was she before? 8 is too big now, and I guess everything she had before the pregnancy is too small?]

16 and Pregnant "Where Are They Now? Part 2": Brooke and Cody bought that barn and live in it on her parents' property. She is still in high school. Cody is an assistant manager now. Brody is a healthy kid, but does have asthma. They talk about things before they go to bed so they're not upset with one another longer than necessary. Learning to discipline has been a struggle for them. Felicia had a lot of pressure to graduate, but did. Genesis is cared for by her grandma, for $60 a week. She's a waitress most of the time, though she is considering cosmetology school in the future. Alex hasn't been in the picture for months, and Felicia says now that she cheated on him during the filming of 16 and Pregnant. She wants to get back with Alex at some point. Kayla and JR called off their engagement. She graduated high school and she's going to college. Kayla took up zumba to lose weight (she put on around 40 pounds with her pregnancy). Ryland is fine. Markai gave a recap of her abortion decision after having Zakari. Markai and James are on their own and she's taking classes. She's considering switching to the pill instead of the shot. She mentors some girls about safe sex. Emily and Daniel got married. They got their own apartment and are both in school. He watches Liam at night and she watches him during the day. She lost most of her friends, but she has new ones who are also moms. She's doing a nuclear medicine program and he's doing a paramedic program instead of engineering, which he had the full ride for before, but at a different school. She says she resents Daniel a little bit and that nothing will ever make it better. They argue over how Daniel thinks Emily should do more of the housework. Ashley moved to NY for college but misses her baby. She transferred to the University of North Texas and has her own apartment. She's working for The Princeton Review online. She feels like she's in the same mindset she was when she gave Callie over to her aunt and uncle the final time. She feels like nobody believes in her when she tried to be a single mother. [I wonder if MTV hooked her up with Catelynn at all... I bet Catelynn could give her some advice.] Megan and Nathan broke up, and when she started to file for custody, his paternal instincts kicked in and he moved back in. He got a stable job and they got married after a two-week engagement. [her dress was short and her veil was strange.] He's thinking about joining the military, and still loves video games. Megan wants to do something in the medical profession, like an ultrasound tech or a neonatal nurse. Megan lost a bunch of friends because they couldn't stand Nathan. [interesting, but makes sense.] They want more children when they can afford it. [cool to hear someone's perspective on this. I feel like it was covered more in the earlier seasons.] Aubrey and Brandon moved to Washington to live with his dad. Things then went downhill, since she wanted to hang out with her friends and he worked all the time. So, they separated. Aubrey claims that she knew that the marriage would never last. She moves in with a friend and brings Austin. She's an English major but she's taking time off to work. Brandon gets Austin Thursdays and the weekends. She still parties and Brandon is concerned about her abilities to parent.   

"Summer Sneak Peak": Qualifier has Wipeout Wall that pops out, Driver's Ed that has spinning steering wheels, Big Balls (with new swinging ball motivator), Jiggalator (several severely shaking platforms to cross), Double Barrel (revolving oval with two cut-outs that you can jump into, ride around, and jump out of). The first girl is slow and boring and quits before doing the double barrel. [I hate the quitters.] The steering wheels also have airbags that pop out! [I really liked watching TheTotalPackage.] Then, the Illusion-ater, which has rotating arms that have dangling spinning rings hanging down. Stand on a platform as they come around... the six (out of twelve) that last the longest move on. You can ride it to another pedestal, but you have to get back before it comes back around. The final six keep playing, and the longest-staying person wins $1,000. TheTotalPackage lasts the longest. The next round is the Wipeout Play Set. Start on swings, get to a spinning platform, get past some sweepers to a slide, avoid a windmill, and you get to the end. The girls really struggle to swing out onto the spinning platform. DapperGent makes it all the way across first. Everyone else has to start over. You pretty much have to ride the sweeper arms across that area. DazedAndConfused lost a shoe and didn't bother wasting time to put it back on. [LoL.] The newest Wipeout Zone starts with the Towering Flume of Doom, that shoots you down seven stories. Then, the Iron Maze-in, which is upright and spinning... you have to go in one side, work your way around, and out through the other. The Axel of Evil is next, which makes you hold onto three whirling prongs as it spins around and brings you to another location. Then, the Wall of Falls, which has a waterfall going over it and is a wall full of posts that stick out and retract. DapperGent goes first and finishes at 10:42. TheTotalPackage is next, and falls out the front side of the Iron Maze-in. Then, he gives up at 8:36, after failing on the Axel of Evil. DazedAndConfused really tumbled around in that maze! She flies off the Axel of Evil and runs out of time.

Wipeout "Hotties Versus Nerds" (S05E01):  [long lead-in about hotties and nerds. pretty boring.] The qualifier features the Wipeout Car Wash (soapy and foamy platforms against a wall with pop-outs), Driver's Ed (three stacks of platforms, going past giant steering wheels that turn and sometimes pop out airbags), Big Balls (with a new motivator: spinning big balls), Jiggalator (two platforms you have to go across that shake vigorously), Double Barrel (giant rotating thing with two indented circles you can get into to ride and get out of on the other side. today they also contain ice cream). [the first contestant is a bartender wearing a bikini. haha, there's a LARPer! reminds me of Huge.] The final contestant, who was into Battle Group (or something similar) quit once he hit the jiggalator. Eight nerds and four hotties move on. The next round, Total Carnage, has everyone starting on one rectangular pedestal. They have to jump from one to the next, getting across ten or so of them. All the while they need to avoid a whirling crankshaft (no ducking allowed) and some spinning rings that are pretty close together. The rings take down 8 people immediately. [hahaha!] One of the guys jumps too far and falls off one of the pedestals. [Watching people get over the crankshaft is pretty funny!] Only one hottie moves onward. This round is the Wipeout Play Set, which has swings to use to get to a spinning platform, some sweepers you have to get onto to move across, a slide where you have to avoid a windmill to get through. The remaining girl was afraid to get off the swing. [I can't blame her too much... jumping off scared me when I was a kid. HomeScholar running into the windmill was funny. And whenever they make it past the windmill but don't clear the downward ramp, I laugh.] Moving on to the WipeoutZone we have NerdTease, CountryNerd, and HomeScholar. The WipeoutZone starts with the Flume of Doom (7-story plunge into the water), the Iron Maze-in (a vertical spinning maze where you enter on the yellow, exit on the red), Axel of Evil (hold onto the prongs that spin on a sweeper arm), Great Wall of Fall (a wall full of cylinders that pop out and pull in as you crawl across, all while under waterfalls). CountryNerd finishes with 11:34. HomeScholar fell out the front of Iron Maze-in. He does everything else pretty quickly, finishing at 3:30!!!!!!! NerdTease pulls through the Iron Maze-in okay, but the Axel of Evil wiped her on her first try [though I think she had a great strategy!]. The Great Wall of Fall does her in as she falls into the water just a second or two before time expired. [too bad. but I love it when the WipeoutZone is close!]    
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Off season/Coming Up:
Teen Mom  (season 3 starts July 5th)
Teen Mom 2 
(no idea when season 2 starts)

Pregnant in Heels (Season 2?)
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
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