Friday, November 26, 2010

Simpsons as Avatar & Others

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, big surprise, I'm traveling for the holiday weekend so I've had a difficult time keeping up.


The Simpsons (S22E06): Abbreviated opening AGAIN. Avatar haha. I didn't get it at first, but my husband got it immediately, LoL. and 3D glasses to boot. Why is NBC the guinea pig? House cat flu, lmao. haha on putting the cats IN the tree, LoL. Moe: "I don't even have a child I admit to having." Burns ruining the rest of the medicine was sad. "The Grave Matthews Band," hahaha. Why are Reverend Lovejoy and his wife at the party? They don't work for Burns. Burns-shaped fruits?? Really?? Shredding everyone's coats was crazy, too. I don't think a bird pulling on Burns' tongue would tug like that... it would just sever part of it, LoL. "My dad hates you more than celery and my mom said no more pets." The ET references were cute. Whoa that was a lot of spit in that grave! That was a REALLY creepy vibrating skull chair. Funny movie reference, especially the "it's already been done" thing. And what is that music from (in the end credits and also when Homer had the carrot on a string in front of Burns)?? I know it was in one of the Honey I Shrunk the Kids movies, but what else??

Family Guy (S09E06):
"Faster than the Speed of Love" haha. They packed the books in shredded books, LoL. Let's just say "he's a friend in publishing and he calls on Thursdays" was odd... and sexual. And the penguin doing the girl was weird, too. The Melanie Griffith thing was freaky. I laughed about Brian's grey M&M thing. Funny penguin joke about black & white, LoL. Weird depiction of Renee Zellweger... I never would've picked her out. Weird Bill Maher segment. And way too long.

Kate Plus Eight (S01Exx):
episode 6 next week.

Futurama (S06E13): odd opening. 331 days since last Christmas, LoL. Too much oxygen, who would've guessed? Robonukkah for SIX WEEKS, LoL. A droidel that's rigged to make you pay, haha. A dig at reform Judaism, LoL. Change for a Nobel Prize, hahahahaha. Crushing dinosaurs to get petroleum oil, hahaha. AWESOME throwback to TMNT!!! 500 million years and his friends became petroleum anyway, LoL. Mathketball, I love it. Kwanzaabot as the Kool-Aid man, LoL. The candles have to be beeswax, LoL. Why was there a prostitute at the beekeeping place?? "like every year before 1966" was a great line. "kamikazbees" was great, too.


Cake Boss (S03E23): I think this is the first time I watched this in HD, LoL. It's kinda neat that way. Loved the marble chocolate fondant look. Cute way to put the candybars on the tiers, but I dunno about all that messy stuff on the base, LoL. It did that strange cut thing for a couple seconds like Little People, Big World did this week for some reason. I was really happy for how thrilled Buddy's mom was with the renaming of the street that the bakery is on. Carlo sold the bakery to Buddy's dad after working hard there for FIFTY years!! It also changed locations. Cannolis are $12.95/pound. Chocolate fountains on a cake is too much. really. FINALLY! Buddy takes the guys to see the new location! If the bakery is in this giant warehouse, where is the store part going to be?? I like that "ganache" is their cheer, hehe. Whoa, I saw pies! I never really seem them work on those, LoL. That was CRAZY CHOCOLATY!! "Employee of the Century" ?? Really?? How neat!! Yay, Sal! 3,000-4,000 people ate pieces of that cake!

Little People, Big World (S06E15 & S06E16): Molly likes to cut Jacob's hair, LoL. I cut my own bangs (have since I was 14 or 15), but I've only tried other people's hair twice: once was my brother's and once was my best friend's during my first year of college). I'm glad that Molly's really into figuring out her college plans... I didn't realize she was a junior in high school already! Zach and Jacob went with her, and although she was excited to be there, she had no idea what she was looking for or what questions she wanted to ask. Weird cut to Jeremy photographing in the middle of Amy's sentence at the college tour. LoL that Amy got Molly a book to try to help her learn the mindset for marathon-running, LoL. Amy made a good point - Jeremy really has had a lot of different ideas for potential careers, LoL. But I'm excited about his photography work. It's been FOREVER since I saw any air-circus stuff... I guess I thought it was a lost art at this point, LoL. She ran for a whopping 5 minutes, hahahahaha. "no, I'm too lazy" was Molly's stance, haha. We don't see Sam (Matt's brother) much, so that was kinda cool. Sam is a lot like Matt, LoL. I thought it was interesting the way Jeremy handled his first gig, since he didn't seem to know the answers to the client's (his uncle) questions. That was cute that Amy went and ran a bit with Molly and stuff. Oh wow, she went to cheer her on at the second leg, too!

Bikes for dwarf kids - cute. And what an interesting project! awww, broken coffee cup. Zach and Jeremy went with Amy to Haiti. Kinda strange that Amy almost forgot to say goodbye to Matt, LoL. Oasis of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean ship and they were going out of Fort Lauderdale. Why does Matt have some of his crutches memorialized on the wall, LoL? I think young Matt looks a lot like Jacob. 2 cars of people going from Labadee to the Capitan airport so they could get to Port-au-Prince. Not something I'd really like to try to accomplish in just 8 hours from getting off the ship to the sail time. Zach didn't say a heck of a lot. They always tell you to turn off your electronic devices, but they're filming as the plane is going down the runway, LoL. The idea that if you see the ship docked, you'll make it is wrong - you can certainly be running down the dock and get left - most people who have cruised multiple times can tell you that, LoL. I smiled when the kids were receiving the bikes - that was just so special. :) I also noticed that Jeremy was credited as a cameraman, so that's cool.

House, M.D.
(S07E08): whoa. opening with a crucifixion was rough. Wow, House and Cuddy attending a wedding of a colleague together is a big step for them. oh. Another House vs. God episode. Masters' mom was her dad's student, 19 years his junior, LoL. Interesting minimalist, LoL. Cute that Wilson and his girl fell in love at a wedding so he wants to propose at one. Uncontrollable smiling is kinda creepy. And by kinda, I think I mean majorly, LoL. Cuddy is turning 43, but told HR that she was 2 years older back when she applied... interesting. And perhaps a wise move, really.
Taub's wife is having a bad night... she looks rather ugly at the wedding, LoL. House has quite a few buttons undone, LoL. Yay, chocolate fountains!! lmao on Chase and Foreman being one another's wingmen, haha. Wow... a six-day marriage for Cuddy. :( Wilson got turned down... ouch!

How I Met Your Mother (S06E10):
Turturkeykey, hahaha. That was a really fake-looking sandwich, LoL. haha on the guy dropping out and the school going co-ed! hahaha, someone who actually buys Lily's paintings?!? Blitz called out 8 numbers... LoL. I got goosebumps when Steve was talking about how bright colors are now and what sorts of things he's missed before because he had the curse, LoL. Loved Barney's face when he was told that he hated Kate Hudson, LoL. Haha, loved Zoey painting the Kiss thing on a passed-out Robin. the Bueller... awesome! "What's a lot of money to someone like you?" haha. Didn't like Zoey's top on Thanksgiving. "... and I'm pretty sure you're making up episodes," LOVE IT! Why send the random wang guy a photo of your group's faces??

19 Kids and Counting (S05Exx): episode 19 to be caught for next week.

"Duggars Make a Movie" Special:
They're going back to DC? "oh my word," LoL. We need an updated opening... several of the children look quite different now, LoL. John-David, Jill, and Jessa were the film crew. Jill was the producer, Jessa did sound, and John-David did the video. They had a family meeting to talk about the production of the episode. Another 9 or 10 days on the road. What does Amy do again? She can just take off for a week with the family, LoL? 10 hours of footage is needed to do an hour-long show! It was cute to watch the little children ask the questions. haha, all the violins lined up to be packed. I wonder why Jinger wasn't helping more with the video production. Or Joseph or Josiah for that matter... I thought the boys were into video production... they do have that lab and all, LoL. Numbered plastic bins was interesting. Michelle turns 44. haha, Anna and Mackynzie are ready but Josh isn't there. Figures. I'm curious as to why NOBODY stayed with Michelle and Josie... just to keep them company if nothing else, LoL. They older kids (Jana, Jessa, John-David, and Jinger) went to Raleigh to see Trailblazer Studios and how they cut the raw footage into episodes. Interesting colored keyboard. They were there for a conference, okay. There is no audio recording in the National Monuments. LoL, "Veterinarian Memorial." Jumbo slices indeed! And then to Georgetown Cupcake. This is the place from DC Cupcakes. All this "our friend told us..." got old FAST. 10 vanilla, 6 chocolate, 4 red velvet, and a toffee crunch. 21 items for 24 people, but I'm sure the littlest ones shared. Jessa had the toffee crunch. The real crew didn't even go to DC. They stayed in Arkansas to take helicopter shots of the house, LoL. On September 15th, the Bates had another boy, and the Duggars went to go see them - they visited on September 22nd. "Judson Wyatt" is a very Bates name, LoL. Wide staircase. It looked like Michelle was giving Josie her nasal cannula again... I thought she was off oxygen? I don't think it's 20 hours from Arkansas to DC. haha, Josh got in on the action when John-David had to go on a fire-rescue call. Kinda funny that Josh recorded his first 30 minutes without audio. "she's about 13 pounds, 12 ounces..." LoL, that's not very "about," hahaha. Anna knows a clown? LoL. Josh's hairline is receding, LoL. Amy turned 24. Party of 16? A bunch of the kids must've stayed home with JimBob, LoL. Amy was a pretty good about about participating with the clown, all things considered. Diaper cream and lipstick for clown makeup, LoL. Deanna's (Amy's mom) eyes were kinda red. haha, green teeth. Jessa says audio is harder than camera, LoL.

16 and Pregnant (S02E15): Aubrey, 17, from Arizona. Met Brandon at 16, shortly after that moved in with him. Dropped out of school, but wants to get a GED so she can go to culinary school. They got evicted when Brandon was fired (specifically fired, not laid off). Now they're living with her grandmother and they're engaged. Starts in November at 30 weeks pregnant. Austin will be the child's name. Grandma's house is a short-term situation - she doesn't want them living there after the baby comes. Babies make her nervous and she's not crazy about them, LoL. haha, they were on the "pull-out method," lmao. "have you guys picked a date yet?" "next week." um, wow. that's some short notice, LoL. And what's with the boots for the wedding?? She borrows $700 from her aunt and forgets, LoL?? "until you get a job, it's going to be hard to pay off bills," um, DUH. December at 32 weeks: "a good look for the first time" ?? they already know it's a boy, so they have seen him! I liked her aunt's hair. heh, her mom is working and can't go to her wedding. Her aunt did her hair and then backed out of actually going to the wedding, LoL. haha, it's kinda funny the way the officiant emphasized "even in poverty" when they're totally there already, LoL. January at 34 weeks: timeline is off again. They have no jobs yet. "working double-time to find a job" ... when you have a baby on the way, I expect triple-time, folks. "you're not missing out on nothing.. it's school," um, bad job, friend. 39% on math and she needs a 65% to pass... sucks to be her. $1500 for maximum tutoring. haha, she wonders if it would've been easier to just stay in school... too little, too late, dummy. The tutoring is $50 an hour?? That's quite high. She thinks it's degrading to be "just a housewife," and yet she had no plan to work at all until it becomes a big issue... hahaha. haha, I didn't realize her friend was a boy until he talked, LoL. February at 39 weeks: 10 hours into labor (induced a few days after the due date, it looks like), she's angry about how long it's taking. 29 hours into labor she gets an epidural, and starts pushing at 30 hours in. Aubrey isn't wearing her seatbelt when they take the baby home from the hospital!!! How irresponsible can you get??? I'm glad that it seems they're breastfeeding well. At a month old, it seems he's on a formula & breastmilk diet. Grandma tried to kick them out, but they ended up asking for summer and got it. Brandon spent almost $100 buying stuff to pan for gold??? seriously?? "I'm good with people," is all Aubrey has going for her? She wore jeans with hole in them to a job interview?? Even if it was a pizza place! heh, she got the job, and now she makes pizzas it looks like. "so we just need to find some big pieces of gold," hahahahahahaha!! I kinda don't like how they didn't close the grandma storyline.

Better With You (S01Exx): catching episode 9 next week.
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Off season/Coming Up:

Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (coming December 6th at 9pm)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start December 7th)
Wipeout (season 4 back in January)
Hot in Cleveland (back January 19th at 10pm for 20 episodes of season 2)
Mr. Sunshine (starts in January on ABC)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure, probably January)
Melissa & Joey (not sure)
Table for 12
: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
Teen Mom (no idea)
South Park (season 15 in the Spring)
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Abi said...

I love House, i can't get enough of it. Not sure about the crucifixion scene either, but they do like to push boundaries of acceptability and they do it well!