Monday, November 29, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

We're going to start out today with two fun facts. First, I'm on an airplane right now, flying back from Thanksgiving vacation. Thanks to Google, I'm using free internet. And, thanks to my husband, I'm using a laptop in the sky, LoL. The second fact is more of an admission, really. When I was in Kindergarten, the kids at my table (we sat 4 to a table) were really into Chip and Dale. Similar to what we know in the adult world as "chatting by the water cooler," we spent snack time every day talking about what Chip and Dale had done the day before. This was 1989 and Rescue Rangers was the hip, new thing. And, since my desperation to "fit in" has plagued me my entire life, I quickly rearranged my afternoon plans to accommodate watching that show on channel X instead of my normal show on channel Y. And so, I watched Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and talked about my favorite parts the following day. My brother and I really enjoyed the show, and I can say I've seen every episode, many of them multiple times over the years.

In the event that you've somehow missed this gem that was a staple of my early elementary years, it featured Chip and Dale, two chipmunks who solved crimes ("no case too big; no case too small") with the help of two mice - Gadget (the lone female of the group) and Monterrey Jack (who was often sidetracked from a project by his love for cheese) and a fly, Zipper. They had typical archenemies (like FatCat and Nimnul) who showed up from time to time, and there were some really inventive storylines over the lifespan of the show. It was especially cool how they used small items (they were small creatures, after all) to figure out how to fly, ride a train, catch things, etc. Anyway, I'm assuming that most people have seen some part of the series, so I'm gonna go ahead and dive into my favorites. I did want to point out that the only thing I ignored is the pilot/movie/start of the second season, since each part (it became 5 in syndication) is so great, LoL.

Season 1: "Kiwi's Big Adventure" (S01E06) This is my very favorite episode of the series, and it used to be (not sure if it still is) near the top of my brother's list as well. A bunch of birds take the Rangers' plane, and Chip is bent on trying to get it back. A big obstacle, however, is the fact that Dale wants Gadget's attention, and he's faking a broken leg to get it. Ironically, when Dale goes to save the day, he really does break a toe, LoL. And, to top it off, the crocodile looks just like the one from Peter Pan! Part 1 | Part 2

Season 2: "The Case of the Cola Cult" (S02E14) This is my second-favorite episode of the series, and I think it's one of my brother's too (I may have had an influence on what shows are his favorites, lmao). When one of Gadget's inventions goes crazy, the Rangers end up at a cola factory, and the leader is using the cuckoo cola to get mice to throw away their worldly possessions so that he can keep them for himself. Gadget, depressed that her inventions aren't going so well anymore, tries to join the cult. The guys go after her and figure out what's going on, so they fix everything, save Gadget, and all is well again. Part 1 | Part 2

Season 3: "Zipper Come Home" (S03E01) Zipper splits off from the gang (this isn't the first time her has felt under-appreciated by the group), and ends up being the King of a group of beetles. Unfortunately, it turns out that the beetles traditionally sacrifice their kings to a frog, and the Rangers end up having to save him... so he goes back to the group, LoL. I liked Zipper quite a bit, so it makes sense that my favorite episode from the short third season is Zipper-centric. (It also might be a plus that the name is a play on Snoopy Come Home, LoL.) Part 1 | Part 2
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