Friday, November 19, 2010

South Park Gone Again

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
Abbreviated opening, no Bart's chalkboard message or Lisa's saxophone. Maggie's into Happy Little Elves, too? I totally thought that was Lisa's thing? "No child of mine will go without anything, ever! Except quality health care," LoL. "Ain't no glass"
slap! haha. Donuts in the parking lot for ten gallons?? omg. Then car on blocks running the gas. And using the gas for target practice with frisbees. And filling the trunk with gas. And pouring gas onto the "loser" dolls and lighting them on fire = double omg. Whoa on Homer and Bart talking about Bart living in that house when he's an adult. Interesting to see Marge's house from when she was a child. Bart kiteboarding on mud was funny. The "christmas tree-ing" of the scantron on Marge's part was mildly amusing. Bart getting the "school bully" slot was funny. Lisa wondering if her saxophone is a distraction or a higher calling, was interesting, but I think she should have had a longer period of debate. Nice nod to Lisa's Buddhist beliefs. Love when parents fight for their children's education. Um, what? Marge doesn't see Nelson as "the bully type" ?? It made me laugh that the students RAN for the door when the bell rang to end recess... we always walked kinda slowly, LoL. Bart actually talked to Nelson to avoid the fight! As soon as Homer said that Marge was doing laundry, I knew that she had struck a deal with the school to do their laundry. I'm very disappointed in Lisa for deciding that she didn't want to go to that school and that she'd be honored if she turned out like her mother. That's such cr@p. Haha on Homer getting the baby doll for Maggie because he realized there was no glass, LoL. I'm also really glad that they went back and finished the Maggie storyline... I would've been really upset if they left that one alone.

Family Guy (S09E05):
Hanson was funny. How did Cleveland get the card in the envelope to mail without stopping the recording mechanism?? I couldn't believe Peter tricked Lois like that??!? Using Joe's legs as a punching bag was funny. I laughed at the "Quahog paper to start printing news instead of just horizontal lines," LoL. The woman Mr. T. milking Peter was disturbing! "Deirdre Jackson" was an interesting name. Are boxers usually disfigured by age 23? LoL. "Ovarian Barbarian" was humorous, too. What's a rabbit punch?? They didn't draw in mouth guards?? All of this boxing is so boring!!

Kate Plus Eight (S01Exx):
episode 6 to be determined.


Cake Boss (S03E20 & S03E22): The ovens have arrived! The crew seems pretty upset that they have to work squished for two days. I feel like they're showcasing more and more of the cakes that use PVC pipe, LoL. I like how Buddy's mom shows up whenever one of the sisters has a problem with the way Buddy's doing things, LoL. It actually looked like the shop wasn't that busy when they sold the flower fondant cake. That is one heck of a big bird for that cake!! Overall, I just wasn't that impressed with that cake... I thought the bird looked a little cartoon-y and the fire wasn't all that realistic, either.

West Point has hosted around 5500 weddings in the 100 years it's been around! The rendering for that cake was simply amazing. Mauro and Madeline's oldest daughter, Mary, gives them less than a week's notice?? 320 people at a Sweet Sixteen!!?! It always amuses me when they talk about the fillings... they're so different all the time! Haha, funny argument about whether the roof was pitched. That chapel cake was insanely detailed! Buddy looked kinda tense about the chapel cake. The ovens have now been put in for a couple weeks but some people haven't used them yet. Anthony added 5 minutes to the time of the cookies after he kinda begged Joey to let him bake! haha, Buddy said Madeline was "breaking my balls" about the Hollywood cake, LoL. Nice advertisement for the competition that's coming up. I like how Buddy got in Mauro's business about dancing with his daughter at the party, LoL. I wish we would have gotten a better overall shot of the Cadet cake, like the sides. They showed the front details like four times, LoL. I wonder how many cake-cuttings Buddy has done, LoL! That Hollywood cake looked REALLY GOOD!! Mary is a tall girl! I mean, I know she probably had heels on, but she was as tall as Mauro while dancing... and Mauro is a giant, LoL. She had almost double my wedding guests at her Sweet 16, LoL!

Little People, Big World (S06E12 & S06E13 & S06E14):
"Dating Daze" LoL, Amy brought Zach to a soccer game with an ulterior motive of getting him to talk to girls, LoL. LoL, Jeremy taking Zach shopping, with Molly's suggestions, too. A "flirting class," really?? You have to give out your phone number TWICE at the supermarket?? How awkward is that?? What if the first person saw you giving out your number to the second?? Then you look like a man-whore. I wonder if anyone in the class was gay... or if it was marketed specifically for opposite-gender flirting. The instructor specifically told Zach he had to give the numbers to a girl. "I don't see a point to dating unless you're going to get married," was an interesting point by Molly. I'm kinda surprised that is her stance... her parents always seem like they push the kids to do all kinds of things.

"Hike" Interesting that Jacob didn't fix his missed spots and missed a lawn completely because he doesn't want his dad to say he did a good job when he knows he'll mes it up. Matt's face when Amy said there was salad with dinner was funny. Cool that Jeremy randomly teaches Jacob things. I couldn't believe Jeremy let Jacob drive his car, that he loves!! Amy was working out really hard if she was doing 5 a week, 3 with a trainer!! They still have Zach's van. Cool of Amy, Jeremy, and Zach to go on a hike like that. Too bad she didn't have her camera to capture the view from the top. hehe, Jacob went back and finished the lawn. Amy didn't get rid of as much fat as she wanted, but she made some great progess. I'm not sure how much time had passed since her first weigh-in.

"Amy in Command" 1st & Main... how cute. Cool, a retreat... and Molly and two of her friends get to go, too. Buddy Boards. Amy missed the balance logs turn, LoL. Then the spiderweb. Then they went to high ropes and did a zipline. LoL at the person who said, "my kids will not believe this, you guys!" Then a boat-building contest... that one I haven't done, LoL. Those boats actually did pretty well, LoL. Wow, I had never seen that many carts at one time before! I couldn't have cared less about that inter-staff conflicts.

House, M.D.
A slave ship full of diseased slaves. Why didn't they dunk her hand in the ocean immediately?? Why is Foreman putting his tie on at work? People used to keep scabs for vaccinations?? The CDC saying that Princeton's suits weren't good enough was interesting. How do you get the Captain's log from 1793? I love that House got an online sex star to translate. Nice job, Chase, saying that it could be classist, not racist. Nice that Foreman mentioned that he didn't like the idea of talking away from Masters just because they want to skirt some ethical rules. Wilson's girlfriend trying to calm the kid didn't work. "I think Lamby has a cousin in the gift shop," was funny. Whoa, they had the dad in a small compartment! If you work in a hospital and it goes on lockdown, do you get overtime?? Why not say it's Lamby's cousin? Why did they try to act like it was the same stuffed animal?? I love that they got the Dutch sex star back on the line, and that Masters knew what it was going to be with the cat. I can't believe Masters got House to take off his gloves!! Look at Wilson lobbying to have a kid, LoL. Cuddy looked kinda older in this episode.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E09): Lily is obsessed with babies, but I think we expected that, LoL.
I love that the spaceship that Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter are in is a curling stone!! And they run in with hockey sticks! Robin Sparkles is looking extra old these days... more like Robin dressing at Robin Sparkles, LoL. Nice to see Alan Thicke. Ted's poem sucked. Canada's national mascot is the beaver??!? WHOA. Ted points out all these sad things about his friend and Robin doesn't care until he mentions Lebron, and then she allows the guy to stay, LoL. I liked Ted's joke about using math to solve the deal about Sparkles and Glitter. How do you accidentally shred pants?? Who goes to NYC for the billboards? And why does he have a jar of pee in the alley?? If I watched more reality television maybe I would've enjoyed Barney's spiel a little more. And Punchy holding his scrotum and pretending it's a wounded baby bird was disgusting. be the organist for the New York Rangers??!? Really? They BOTH ended up in NY?? I liked how Marshall played on the organ. I didn't like the lamp in Punchy's room, LoL. "I'm gonna love your baby... I'll even pick it up" LoL. The confetti was a bit much. And Alan Thicke and the beaver puppets show up again, haha.
384 months.

19 Kids and Counting (S05E17): Why would you throw a toy out into the rain?? Justin talking to Josie on the walkie was funny. and weird. Josiah is driving already, LoL. Michelle was very defensive of Josiah's height. He's just about five feet tall and he's 14. Joseph doesn't have braces in this episode. JoyAnna and Josiah looking at each other was funny. The "yellow x" thing also kinda threw me. Why do they even bring the stroller upstairs?? Interesting that Michelle asked one of the little boys to leave the room so she could change Josie's diaper. 11 months old now, so this is a pretty recent episode. haha, the Duggars have big heads, LoL? Josiah seemed pretty nervous on this driving lesson. I don't think you can call someone a "backseat driver" when it's you're first time driving, LoL. Whoa... on the road the first day! I'm surprised the kids didn't pull any of the garbage out from under that counter while they were trying to get the crickets, LoL. Tonitown is an Italian community?? I'm guessing these grapes don't use pesticides, LoL. They went with several other kids (the ones wearing pink shirts) that they showed a couple of times and I'm not sure why. I am under the impression that viewers want to see JimBob care for the kids more, so I think he always has done that, but now they're just filming it more, LoL.

And GrandDuggar Birthday Special:
They rented a large car for their stay in Florida, LoL. Why do we see Josh, Jana, and John-David's first birthdays but nobody else's? I wonder why some of the advice Mackynzie got was "don't pick on kids bigger than you?" LoL. I liked Jordyn's little interview. Anna trying to get Mackynzie to walk by putting goldfish out of her reach, LoL. That's a really old minivan, LoL. That was a really windy day for the beach. I wonder if Josh wore boardshorts because he didn't pack his wetsuit and had to borrow/buy (the shirt seemed to have a specific surf shop's logo), or if he no longer fits in his wetsuit, or if he's just decided he's okay with wearing shorts in this type of situation. Oh yay, now we see Jessa & Jinger's first birthdays. And more silly advice from the Duggars. And a shot of Jordyn squirting milk. I wonder how much Josh and Anna bought that camera for... even if it was used. Susanne was in boardshorts too, which was interesting. I never really enjoyed sand castles... too difficult to get them right. But Mackynzie sure seems to like sand. Silly staging of Josh and Anna running toward one another on the beach. It looked like some good surfing weather. Anna's father visits 8 prisons?? Heh, the Kellers have a Wii! Anna talking about her miscarriage just a month after it happened was pretty strong of her. I was intrigued that Anna and Amy seem so close... Amy baked the birthday cake? And Jinger isn't into cooking like her sisters, LoL. Amy just went over to the Duggars house and took a few of the kids for help, LoL. 8 boxes of cake mix??!? I'm pretty sure I was making boxed cake when I was like 14, LoL. And they totally weren't at Aldi, LoL. Joseph has braces now, too. With 284 birthdays behind them, of course the older girls knew just how to decorate, LoL. Michelle had to come speak to Johannah because she was beating up on Anna's decorations. 3 hours before the party starts and all they have is a pile of ingredients??!? Apparently they're going to be frosting the cakes warm, LoL. If they can even finish baking that many by then! This isn't the Duggars' kitchen! Now we see Amy's first birthday and another small piece of advice. Johannah's party is in there now, too... I think that was kinda lumped in late, LoL. But it does explain the larger-kid activities like the bouncy houses, LoL. 2 hours and 15 minutes before the party and they're still mixing!! I like how Cousin Amy's dad is helping... we never see him, LoL. Where'd Jinger go?? Toothpicks can't hold graham crackers together, Anna. Grandma Duggar came to help, LoL. An hour and a half until the party and they're just pulling a cake out of the oven. Cute Noah's ark theme with animals everywhere, LoL. Jinger rolling her eyes when Amy said that the cake was going great was funny. LoL, it's clear that they had never frosted a cake before, LoL. The cake was really cute when it was done. How did Josh and Anna afford so many costumes?? The lion-cowboy was cute. JimBob as a moose was cute. I can't possibly agree with the idea that this is the first Noah's Ark-themed party in Arkansas, ever. That's ridiculous. Jana looked like she knew what Josh and Anna were going to announce. Michelle looked incredibly happy. A nice mix of "expected" and "surprised," LoL. Anna is so excited and anxious it's weirding me out.

16 and Pregnant (S02E14): Markai, pronounced "mark-kay." Somewhere in Florida... wonder where! Why the alligator and the cat on her notebook? August at 31 weeks, so starting a little later than we normally do. Very typical Florida house. James is hwe white, dread-locked boyfriend. Why wait until you're 31 weeks pregnant to ask what you were doing to practice safe sex?? They're trying HARD to keep us from knowing where this is taking place. A girl is on the way. The card was weird, since it mentions that she wanted the baby in her life, LoL. 34 weeks: they're talking about breastfeeding. She's salivating so much she carries around a spittoon?? And she's eating SOAP?? They have a Dairy Queen in town, and a Burlington Coat Factory. Less than 20 Florida cities have Burlingtons, but without anything else to go off of, I'm not sure if I could wager any better of a guess. It wasn't in the panhandle, I can tell you that, LoL. I also couldn't figure out what grocery store she was working at. If James has no car and no job, how's he supposed to find a place to live?? Za'karia is an interesting name. 36 weeks: that's rough that she had to stop taking her vet classes because she's pregnant. Interesting that she has a case worker... I think this is the first (maybe second?) teen mom we've seen with one. 40 weeks: James is talking to his ex online. Does James not own shirts with sleeves? Oh good, he wore sleeves to the birth. 6 hours in, she gets an epidural. 9 hours in, the pushing starts. Cute kid. 3 days old, she has the baby at home. Markai said that breastfeeding is her new lie, LoL. She had on 4 bracelets.. the baby had 1. I wonder how standard that is. A week old: I liked that she had a book on breastfeeding. Markai found out that James cheated on her like a year or more ago and James says it's true. 7 weeks old: Markai misses James a lot. We find out that Markai and James had sex less than 2 months into their relationship. They put her daughter in daycare pretty young. Oh snap! make that sex in less than 2 weeks! Dang.

Better With You (S01E07 & S01E08):
I want Maddie to plan my future baby shower, LoL. "Maddie was being modest. I'm not Pierce Brosnan, I'm Richard Gere," haha. Wait, I take back the Maddie-baby-shower thing... it's the night before and the games aren't finalized!! Trivial Pursuterus?? Whoa... who wants to have a baby in a barn??!? haha on Vicki calling Vermont a disgusting place, LoL. I like how laid-back Casey is in comparison to Ben. They jive well. "Skeletor" as a nickname for "Grandma" was funny!! I like how Vicki gave up "Nana" to get Joel's mom to calm down. haha on the end being parallels with someone getting sick.

weak opening. 28 examples of napkins?? Bringing in ministers was funny. "just hearing her voice sounds like a hug," haha. Maddie cutting in front of Ben was funny. "flirting for favors" it!! whoa intervention. REBA!! with Joanna Garcia! how cute! I didn't even get the "chillin" because fro-yo is cold" joke until Mia explained it. Elephant as BestMan was funny. I liked Casey's advice to Ben, LoL. haha, Casey used the third person. I couldn't believe Lorraine Ashley stole their wedding out from under them! "I was drunk on secret toppings," LoL. heh... I never realized that the people you "flirt for favors" with might feel more than that, LoL. whoa... wedding in a ball pit. NO. WHOA... 6 people planning a wedding is too many cooks in the kitchen! Ben's veto at the end was amusing, hahaha.

South Park
(S14E14): [season finale] not that great of a season finale. yay Guy Fieri. haha, shake weight. The cool-down spray was crazy! food porn. ha. sitting on the toilet flambeing a pork chop... eww. "smaller, white ones," LoL!! Throwndown at school cafeteria was funny. "Hell's Kitchen Nightmares Iron Top Chef Cafeteria Throwdown Ultimate Cookoff Challenge," hahahahaha. haha, kids waiting 12 hours for lunch! "an old-fashioned" ... yeah, that was funny.

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Off season/Coming Up:

Futurama (back November 21)
Cake Boss: Next Great Baker
(coming December 6th at 9)
Wipeout (season 4 back in January)
Hot in Cleveland (back January 19th at 10pm for 20 episodes of season 2)
Mr. Sunshine (starts in January on ABC)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start...)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure, probably January)
Melissa & Joey (not sure)
Table for 12
: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
Teen Mom (no idea)
Kate Plus Eight (I'm moving this back down here because it hasn't been on in a month. not sure when it's returning.)
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