Saturday, November 20, 2010

Canadian Jersey Shore to Debut....

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Wanna be in the new Muppet movie? Here's the casting director information.

Wanna be on Glee? Look here. Unless you submitted your video via MySpace last summer. If that's the case, you should find out the results any day now.

Did you see this? 10 ways TV would be different without the Internet. Lost's online fans wouldn't have existed and the show wouldn't have lasted. Shows like $#*! My Dad Says wouldn't exist without twitter. iTunes wouldn't have helped Glee beat the Beatles. Betty White wouldn't have hosted SNL without those online petitions. My personal favorite... we wouldn't know about ever guest star ahead of time!

If you're interested in trying to be more frugal by cutting out cable, read this for tips on watching things through other means.

Did you know that Guy Fieri hosts like FOUR shows? Three on Food Network and the other is Minute to Win It.

Medium got canceled.

Dark Blue was also canceled.

Rubicon, which had a short life, has also been canceled.

The Jonas Brothers television show got canceled.

King of Queens got picked up for reruns on SpikeTV in October 2011 and TVLand in 2013.

Speaking of TVLand, they're debuting Retired at 35 after the season premiere of Hot in Cleveland in January. It's about a businessman who heads to Florida to retire at a young age.

The College BCS games are now scheduled for television.

Simpsons got renewed for a 23rd season.

The Tony Awards will air on Sunday, June 12th, 2011, at 8pm on CBS.

NBC wants to put comedies in the Thursday 10pm slot. No major network has tried this since 1991. To see what they're putting there as well as their midseason lineup, look here.

Did you ever want to know what women in rural Dothan, Alabama do? Me neither, but TLC is about to start showing Bama Belles, where you can find out.

FOX has a new cartoon debuting in January, called Bob's Burgers, and it looks weird.

Jaleel White voiced one of the Sonics when I was a kid. Never would've guessed.

Josh and Anna Duggar are pregnant with their second, shortly after their first child turned one year old. It's clear that they were trying to conceive sooner than that, since Anna mentions a miscarriage in between as well.

Jersey Shore is about to have some Canadian competition; Lake Shore to premiere soon.
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