Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burn Notice - November Episodes...

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Recapping last week's Burn Notice ("Eyes Open" S04E13) that I didn't get a chance to do a full review on:
Michael's recovering from being shot by Jesse and getting into a car accident whilst trying to stop a bomber from blowing up various areas of Miami. Jesse has kinda rejoined the team, but is still mad at the trio, getting back at each one at a time: He shot Michael during the 'Bible trade,' blew up Fi's house at the end of the episode, and he still owes Sam... John Barrett is dead and one of his henchmen swiped the decoded info, a list of the people who burned Michael. He's been killed, and that list stolen again...

Now, on to "Hot Property" (S04E14):

This episode opens with Michael and Sam trying to get at the guy who stole the decoded list of people who burned Michael (the list was made known 2 episodes ago) by breaking into a police station. Michael slips in and grabs some files, but the cops notice they have a renegade loose in the building. Michael bullshits his way out by pretending to be in charge... Sam: "I ever tell you you're the reason I drink Mikey..."

Jesse's obviously still on edge, making conversation about investigating the stolen files a bit rough... They determine the list is being sold, and the next step is for Jesse to blackmail his old boss, which he eventually agrees to do. Jesse heads off to join Fi who took a job without telling Mike. After Jesse meets her in the swamp, they sorta clear the air before they meet their new client, Stuart. He was trying to buy a gun to go after a drug dealer who kidnapped his little sister. They talk him out of it, and begin the usual routine...

Sam begins work on Marv by using info from Jesse to get a meeting. Jesse and Fi go to the dirty diplomat's house to scout security. Jesse fakes an accident and wanders inside to check security. Michael offers his help after seeing what they were up against, which Jesse isn't thrilled about. They go to confront Stuart on just why this guy has so much security, but the meeting gets interrupted when Natalie (thief from a while back who got away after the trio had to retrieve Barry's ledger from her...) shows up and shoots Stuart. Blackmailing them with having used Fiona's gun for the killing, she explains a job that went bad with a bomb and wants them to help her steal it back. Michael signs up the gang...

Back in the loft, Sam confirms Natalie's bomb story and the fact that they are the only option to grab the bomb before it leaves the country. Sam and Michael meet with Natalie and form an all-too-simple plan... Next comes step #1 to all Burn Notice plans: Make a bomb (or something similar). Fi heads to the garage to make a contraption that simulates a gas leak and runs into Madeline. She confesses a plan to force Jesse and Michael to talk.

Sam meets up with Marv and brings Jesse to ask for help. Jesse wins him over by telling him what he did with the info from last time. Marv agrees to get them some info as they head back to steal the bomb. Michael, Jesse, and Natalie end up in the bushes watching Fi deploy the fake gas leak contraption and arguing over the definition of 'teammates.' Sam pretends to be a gas worker and claims he needs to evacuate the house. The smell works and the underlings are scared, but the diplomat doesn't buy it. Sam takes off and Fi gets stopped by a security guard. Natalie comes in to pretend to fight over the empty stroller Fi has, and it's good enough to fool the guard.

Mike, Fi, and Natalie form up a new plan based on a 'thermal lance' and Natalie returns Fi's 45. Jesse meets Marv again and Jesse pegs him as recording him. Marv gives him the location and details of the list auction. Jesse pushes him more to get money for a seat at the auction table. It sounds like he reluctantly agrees.

Michael and Fi prepare for the nighttime break-in at the loft and plan Sam's getaway route after he will have the bomb. Next, the break-in begins by Fi sniping out the flood lights, and Michael, Jesse, and Natalie heading over the outer wall. After filling the sirens with spray insulation and stunning the guards, Natalie uses the thermal lance on the vault. They grab a metal suitcase from inside the vault and head out. Natalie ditches the still-burning thermal lance which begins to cause a fire... Michael passes off the case to Sam, while Natalie seems to get trapped on the inside of the wall (this is obviously a ploy...).

Sam follows his getaway route and runs into a trap which gets his car flipped. Natalie shows up shooting (in a tube top at least) and gets away with the case. Michael and the rest of the gang show up, and they figure out how she bugged them and plan to use it to convince her she has the wrong case. The ruse works and Natalie is headed to the bus stop as Fi and Jesse create a new bomb to put in the new metal case. They make a fake bomb and stick Jesse at the bus station to watch. He whips out his amazingly old PocketPC that alerts him when she's driving up. They track Natalie to her hideout and Michael heads in to retrieve the real bomb. Apparently, this is the actual buying spot and NOT her hideout. The buyers walk in and and Michael holds the fake bomb hostage. He ends up shooting it and releasing teargas everyplace, which everything thinks will kill them. The buyers head out and Fi and Sam roll in to force Natalie to call Homeland Security to turn the real bomb in.

Marv comes through and gives Jesse $5 million and he asks if he 'really trusts Michael Weston.' Jesse leaves that question unanswered and he's off to meet Fi for lunch. Jesse shows up to find Michael, Fi, and Michael's mom waiting for him. She lays everything on the table and intimidates them into shaking hands. She leaves them to talk, but they just smile at each other and start planning how to crash the auction.

Quote of the episode: "...Romantic relationships usually end if there's a betrayal, while spy relationships often begin with one."

New Rules to Remember: "...Natural gas is odorless. The smell most people think of as gas is actually an additive called THT..."

Spy Tip of the episode: "Get caught with a lock-pick set in a police and you've got problems. A pair of cheap sunglasses is less suspicious and just as effective. Modify them in advance..."
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