Friday, November 12, 2010

Lots of Reviews...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
the annual Treehouse of Horror episode. If I was more familiar with The Office, I might have understood that early section a little better, LoL.
The board game spoofs were funny, and I kinda instantly knew it was gonna be Jumanji-ish, bu all the games coming together was AWESOME!! I was kinda upset that they made fun of Mousetrap... I love that game, LoL. I didn't get the Maggie reference with the painted eyelashes, either... anyone? Eh. I guess I should have expected something Twilight-ish, but geez. haha on the "if a mosquito bites you, does he turn into a vampire too?" thing.

The Cleveland Show (S02E04): The old guy having the candy bowl on his genitals was disturbing. I was sad that Cleveland Jr. didn't get to trick-or-treat. Signature and thumbprint to get candy?? WHY DID HE KILL THE STUFFED ANIMAL IN THE EZ-BAKE OVEN??

Family Guy (S09E04):
haha, interesting Bill Cosby costume. And interesting that Lois didn't see an Indian Chief costume as racist, LoL. That "known diseases" thing was ridiculous. The mosquito was funny, too. The gravy thing was weird. Why isn't Lois taking Stewie around?? Awww... big kids took Stewie's candy! haha, Meg and her friends wearing masks so the boys at the party don't know who they are. LoL, 5 hours of math homework even though you're not in school. I totally didn't see the Meg-Chris thing coming. This seems to be one of those rare episodes that actually only takes place over a single day. .

Kate Plus Eight (S01E05):
This was the long-awaited Alaska episode. 7 or 8 hours from PA to Anchorage. In Willow, AK, they rode dog sleds. Kate was looking rough on that day... her hair wasn't even done, LoL. They got to hold 3-day-old Husky puppies. Those were some really hyper dogs! Kate's sounding a lot more scripted these days... maybe her acting is actually getting worse, LoL. ...were the kids NOT seatbelted in originally?? In Talkeetna, AK just Maddie, Cara, and Kate flew to a glacier. Girdwood, AK was the site for gold panning. haha, as soon as the guy was giving directions, Kate walked away. haha, Kate thought they'd be getting chunks, not specks. Stupid "I'm not a gold-digger" joke. Collin laughed so hard with his little trick, LoL. The kids looked excited about the gondola ride and the view. In Seward they went whale-watching. I was also confused as to why they talked about the trip being 3 days, but at the beginning they said it was a 2-week trip. I'm surprised that none of the kids got seasick this time. Cute that Kate did the whale call from Finding Nemo. The end photo was weird, since it was a pretty bad one - at least two or three of the kids weren't looking at the camera. And, "the longest I've gone without wearing heels in my life" was obviously untrue... think about all those years where the little kids were babies and Kate wore sweatpants and t-shirts every day. Jon even talked about how boring she dressed... I doubt she wore heels at all then, LoL. Oh, and Hannah's hair was still long, so this was before the start of school, so no worries, those of you who think Kate pulled them from school for this trip (unless it's really old and from last Spring, LoL).


Cake Boss (S03E21): I wasn't in love with the design of the Normandy cake. Anthony trying to talk to Snooki was silly. "you know my pouf, right?" lmao. It amuses me that nobody ever asks for a sketch of the cake that Buddy will make... they just trust him from the discussion, LoL. For that price, I'd practically want the rendering, LoL. Cherries and custard as a filling... I may have to try that. Of course, I'll have to learn how to make custard first, LoL. The fist-bumping characters were cool. Mary showing Ralf how to make the Snookie Pouf was funny. I actually think the wheel dwarfed the cake. Anthony's got some biceps, LoL! The cake didn't have "arms coming out the side" like Nicole originally asked, but she seemed happy. I thought that her comment, "I'm proud of Anthony for changing it around" was funny.

missing S03E20: "Pipes, a Phoenix, and a Problematic Kitchen"

Little People, Big World (S06E11):
Turf: Matt got awfully angry about one spot when he has multiple, LoL. Matt wants part of the refrigerator for himself now, too?? Using Molly to help win her argument with Matt was a bit dirty for Amy. Putting the bees near the garden just sounds like a bad idea, regardless of whose "space" it was. Beekeeping?? Poor Amy stung by a bee and nobody cares. :(

missing S06E12 "Dating Daze"

House, M.D.
PhDs in Applied Math AND Art History just to fill the time with medical school? geez. child geniuses overwhelm me. I liked the "brother hotline" joke. "she's like the internet with breasts... oh wait, the internet has breasts." I liked the concept of Foreman and Taub wondering who was smarter. I hate Foreman's arrogance. They should have run this episode last week... it's about Election Week, LoL. "Medicine is like politics, at the end of the day all that matters is the result," nice. "She's a cross between Einstein and Mary Poppins." I never really understand why Cuddy's assistant lets people just waltz into her office regardless of whether she is there. hahaha, Taub and Foreman playing basketball was funny. "I don't mind your morality in theory" but in practice it's a problem, LoL. I laughed at the idea of giving the patient the same test over and over until they get a false-false-positive. They really did good with the jaundiced eyes this time. "Or I want a front-row seat when you wake up and realize how useless your principles are." Drat, Cuddy found out that House lied. :( Overall, I like the juxtaposition of the immoral campaign manager and the moral doctor.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E07 & S06E08): Ted as a hotdog is funny. whoa. someone really calls Ted's class a treat?? I've been to the NYC Halloween parade in the Village and it's awesome!!
Loved the "walk of shame" parade. That would be some awesome people-watching if you had a good spot. "Don't you want to be taken seriously?" "No, I'm sure." haha. Zoey is so much "girlier" than Cameron. Nice change of pace for Jennifer, LoL. "Send them downtown" as slang for shredding??? Are you serious?? Boats was a long commercial. "Key Ted Mosby's car" LoL - he has a car?? Lily being the siren as punishment for her class was funny. Marshall's assistant sucks. hahahaha Ted's class boycotting instead of being in class. I hate when Lily answers her phone in the classroom!! Ugh, I hate that "where's the poop" junk!! Whoa! Robin as a nurse for the elderly while wearing adult diapers.

Love that Zoey's OpEd ruined Ted's "Crossword Day," LoL. Marshall was so mean to Russell in the suit!! :( Lily's red dress looked weird on her. I am in love with Barney "accepting challenges," LoL. Robin challenging Barney to touch more and more stuff was hilarious... and kinda proof that they belong together, yet don't, LoL. Running around touching more stuff was kinda weird. Oh goody, a new nickname for Ted. Robin walking around with a penguin was ridiculous. Glad to see "lawyered" back in action, LoL. Zoey hates boats and she married a guy who calls himself "Captain," LoL. I can't believe Zoey tricked Ted like that!!!! Oooh... more on Barney's father... Jerome Whittaker. I nliked the dialogue between Marshall and Lily where Marshall is in the extinct exhibit. I liked Zoey's jewelry at the party. I wonder what Corporate Marshall is going to turn into!!

19 Kids and Counting (S05E15 & S05E16): So they're not hosting the church at home anymore... they apparently only did that for several years... now the church meets at a vacant house, LoL. I love how interested Anna is in teaching Mackynzie things. Anna announced that she's ready for another baby, which is interesting... I'm betting they're going to talk about that more next week. Why are Josh and Anna talking about Jana and Jill's search for fire skirts?? Jana was excited to go show the women at the uniform store, LoL. The Fire Chief seemed semi-interested in the skirts, LoL. I didn't realize Josh was trying to sell motorcycles too, LoL. That bit in the preview where JimBob asks why they didn't just wear pants isn't in the episode.

Again with JoyAnna joining the older girls in activities instead of the boys her age. I kinda wish they'd straight-up ask her in one of those little interviews how she feels about that. Josie is starting to look Special Needs again. Josiah was the oldest one taking swim lessons. Jinger is the errand girl, LoL. Jeremiah is really into chess. I love it when the kids have their own interests :) Jeremiah and Jedidiah are talking more now. No pork for the Duggars. Jill's looking bustier these days, LoL. Jordyn looks skeptical of everything. I'm excited for Mackynzie's first birthday next week!! Joy looked bored at that MOPS meeting, LoL. I paused to look at Michelle's notes for her speech and was disturbed to read #6: "Mom's are Servant's..." really? This woman is homeschooling her kids and isn't clear on plurals versus possessives?? They're giving out copies of the show DVD as prizes now??

16 and Pregnant (S02E13): Emily. Hayden, Alabama (used to live in Hoover?). with dad and step-mom. Straight-As and a majorette. Daniel plays the sax in the marching band. Wants to be a pharmacist. October at 24 weeks pregnant: When she got pregnant, she moved in with her dad, which was an hour away and at a different school. October at 25 weeks: she can only miss 10 days of school in a term, but she's already missed a few because of morning sickness, and she'll certainly need more time to recover from delivery. This is particularly troubling because, not only was she trying to stay on-course, but she was trying to finish a year early so she can go live with Daniel in student housing at the University of Alabama at Huntsville (Daniel wants to major in mechanical and aeronautical engineering). November at 27 weeks pregnant: turns out her mom wanted her to have an abortion. I'm not clear on what exactly Emily's dad wanted Daniel's parents to do about Emily's attendance issue. November at 28 weeks: Emily blinks a lot. When nobody can get Emily more time off from school, her parents withdraw her immediately so she can be homeschooled instead. Homeland Christian Academy is where she's going to do her homeschool from. She says that it looks harer... but she said high school was pretty easy, so "harder" isn't the term she should have used. December at 30 weeks: no exams in homeschool. It's nice that her friends can keep driving that hour to see her. 31 weeks: Some of the conversations they have are very staged... she wouldn't have waited a full week to ask him why he couldn't visit the previous weekend. 33 weeks: Christmastime. Daniel couldn't get off work again. January at 38 weeks: She looks like she's in a lot of pain for just 1 cm. after2 hours, she's 3cm. Asks for the epidural. 5 hours in, she's fully dilated, which is pretty good. 4 hours of pushing is awful intense, though. Daniel looked so upset throughout the delivery. Emily couldn't seem to stop crying when they gave her baby to her. Liam was 8 pounds, 10 ounces, so he was a big ol' baby! 2 weeks old and it's March... there goes the timeline for this episode! April at 5 weeks old: Emily isn't going to graduate by the end of May. Her dad doesn't think that Liam is an excuse. She's beginning to resent Daniel because he's not around to help more so she could do more schoolwork. Daniel doesn't look too happy there, either. Emily did finish her junior year and is now working on her senior year of work. April at 6 weeks old: at least her stepmom is willing to watch Liam for a bit so Emily can work on school. May at two months old: Emily now wants to wait six more months to get married... and live together for in the meantime. Daniel looks shocked when Emily tells him the new plan. um, so what happened? Did she move? Did he? Did they break up?? I'm not loving these dumb cliffhangers.
Better With You (S01Exx): I did miss this one and they took it down from the web before I had a chance. I'm working on finding it.
so, missing S01E07 "Better with Road Joel"

South Park
(S14E12 & S14E13): Kenny can talk! Mysterion is Kenny! The comic book inserts were cool. Otherwise, this part sucked.

"It won't go away and it hurts and nobody remembers" was a good summary for Kenny's plight. Cartman on Lincoln's soldier was cute. Poor Butters. Jews, gays, then hippies... nice order, lmao. Cartman as a kitten was amusing. LoL, that dork Bradley is MintBerryCrunch. I love that they had to defeat Justin Bieber. Bradley's name is Gocsyraah and he's sent to the Earth to help the world in a positive way, LoL. But it looked like Jesus was talking to Kenny, LoL. I love how MintBerryCrunch's powers are so funny. But at least he can fly now. OMG when Kenny dies, he is born as a baby again??!? Every time?? And he grows up to be 10 years old in like 8 hours, whoa.
also, season finale next week!

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Off season/Coming Up:

Futurama (back November 21)
Wipeout (season 4 back in January)
Hot in Cleveland (back January 19th at 10pm for 20 episodes of season 2)
Mr. Sunshine (starts in January on ABC)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start...)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure, probably January)
Melissa & Joey (not sure)
Table for 12
: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
Teen Mom (no idea)
Kate Plus Eight (I'm moving this back down here because it hasn't been on in a month. not sure when it's returning.)
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