Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lie to Me - The Canary's Song

by Jonathan Bredemeyer


We enter with a miner complaining to a bad boss for a late paycheck that ends with the dick boss being... a dick. The boss heads down to the mine to check on things and enters an area with danger signs everywhere. A door gets closed behind him and his 'safe air' meters turns red. He gets locked in and tries to chop his way out, igniting the gas that was leaking into the room, blowing up the mine.

Flash to Lightman's office: the owner (who started in the mine) is trying to hire Lightman to vindicate his company and prove it's not at fault. Reynolds' former FBI boss shows up to see Foster. He lets her know Reynolds is riding a desk since Lightman 'got him shot.' He blackmails her into taking a pro bono case by showing her video of Lightman illegally gambling (and winning of course...). Back to Lightman and the mine owner, the secretary comes in with pictures of the dead miners to rattle the owner, which turn out to be mostly random people. After Cal finds out Dylan the FBI dick is in Foster's office, he tries repeated to go in and aggravate him. Torres and Loker appear just in time to cover that Lightman is gone.

Lightman accompanies the mine owner to the funeral for the dead miners. Lightman spots the fellow who had the confrontation at the beginning of the episode, and sees he is drunk. Lightman also spots racism as the other miners and workers are introduced. Lightman calls the first funeral speaker out as a big liar quietly in the back, and then makes eye contact with the only black guy in the room. Lightman tracks down the guy he pegged in the beginning at a bar afterward and tells him he'll find the truth. Wallance (the mine owner) walks into the bar and gets attacked by the angry miners. Lightman breaks a bottle and holds back the miner. For some reason, Loker breaks a bottle a ways down the bar and no one knows where he came from. Lightman says 'he's with me' which seems to work, but why the heck is he even there? Lightman takes the bat (?) from Loker and he mentions that the sheriff's outside. Loker and Lightman head into the bar bathroom to talk. Loker confesses he trailed Lightman to the bar. Lightman asks if Foster put him up to it, but apparently he thought to do this on his own.

Foster and Torres are back at the office working Dylan's pro bono case, which is apparently arresting everyone in the video of the poker game which Lightman attended.

Lightman goes back to harassing his original pegged miner (Bryan) and questions him and his girlfriend (the bartender). Lightman tries to provoke a fight but it gets broken up. Loker tries to get info from other miners playing pool, but that gets shot down also.

Torres and Foster question one of the poker players to sniff out the game organizer. They ask him about Lightman (who he knows as Jimmy the Mouth) and who brought him.

Wallace brings Lightman down into the mine. Needless to say, the other miners aren't thrilled about this. Lightman learns the engineers were warned about the explosion and didn't go down into the mine. Lightman asks the mine owner to stop the fans and let the methane build up for an hour.

Loker's still back in the bar and gets questioned by the bartender on why Lightman is down there. Lightman continues questioning the miners while they work. Loker finds a handle of sorts in the pocket of a miner in the bar and shows it to Wallace. The guy admits his men locked the mean boss in the tool closet to teach him a lesson. A combination of cycling the fans off and him using the axe appears to be what caused the explosion that killed the 6 men.

Lightman's still down in the mine pushing the miners who tried to kill the foreman. After breaking one, the methane buildup hits the red mark. Lightman pulls out a lighter and threatens to blow everyone up. The miner Lightman pegged sticks around and explains when happened (a prank to teach the foreman to listen went bad) while the other two leave.

Back at the office, they drag in 'Wheels' to question about Lightman. He was shot twice in the spine and is in a wheelchair. Dylan and Foster ask him about 'Jimmy the Mouth' and were chatting when Torres enters with pictures and they convince him to help, then find the floating poker game in order to help 'Jimmy.' Wheels coughs up the details for the next poker game, and Foster trades it for Dylan to 'lose their number for good.'

In the bar, a drunk miner pulls a gun on the bartender and Loker is there to hit him with a bat. She grabs the gun and runs off, while the miner takes off out the back. Down in the mine, one of the miners that took off shows back up with a sledgehammer to deal with Lightman. He talks him out of hitting him, and then the other one pulls a knife, only to be knocked out by the first. Lightman shows up in the bar to find Loker with a bat, pouring himself a drink. The bartender has gone to get revenge for her cousin...

Lightman and the original miner head to Wallace's office to find her pointing a gun at him. Lightman talks them through an apology and negotiates the company paying out for all the damages.

Foster and Torres drink some 50-year-old malt whiskey from Lightman's stash and celebrate their 'work.' Lightman shows up with a miner hat still on to find Torres passed out and Foster on the balcony. "Loker's earned his stripes finally," Lightman claims. Foster drunkenly demands Lightman say thank you, which he does. Foster notices Lightman is looking at her with more and more lust lately...

Foster: "I can't wait until tomorrow."
Lightman: "Why, what's tomorrow?"
Foster: "I get better looking every day."
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