Monday, November 15, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Lizzie McGuire

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, I'm not gonna lie. I was in high school when Lizzie McGuire began, and I was in college when it ended. But I thought she was totally cool. I wanted her hair skills more than anything, but most of her clothes rocked, too. Having a little animated me would've been a neat (yet creepy) perk. I loved Miranda and Gordo, and thought the rest of Lizzie's family was interesting. Kate, Ethan, and Tudgeman rounded out a good set of characters. There were only two seasons, but they were long seasons. Let's take a look...

Season 1: "Bag Girl McGuire" (S01E11) Lizzie gets detention because of a girl in her math class. But Lizzie has a good time in detention, and becomes friends with that girl. She starts hanging out with her and dressing like her, which soon leads to acting like her. Next thing you know, Lizzie is cutting class and considering going to a high school party with no chaperones. Gordo and Miranda make an intervention video and trick Lizzie into watching it. Lizzie realizes being "good" is easier than being "bad," Meanwhile, while all of this is going on, Matt lobbies successfully for no bedtime, but he ends up going too far and falling asleep all day every day, so he ends up asking for his original bedtime once more.

Season 2: "Best Dressed for Much Less" (S02E12) Lizzie wants to win "best dressed," and thinks she needs a new pair of designer jeans to do so. Her mom offers to take her bargain-hunting, but Lizzie borrows money from Gordo and Miranda and buys the cool pants herself. Lizzie is impressed with the stuff her mom comes home with, but wears her own pants on the "voting day" anyway. The pants end up ruined, so she changes into the clothes that her mom got her and she gets lots of compliments. In the Matt storyline, he randomly gets on The Uncle Wendell Show, and gets a lot of attention from his schoolmates and such. But, when he and his parents go to the mall, Matt gets bombarded and he's not enjoying the fame anymore. Not to worry though, the show gets canceled so his fame is short-lived.
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