Friday, October 29, 2010

16 and Pregnant is Back; I Watched Glee

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
rerun this week. ep 4 next week, showing the Treehouse of Horror episode ON Halloween.

Family Guy (S09Exx):
rerun this week. ep 4 coming up!


Cake Boss (S03E19): this girl is a pusher! 10 foot cake going to South Carolina!!?! 200 sheets of sponge is a LOT. I don't really understand how two teachers could afford a cake from there, LoL. Buddy looks really tan, LoL. Must be just after they got back from vacation. Those ovens have been breaking forever, but Buddy mentions that it's only been happening for a few weeks... so I think this part took place BEFORE Italy, after all. Plus, it's the end of a school year, and I think that they went to Italy in the summertime. 2,000 pounds??!?!?! Whatever happened to finding a new location? Because are you really going to tear up the building to put in some ovens, only to move shortly afterward?? I don't eat peanut butter and jelly, but I thought that cake came out nicely. That side story about the apple cake woman was random. I didn't know Myrtle Beach had a boardwalk, and I'm kinda surprised that Buddy flew down for the cutting of the flip-flop cake... those people must have just bled money all over Carlo's Bakery, LoL!

Little People, Big World (S06E10): A free ark? Really? I kinda wanted the backstory on that. I love that we clarified right away that Matt didn't tell Amy about it immediately. haha, I think Matt was on Facebook when he and Amy were talking. Matt has torn down 40 or 50 barns??!? How is that possible, LoL? Whoa, animals??!? alligators in a petting zoo?? I like how Molly wasn't even really watching the arrival of the ark. I liked Amy's confrontation techniques, but it was ridiculous that she had to get into the car on top of the guy because he would not give his name. I didn't know that inspectors can get around trespass rules. I was surprised that Matt brought Amy out to see the ark before it was even painted or anything.

House, M.D.
rerun this week. Episode 6 coming up!

How I Met Your Mother (S06E06):
the looks on Marshall and Lily's respective faces when they heard the name the other used was great. I agree with Lily... it's hard to use a name that you have a negative connotation for. Becky is SO bad, lmao. I liked Marshall's dad's advice for conceiving a boy, hahaha. Barney trying to pick up girls by talking like a 5-year-old was half amusing and half ridiculously annoying. Barney almost picking up another challenge was funny, too. hahaha, Lily's lemons. When Barney said "challenge completes," he really sounded like Doogie Howser, LoL. Jamie was a cute name for ten seconds, lmao. I'm glad Becky and Ted didn't last... that would've been REALLY annoying.

Melissa & Joey
haha, nice Kindle spotlight. That's not really a flattering outfit on Mel. Wow, having someone color-code your notes based on how likely the info will be on the test is funny. And smart. I miss having boys to do all my work for me. I took advantage of several boys in high school, and they all did such wonderful jobs, LoL. I loved how Mel liked all of those names she came up with for Joe's company. I like how Joe really wanted to sell his product, even though Mel just trusted his idea. The "I make a lot of noise" thing took me a second, and then I was surprised they included that. I wish I could wear a long necklace like Mel can... I can't seem to be able to pull that off. "nuggets of wisdom, not boulders of boredom" LOL. Dang, internet memes pop up again! So popular again! I'd like to see how Lennox gets her hair like that, I kinda love it. I also like that Joe is wearing full suits at home now, LoL. I don't know how Mel convinced Joe to do a video in a tanktop, LoL. We're trying too hard with the muscles on this show, it saddens me. Ryder should have been at the taping to help point out the flaws in this plan, LoL. At least the boy followed through and finished helping Lennox instead of dropping her outright. haha, "Christopher Columbus didn't set out to discover America either, but that worked out okay," LoL. I like how Lennox got upset when the guy turned her down, LoL. Poor Joe... he's sad that all people want to do is watch him exercise. I'm not sure how I felt about it being the season finale, but I guess they didn't want to do anything too cliff-hangy in case it wasn't renewed (which it was, yay!).

Glee (S02E05): This is a rare one for me, I know. BUT, it happens to be a Rocky Horror episode, so I'm taking my ban off Glee for the week. (I last watched it over a year ago.)
I liked the opening with the lips, the font, and the spoof on the title. Interesting that Emma enjoys Rocky Horror so much that she doesn't get upset over how gross it is (I remember that she's a germ-a-phobe or something). Now, I guess Will kinda likes her still, since he feigns love for Rocky Horror. I like how Emma brought up the "risky material" really early on. And that "you'll probably have to edit the whole thing out" hahaha. "Isn't that the whole part of the arts? to push boundaries?" wait... they pick their own roles?? That sounds like a crappy plan. Wait, Rachel and Finn are together now?
I like Finn's body image issues. Haha, Sue as the Criminologist AND she gets to choose the script! Parents not cool with their kid dressing as Frank... yep, saw that coming. Wait... John Stamos has to audition but everyone else just picks their parts? And how can you be in the show when you're not a student OR a teacher?? Why is he singing Eddie's part when he's trying out for Frank?? Do the cheerleaders really ONLY wear their cheerleader uniforms? ALWAYS?!?? Whoa.... Mercedes, way to be! Awesomeness. Why would Sue say "you've got yourself an Eddie" just a minute after she said "I cut out Eddie's part in my re-writes" ??? I loathed the way Mercedes sang "Sweet Transvestite." I did like her outfit, tho. "sensational" instead of "transsexual" was an interesting edit. Will and Emma looked really stupid in the audience when Mercedes said "antici......pation." I don't like "Carl" being John Stamos' character's name. oh geez.... Will is going to play Rocky just so he can show off his body and get more rehearsal time with Emma?? CRAP. Seeing the cheerleaders peering in on Will and Emma doing "Toucha-Toucha-Me" and saying the lines of Columbia and Magenta was a great addition. Do the teachers usually sing in this show now? ew, Will is hairy. gross. Is Sue STILL rewriting the show, at the third dress rehearsal?? Poor Finn, just couldn't handle his part and did something silly. HOWEVER, the punishment of a MONTH of suspension was ridiculous. "Give me some chocolate or I will cut you" was strange. Where did this Becky come from? Is she a Cheerio or just like an athletic assistant of some sort? So they're going to cancel the show after all this crap? Poor Mercedes, who never gets a lead role otherwise, apparently. WHOA. They did it with NO audience?? I'm speechless I'm so flooded with anger. Brad and Janet aren't supposed to dance the "Time Warp" at the beginning, yet Finn and Rachel do. Although, maybe that is in the movie - I'm more familiar with the play (both the original and the revival).

Well, I'm glad I watched, but hopefully I'll never do so again. I can't stand the non-singing aspects of this show. Sometimes I can handle bad parts of some shows in order to get the good points (like I deal with Amber to get the Maci storyline on Teen Mom, LoL), but the singing isn't even worth the crap in this show.

19 Kids and Counting (S05E14): Okay, so this episode (at least the Michelle scenes) immediately follows the previous episode, since it's right after the gallbladder removal. haha on Anna mentioning that "getting up" is a big accomplishment. Nice play-by-play on how Anna makes rice cereal... but kinda boring at the same time. Yay Jana! Jason and the girls... that's an interesting combination. DANG. Mackynzie having 26 aunts and uncles is a lot... but I guess she'll have even more after the Duggars marry!! Anna is starting to get the accent that the Duggars have. 200 bathtubs of ice cream sounds conservative, but maybe I read the "past 20 years" part wrong? Why does a pinstripe indicate a car has been in an accident? I wonder if the 10% Josh and Anna donate is on top of their Christian tithing or in place of it... 23 things for $30 was good. But Josh and Anna with their unison "save the difference" was dumb. Anna really is into the cloth diaper, I wasn't expecting her to be so boastful!!
16 and Pregnant (S03E01): Mansfield, Texas junior. She's into racing cars.
Starts at 19 weeks. They got engaged two months prior to that and her wedding is a few days later because she "doesn't want to be fat at her wedding," LoL. um, her honeymoon is at the racetrack? Well, I guess if you come from a family where everyone marries young and spends their free time at the track, go for it. Her mom put condoms in the bathroom that she could use, LoL. ha! her mom found out through reading Brooke's text messages. I liked her hair and hairpiece, and thought that her jewelry matched her dress well. nice play on the old "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage" rhyme. Jump to 24 weeks. haha, "cowtown speedway." Where are his parents? Her mom signed as the witness? Oh, I guess she's only 16, so she probably has to, haha. onto 25 weeks. That school has a bunch of teen moms. LoL, why is Brooke checking Cody's homework?? Brody and Emma are cute names, I like how they mixed "Brooke" and "Cody" to come up with it. Um, there's a math error if September was 24 weeks, October was 25 weeks, and November was 26 weeks pregnant, LoL. Wow... buying a pre-fabricated barn to live in on your parents' land, LoL. I like the mom's advice: "you're not going to appreciate what you have if you don't work for it." $400-$500 a month to live in a barn... haha. But, it's paid off in 6 years. Cody doesn't really care about his graduating or hers. Still November, now 27 weeks. He failed a test THREE times and got them to give him ANOTHER chance??!? December. Not a very cute baby shower outfit. January - 37 weeks. Is she having a planned c-section? Why can't she drive for 6 weeks??? I liked Brooke's hair at Cody's graduation party. She got an epidural at three hours into labor. Another hour later she's already pushing??!? ooh. she pushed for two hours tho. This was probably one of the more graphic births they've shown... the baby was totally filmed dirty. Um, that's a LOT of people holding the baby right away. Who bathes their baby AS SOON AS HE GETS HOME?!?? LoL. Nice to see a teen mom that not only stuck with breastfeeding but also pumped. She had an IUD put in to avoid another pregnancy... interesting choice. I feel like future contraception hasn't been covered a whole lot on this show in the past. They also did a good job up showing the exhaustion, and they're not even 100% on their own.
Better With You (S01E06): YAY!! The parallel opening is back!! "come back and bite me when you're radioactive" hahahaha. awww.... I've always felt bad for kids who have birthdays on holidays, LoL. I love Maddie's commitment. I like Ben trying to get clues and Casey trying to figure them out. Strange tights for Maddie. haha, love how he got another clue from the parents. haha, "Davenport" is Casey's last name. love Dad's advice - if you mess up, get her a big gift, LoL. haha, "no affair, that'll save you money" LoL. "how many carats is it?" "do you know a lot about carats?" "no" "it's 12" "awesome" hahahahaha. The exchange of truths at the end between Casey and Mia was funny, but no end parallel gag! although the Chinese Candy was pretty funny, especially the money people were willing to throw to watch Casey try to eat all of that craziness!

South Park
(S14E11): Mosquito. LoL. Why make MintBerryCrunch stay home? Captain Hindsight... wtf? The firemen just left a burning building?? What?!?!? haha, Cartman put alerts in the others' houses. haha, ToolShed took his dad's tools! Cartman implying that Butters eat his own excrement was shockingly disgusting. HAHA!! BP makes an appearance! hehe, Cartman wants to get Captain Hindsight into "Coon & Friends." wait... so the guy just tells people what they SHOULD have done, not what to do now?? haha, "coon-ference." I love plays on words. "sometimes being a superhero means helping in smaller ways" was a nice sentiment. Why doesn't someone free Butters?? omg, Cartman tore up Mosquito!! another dimension - ha! I thought BP should have changed their name another time or two after DP. the moon?? really? what!!?! aaaaaand.... a cliffhanger. boo. I feel like they generally don't make good storylines on this show.

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Off season/Coming Up:

Burn Notice (back November 11)
Futurama (back November 21)
Wipeout (season 4 back in January)
Hot in Cleveland (season 2 to start in January)
Mr. Sunshine (starts in January on ABC)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start...)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure, probably January)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
Teen Mom (no idea)
Kate Plus Eight (I'm moving this back down here because it hasn't been on in a month. not sure when it's returning.)
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