Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coal Miners on TV & Other News,

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

ABCFamily's Friday Night Lights was canceled due to ratings.

CBS is really banking on Twitter. A THIRD show is now in development based on a twitter account. This one is being produced by Ashton Kutcher and will be called The Girls, based on things a guy overhears from his upstairs female neighbors.

SpikeTV has a Coal Miner reality show coming up in April. It's set in West Virginia, and was apparently underway before the Chilean mishap. It's gonna be called, Coal.

Angus T. Jones is now making $300k per episode of Two and a Half Men.

Jason Priestley and Luke Perry (aka Brandon and Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210) are doing a TV movie together. It's called Goodnight for Justice and it's going to be on the Hallmark Channel eventually. Brandon is directing and Dylan is acting and exec-producing.

Bones spin-off planned by FOX.

I've never heard of The City, but apparently it's a spin-off of The Hills. Anyway, it got canceled.

Speaking of Paris Hilton, there's a new holiday tv-movie on the block: The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation. Doesn't sound thrilling, but yes, Paris voices a poodle in the flick. It'll be on November 28th at 8pm.

Better With You and No Ordinary Family both got the full-season go-ahead.
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1 comment:

Kelly said...

I'm happy for Better With You and No Ordinary Family. I loved the BWY episode this week. And I thought of you when they went back to the side by side comparative opening.