Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lie to Me - "Double Blind"

by Jonathan Bredemeyer


Two 'police officers' seem to enter a building with night vision after an alarm goes off and get shot by a 'rent-a-cop.' Torres gets a call from a client who hired Lightman to 'vet' his security staff and threatens to sue if she screwed up. Lightman shows up on the scene to defend her and then heads to the hospital to talk to the only remaining cop-robber alive. After getting rid of a nurse, he questions the robber as to what he was stealing. The 'item' they went in for is already sold to a buyer, but before Lightman can get any more details, he goes into cardiac arrest (thank you, House M.D.).

Foster shows up at the hospital to give Lightman 'company'. Torres explains the situation and seems genuinely upset, to which Lightman responds with a question: "What's the difference between a viceroy and and a butterfly, Torres?" "No." "Look it up." Lightman spots a hot blond about to be kidnapped and intervenes at the last second. He takes a seat next to her and tries to figure out her story. She claims she was there for a coworker, but he calls her on the lie. She asks about his reasons for gracing the waiting room, but he stonewalls her pretty hard and gets up to leave. She of course calls him back when the guy comes after her again. Lightman again takes a seat and starts guessing her problem. The nurse from earlier comes out and tells Lightman the second robber is dead from internal bleeding. At this news, the advancing guy gets up and leaves.

Foster is reassuring the mueseum boss that Torres didn't screw up. Lightman reassures the man that there's every reason for a second attempt at the robbery. The museum man leaves pissed. The blond (Naomi) comes to check on Lightman and meets Foster. She's convinced Lightman is dealing with a family member's death and takes him to coffee. He asks her to 'call me Lightman' and have real introductions when she notices he isn't in mourning. She confesses it was her ex-boyfriend chasing her in the waiting room and Lightman passes on his card for next time.

Foster wakes a sleeping Lightman back at the office and they get cozy on the couch. Loker bursts in on them and goes on about painting at the museum, but Lightman ignores him and finishes talking about the hospital janitor. Lightman jumps on Torres about not noticing the painters and bring ups his earlier question, which Loker knew the answer to... (The viceroy has natural camouflage to look like the monarch which are poisonous in order to passed over by predators). Lightman sends Torres in to interview the painters as he responds to a 911 text from Naomi. Torress switches to Spanish in the interview and learns the painter was threatened. Lightman shows up in a parking garage to Naomi's ex raging against her car. He scares him off with no physical contact (surprisingly).

Lightman questions Naomi about the government plates on her ex's car as Torres faces off with painter #2. She learns the curator is paying off someone in a towncar in regular intervals. Torres heads to the back rooms and learns that her interview was a decoy for a camera in the lobby that Loker was watching. They bring in the curator to review the video with Foster and Torres. They peg painter #2 as the inside man and Torres extracts her revenge on being doubted before as she hits him with a question about him paying loads of cash for towncars.

Meanwhile, Lightman is playing the flirting game with the hot blond... and winning as she offers him 'a bite.' After some heavy petting via dialogue, Lightman leaves her hanging and calls her bluff. Back in the fort, the 'lie girls' are confronting the curator about his drug problem. Lightman gets the tables turned on him a bit as Naomi starts questioning him about relationships, and specifically whether he was attracted to her. This of course leads to a make-out session that is interrupted by her 'ex', who Lightman gets the drop on him sneaking in the back way. Cal pegs him as an ICE agent and Naomi joins then in the garage. ICE guy calls Naomi the 'worlds biggest liar' and then leaves. Lightman confesses: "I have a habit of jumping into things."

Foster spots Torres beating herself up over the things she's missing and asks if Lightman's giving her a hard time. On cue, Lightman enters to interrupt and sends Torres to question Naomi in the bathroom.

Lightman: "Good news! My new bird is trying to play me..."
Foster: "Good news? You're working on it? For both of us?"

Torres baits her a bit, claiming Lightman's distracted, and leaves her to pretending to put on makeup. After coming out of the bathroom, Lightman actually reassures Torres over her screw up (why do they have him checking out every single ass that walks by nowadays?). Loker brings the 'inside guy' to Lightman in the hallway and he refers to Naomi as 'mistress'.
Painter: "When life gives you lemons.."
Lightman: "Chuck 'em at people."

Lightman confronts the painter about being involved after seeing how passionate he is about his paintings. Cal also questions him about his connection to Naomi, and the painter claims Naomi got to Lightman. Foster verifies what the robbers were trying to steal with the painters and they blackmail him in setting up a sting. (Yes! back to a diner... Sorry, I always get exiting when Tim Roth's in a diner...) Sitting in a booth with Torres, she realizes Lightman got played by Naomi and calls the cops on them while Lightman heads off to string her along a bit longer.

Setting a romantic scene, Lightman strings Naomi into thinking she's won (we see a flash of Sara Palin???). Lightman talks her into going to the Gala at the museum where the theft was to take place. Torres shows up all fancy (she dresses up quite nicely). Lightman tells her to watch out for a janitor from the hospital earlier and starts tailing his 'mistress' more closely. Loker claims all white people look the same as Lightman 'breaks up' with Naomi to let her wander by herself and goes to dance with Foster (to no music). A congressman passes out and Lightman recognizes it as the one Naomi passed a drink to. An alarm goes off and the emerald that is supposed to be stolen is gone. The entire 'Lie crew' is fooled temporarily and stands there (seemingly) dumbfounded. Lightman runs to Naomi, looks at her, then runs out to the street to see the janitor from the hospital getting away in a cab. He fake chases it and smiles after the smiling 'janitor' thinks he gets away.

Returning to the scene of the crime, Naomi is outside waiting for him. She tells him of the tragic history of the emerald that was just stolen. She explains 'Jack', her partner, got tired of freeing jewels and wanted money. Lightman confesses he didn't see her as a decoy... so apparently Lightman liked getting fooled. She offered him dinner and he walks away.

The next day, Foster's pissed and the FBI wants to question Lightman. After Lightman tells Foster that she looked good the previous night, he reveals that he switched the emerald for a fake. She gets mad she was kept in the dark, to which Lightman responds "It's cat and mouse, not cats and mouse."
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