Friday, December 17, 2010

I Watched Sarah Palin's Alaska...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Bridalplasty (S01E03):
Ten girls left. Cheyenne still hurts SO bad. She doesn't look great, either, LoL. Allyson is determined not to be negative. Alex wants to help out Allyson, so they exercise together. All of the girls go to a boutique (Winnie Couture) to look at gowns. I didn't like Jenessa's hair at the boutique! I also didn't like the host's hair... ewww. Mermaid style - Alexandra is all over it. Princess silhouette - Jaimie wants it. Ballgown - Allyson isn't sure. Today's challenge: three teams - but Cheyenne is still on medical leave. They get a half hour to find their dresses, and there are no mirrors in the place! The team with the highest combined score wins, and the highest individual wins. The three brides on the lowest scoring team are the "bottom brides."
Team A: Netty, Kristen, and Lisa Marie. Kristen thinks she has this down since she's worked in a bridal salon before. Lisa Marie was working it, and got a 7. Netty had a great length and shape, and the guy said she was "sizzling," and she got an 8. Kristen loved hers, and the guy LOVED the look, giving her a 9!
Team B: Allyson, Jenessa, and Melissa. Allyson doesn't think others can trust her opinion, LoL. Melissa has a great veil, but her dress isn't even fastened, plus she looks kinda pregnant - she got a 5. Allyson had good comments, except mean things about her tattoos on her arms - she got a 7. Jenessa picked a good silhouette (I think her butt looked weird in it), and got a 8.
Team C: Alex, Jaimie, and Dominique. Alex thinks she's good to go, but Dominique isn't sure. Jaimie - positive comments, got a 7. Dominique got good feedback on the style and got an 8. Alexandra - nice tiara, wrong dress completely - from the back and the front. Alex thinks she could get a 10, but she gets a 4.
Kristen was the top bride and leaves for her surgery (boob job), getting amnesty from voting and being able to abstain from the next challenge as well. Alexandra, Dominique, and Jaimie were the bottom brides, though I would put Melissa in there instead of Jaimie. You can call your families?? Jaimie is talking to her sister on the phone, and it looks like she just put down a beer, since it's next to the phone. Kristen is afraid she'll regret not going bigger, haha. Full C or small D is her thought process... Allyson wore slipper boots on the elliptical, LoL?? Allyson wanted a $25k wedding; Jaimie wanted a $10k wedding. Melissa is talking about how strategic Jenessa is, LoL. 325 on the right, 350 on the left - okay now, Kristen. So if you put in an implant, then pull it out to put a different size in (the 325 and the 350 got pulled in favor of larger implants), what happens to the originals? trash? Do you pay for those even though they weren't really used? And the time to put them in and take them out again? Jaimie is freaked out about how much pain Kristen is in. Cheyenne talks about how she wants Jaimie to stay. Jaimie is cool with her small boobs, now, haha. and Alexandra thinks Jaimie is stupid to stay if all she wants is teeth whitening, LoL, and she wants the money more now. Jaimie drinking beer, haha. Allyson wants to vote for Jaimie. Alexandra is just thinking of quitting now? Jenessa likes watching Alexandra flip out... hahahahaha, who woulda thunk? Alex called her fiance?? You can do that?? haha, Alex knows Jenessa has influence. Jaimie wants the girls to vote with their hearts. Lisa Marie votes for Dominique. Melissa votes for Dominique. Jenessa votes for Dominique. Allyson voted for Alexandra. Cheyenne voted for Alexandra. Netty didn't have to vote since it didn't matter, but she did choose Alexandra. So NOBODY voted for Jaimie. :( Kristen was upset. Really, I don't think Jaimie deserved to be voted out.

The Simpsons (S22E09):
Last week Christmas, this week New Year's Eve. And yet, it's still only the 12th, LoL. And another hit at FOX news, lmao. Tho that's coming to an end soon enough. haha, "candy canes are not elf bones" chalkboard message. Advent calendar! Awesome, yet would have been more appropriate last week, no? Still 24 little depictions was neat. Maggie sucking on a champagne cork was funny. Selma kissed the television, and Santa's Little Helper II and Snowball II (are those even the right numbers these days?) spent the night together, LoL. Fiesta Bowl in 5 hours and Marge is second-hand drunk from making out with Homer?? I didn't get why Maggie was clapping at that bird sound, LoL. "mild obscenity before 10am" gets a write-up in Springfield?? 11am and they're at Moe's, hahaha. The Wizard of Oz thing was just too weird. $100 to Window 9... and Homer can't even wait 10 minutes to bribe, LoL. Why did the Comic Book guy try so hard to save the ice cream cone?? 10 years in a federal penitentiary... dang. "we're Simpsons, dad. We don't do 'good behavior'" hahaha. Homer messing up the allies board for Fat Tony was dumb. Homer is going undercover in Fat Tony's crew in prison as Nicky Bluepants Altosaxophonia. "aaaay" zooms in and "ohhhhh" zooms out, with the camera and mic in the sideburns! plus, fuhgetaboutit does self-destruct, hehe. The meat is made from pigeons??!? Homer screaming because he can't eat the steaks sure does sound like he's getting beat up, LoL. The entire mob PLUS Homer just breaks out by knocking on a wall, hahahahaha. They let Homer keep his REAL cell phone?? "you must make your bones" ??? apparently in order to do this, Homer has to burn down Moe's. "New York Review of Mooks" was also amusing. "to heterosexual male friendship... the kind the Greeks wrote about" made me hesitate, LoL. How did the "aaay" and "ohhhhh" make Fat Tony realize what was going on?? And why was Homer so upset that Fat Tony was "dead" ? Fit Tony? hahaha. "dope a horse" ??? And Fit Tony became another Fat Tony?? hahaha, Homer still played for the mafia softball team?? It's driving me crazy!!! What in the world was that nice song?? LoL. This is the second time I've been mesmerized by the music on a television show lately, LoL.

Family Guy (S09E07): Nice intro by Seth MacFarland's dad. The parodies in the opening were cute; I wish I recognized more of them. Peter wants naked ladies, 12 kegs, a meal with Michael Landon's ghost, and a Charles in Charge lunchbox. Lois wants to go to the Spanish Coast, and a trip to Mexico with blow. Meg wants a dad who doesn't drink and a pink Lexus. Chris wants ice skates and Jennifer Garner in his bed. Stewie wants uranium, a ball, and Chutes & Ladders. Quagmire wants some S&M with Japanese ladies. Bonnie wants silver-plated silverware. Joe wants kids not to stare. The creepy old guy wants Nick Jonas, the drummer. Lois' dad wants a pitching wedge. It was also like The Simpsons with the advent calendar. The niece thing was messed upp. Chinchilla + mink = chink was creepy. LoL. Stewie wants to go to the North Pole... Brian says no... Quagmire's niece is in the ICU, so since the family wants to head to the hospital for support, now Brian will go to the North Pole, LoL. "Why does the North Pole have black teenagers?" "Katrina" "of course" hahahahaha. "birds that were too tired to fly back north," whaaat? What's with the potato-headed women from Massachusetts? With reality tv, it's harder to distinguish what's real and what's not, interesting. Stewie bribes Brian by offering him a night feeding with Lois... ewwww. a REAL leg?? The Angel guy was weird. really elaborate robots!! Tour bus??? Santa putting the end of the gun in his mouth was funny. Inbred elves??!? and the reindeer EAT them??!? Santa = 28 = what?? Brian taking over for Santa (who believes in Alla??). Stewie cutting off the arm was WAY GROSS!! Brian making a sandwich and getting chips was just weird. Hour and a half at one house and it's the wrong one, hahahahahahaha! OMG the reindeer were eating each other!!! HORROR!!! "everyone was bad this year" was the news report, then Brian gets on screen and shows the beat-up Santa, claiming we need to stick to one gift a year or bust. All the elves are "normal" now?? Nice message overall, but this was an overly graphic way to do it!

American Dad (S06E08): Moonshine whiskey, LoL. OMG there was a Santa behind the snowman?? "part of gun ownership is killing people by accident" ... whoa. All the nicknames were weird. Smash the teeth and cut off the hands - wow!! I didn't get the THC thing until someone told me it was in marijuana, LoL. An elf on a reindeer named Mimzy says Santa will kill the Smiths... The guy lives in an old, crashed airplane?? The barrage of reindeer was scary. Awesome mini-snowman, LoL. Lighting a cigar on Rudolph's nose?? Wrapped in wrapping paper, LoL. I was wondering how long they could hold them off, LoL, but time was on their side, LoL. Next Christmas they can get killed again, LoL.

Kate Plus Eight (S02Exx): not this week.

Sarah Palin's Alaska (S01E05): I only watched this episode because the Gosselins were in it, LoL. I wondered what they were doing for more time in Alaska that wasn't mentioned on the Kate Plus Eight episode. The past few summers have been busy, and this summer the Palins wanted to explore more. Sarah, Todd, Piper, Bristol, Willow, Track, Trig, Tripp. Wow, the Palins have a nice home. "In Alaska, the local gun shop is equivalent to the local barber shop." Sarah's dad apparently hangs out there often, and helps her pick out a "bear" gun. "more common than not to see someone with some sort of weapon on their person... it's like a blackberry on a hip in New York City." Sarah acts as a "trail-sweep" and doesn't take the shortcut, LoL. "It's the National Enquirer! Where's Bristol? hehehehehehe" was awkward. Sarah makes that dumb Russia joke, but at least adds "almost" this time. Piper struggled to do her 12 times tables... I wonder how old she is. SAD. And why is her hair up like she's headed to a pageant? The kids didn't look too thrilled to camp, even though Sarah made it sound like they do it all the time. But if that's the case, why did she need a new gun specifically for THIS trip?? Kate and the kids show up, and meet the Palins for the first time (I had thought maybe Kate and Sarah had met previously). The bear rug was cool. Sarah can do her FOX News things from home (I didn't know she did that...). It was interesting to hear about their shared struggles with the media and paparazzi. The Gosselin kids stay with a nanny while Kate goes with Sarah the 41 miles from Wasilla to Anchorage to take a wilderness course - "learn to return." No seatbelt!! Sarah was busy on her phone in the car. Black bears and brown bears both attack in Alaska. Say "no bear" ... since that's what they're trying to "teach" the bears... um... what?? Bears attack three times... and yet the strategy is to lay face-down without curling into a ball... Sarah looked a little skeptical of Kate's attitude about even holding a gun. Apparently they want to just scare the bear... not kill it. This new firecracker technique doesn't start fires and doesn't touch the bear. Kate isn't a gun advocate, but she'd use a gun to protect her kids, so good for her. Sarah's dad had a lot of neat artifacts. The dog is trained to find antlers?? cool. They're camping at Chelatna Lake, 55 miles away, accessible only by seaplane. The Gosselins left two hours later, so it would be a little more comfortable for them, LoL. "They did this before there were houses, why would we do it now" was Kate's commentary. Kate's more worried about staying warm than bears. Bears love salmon eggs? I had no idea! Kate's "been bitten 200 times" already and is miserable. Kate called it "cruel and unusual punishment" and complained that she was paralyzed to staying under the canopy to stay dry. Sarah's brother taught the kids Alaskan geography, and Sarah started some burgers. The kids had some hot dogs, too. Kate asked what she was handed... it was a hot dog... what else could it have been, LoL?? The kids looked happy having s'mores. Kate exagerrated her "19 layers" and was ready to go home when there were no tables, paper towels, or hand sanitizer, LoL. Less than 30% of Alaska is accessible by roads... I had no idea! Kate was just so surprised that the Palin kids considered camping fun. I liked how Todd stayed fishing to avoid Kate, haha. I thought it was funny that Kate was willing to DISOWN her kids if they wanted to stay!! That's bad parenting if ever I saw it!! Where were Trig and Tripp? The Easternmost state is Maine... why did Sarah and Willow say Alaska??

Hot in Cleveland (Behind the Scenes): Who does a behind-the-scenes after only one (short) season?? SUCH a funny show! I LOVE it!! Melanie, bubbly and sweet, wants to be liked, doesn't curse. Victoria is the egomaniac, an actress who just can't beat Susan Lucci, and such a great goiter! Joy wears the short dresses, is a cougar, an attention hog. Elka is such a flirt, a wisecrack, possibly a Jew (she speaks of escaping the Nazis in Poland). haha, "the show is basically about men at the door."

Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (S01E02): Today we have Joey as the guest judge - he runs the ovens. The Baker's Challenge today is cupcakes (Carlo's makes 20,000 cupcakes a week!!). 2 hours to make it, and underneath each platter is a clue for what to make. Megan was devil's food. They like it. Corina was vanilla. She uses quarter cups instead of ice cream scoops to make it even. It was dry. Dana had sponge - it sucked. Johanna got Chiffon. It was salty... odd. She admits to not tasting her batters. Brian has pound cake. His was grocery-store quality, not bakery quality. Pumpkin for Jay. His were too short, and he hates cupcakes, too. Needs more flavor. Pamela has Red Velvet, and added a baby shower theme. Nailed it. Greggy is banana. The cake was good, the the icing was okay, but you'd never have time to flambe the bananas, so it's not for a bakery. Joe has carrot. Grand Marnier in the icing. They say it's not even a carrot cake. He's baffled, says he's sold a lot and this is the first critique he's received. Joe is shocked he's in the bottom 2. Greggy was the other loser. Pam was the runner-up, Megan was the winner.
Elimination challenge. Megan chose Dana and Jay for her team. Pam picks Greggy and Brian. Joe, Corina, and Johanna were the leftover team, with Joe as captain of that team. The client is from Hasbro, and they want a cake for Monopoly's 75th anniversary. 3 hours on Day 1, 8 hours on Day 2. The cake must be at least 3 feet tall.
Brian wasn't thrilled to be on Pamela's team. He didn't think her ideas flowed well graphically. What did Pam mean by "favors"? Brian isn't happy with the way the building is getting covered with fondant. They ran out of time on the skyline and the one building looked kinda Emerald City, LoL. They have a measuring issue with fitting the building on the board, since the dowel is the same size as the pipe. What a time-waster to have to make all three people have to put together the one building! Brian was right about the quality, too - below par. The Uncle Moneybags character (whom everyone is calling "Mr. Monopoly") was great. The detailed game board was nice, but they get criticized for altering the logo. The work wasn't clean enough as a whole. The least ambitious cake.
Megan's team was going okay, but Megan was worried about time while Jay was worried about quality. Spelling error of Illinois Ave (Illonois) was bad. Theyir cake wouldn't fit through the door when it came time to move/deliver it! They have to tilt it to get it through the door! They make it with like 30 seconds to spare! Lots of great Monopoly icons, great tokens. They get called out for spelling. The colors are great, it's fun-looking.
Corina did some designing for Joe's team. And she's angry that Joe is rolling his eyes at her. Joe asks how it's going and Corina won't answer. Joe was going to make BLUE dice?? Corina get more and more mad at Joe. No time for the bust and body of their Uncle Moneybags, so they throw it together. Big presence. Great head for the guy. Some sliding work. Johanna described Joe's leadership as unfocused. Corina said that Joe was out of his league. Joe gets very defensive, and they have to recount the knife-threatening conversation.
Silent judging this time. Now they have to deliver it (Carlo's delivers 60-100 cakes per week). They get 15 minutes to get the cake to the 1st floor elimination room. Team Megan won the challenge. Team Joe lost. Buddy called them a disaster. Johanna starts crying, Buddy asked her why, she says she should have taken more control, but was afraid. Buddy saves her after she says that she's ready to step up to leadership. Buddy says that Joe gets a choice of throwing in the towel or not (just like he offered last week), and he does. He says that Corina is a better decorator. He is also sad that he never got to show Buddy his lobster tails, Italian cookies, or cannolis. Sidenote, I wonder what their accommodations are like, LoL.

House, M.D. (S07Exx): no episode this week. #9 to be announced, probably January.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E12): haha, Lily poking fun at Marshall's "aim." Awww... from "never been happier" to "you're not pregnant" in 36 hours. Ted thinks he's a wonderful bestman, LoL. haha on the repeat joke for Millionaire Heads of Tails. Love Alex Trebek, LoL. "you better check yourself before you Trebek yourself" hahahahaha. Robin goes from Currency Rotation Specialist to Research Associate, LoL. And then back again when Marshall and Lily find out that they're not actually pregnant. Oh my... Ted has a Christmas-themed movie snack of a GINGERBREAD HOUSE?? hahaha. Diamonds in the pinstripes?? WHOA. haha on Barney's idea of charity. LOOOOOVED the expected reactions for "Barney's Favorite Things," like on Oprah. Track suits, remote control helicopters, condoms, telescopes, that soda making machine, jelly bean dispenser, Kinects, a limo to go to a strip clause, lap dances all around! That took up half of his bonus. Then he wants to donate the other half to charity, so he calls up his half-brother's father, and he changes $10,000 to $100, and the minister is still happy. The diamond suit is awesome!! Marshall riding the wave was great. Read the books, paint the nursery, learn to knit, baby-proof, play classical music. haha, The Jerky Boys. The "B" in "Barney's Favorite Things" was the same one we used in our wedding monograms, hehe. Ted put them in their place!! LOVED the "attention, homeless of New York..." line. Ted yelling at Robin was nice, too. Wow... Barney's suit generosity gave me goosebumps. Robin's ID looked AWFUL. PSA by Barney in the end, but not really. LoL.

Minute to Win It (S02E16): This is the second of three holiday-themed episodes this month. It's also for $3 million with 12 challenges, for the 12 Days of Christmas.
We still have the first contestants from last week, Autumn (in red) and Allison (in green). They're sisters, seven years apart. They have 6 brothers - one is there in the studio. They really love their mom... apparently she works 7 days a week and they want to be able to pay off her house so that she can retire. We left off last week with Game 8.
Game 8: Raise Your Glass: Build a tower with four martini glasses and twelve Christmas ornaments (the round ball kind) - four in each of the bottom three glasses. Allison goes for it, and gets to the part where the last glass goes on top when it all falls and time runs out. Allison goes again, I wonder why she doesn't use the "ten extra seconds," but she seems to have a grip on it. She gets it this time with 15 seconds or so to spare.
Game 9: Hung with Care: Hang three candy canes on a 1mm nylon string, but not normal hanging, instead it has to be balanced on the tip of the hook. You have a ton to work with. Allison goes for it, and turns down the extra 10 seconds for this one, based on the fact that she's gotten this one before. The first falls and breaks. She gets the second after a few tries. The third goes on quickly, and the last one starts to freak her out, and she ultimately messes up. Now they only have one life left, and one of the family members shouts "use your 10" from the audience. Autumn goes for it this time, and uses the ten seconds. She prays. The first one gives her a little trouble, but she's really looking at it from an interesting angle. She's shaking, and that's not helping at all. She's trying to hold the candy cane with both hands and I think that's making it worse. She never even got one. So they take home $250,000 and go home.

Brother and sister duo - Steven & Alissa, from another big family (like 6 kids), this time in the Bronx. They want to be able to help their dad retire. The audience all wins Minute to Win It Wii games.
Game 1: Reindeer Nose Dive: wearing antlers, swing a large red pom-pom that's attached to your neck up and get it to land on your nose (covered in petroleum jelly). The antlers are just for fun, haha. Alissa goes for it, She gets it right away, and is done in less than ten seconds.
Game 2: Holiday Bonus: Jingle in the Trunk: 12 bells in a tissue box, attached to your backside. Shake around to get them all out. Steven goes for it, and he's fast, too! All of them are out in 14 seconds! Their holiday bonus is a 46" tv.
Game 3: Snowball Fight: Team Game. Standing on opposing sides, bounce ping-pong balls to try and knock off styrofoam balls from stools. There are four to do. They are six feet away each and the styrofoam balls are pretty big. Steven is pretty good at aiming. They finish with 17 seconds to spare.
Game 4: Holiday Bonus: Merry Fishmas: hold a chopstick in your mouth with a string hanging from it and a candy cane hanging from that. Use the hook of that candy cane to hook four more onto it. Alissa goes for it, and manages with just two seconds to spare. They both looked worried when this was the game announced, so I'm happy that they were able to pull it off. The holiday bonus was an extra 10 seconds (I thought they were going to get an extra life, LoL).
Game 5: Christmas Jingle: Arrange 11 water-filled glasses so that when in a line, they play the song "Jingle Bells." Sounds like a cool game! Alissa is going for it. She hits a bunch, her brother reminds her to keep her hands off the glass when she hits them. She's pretty far at halfway, and finished with 15 seconds to go. They bring out the parents and the other kids.
Game 6: Christmas in the Balance: Team Game. Hang 5 ornaments each on either side of a yardstick that's balanced on a wrapping paper tube. First they balance the tube on the stool and the yardstick on the tube, which takes 20 seconds. They hang the first set quickly, the second set went fine, the third set goes good, the fourth set went quickly, and the final set knocks it over on Steven's side. They go again. This time they are set-up at 40 seconds again, but he adjusts so they don't hang their first set of ornaments until 30 seconds left. The first two sets are nice, the third is a little off, the fourth was good, and the final set made it, too. In just the nick of time. :)
Game 7: Holiday Bonus: Extreme Christmas Nutstacker: Use a candy cane to hold 8 hex nuts, and slide one off at a time to build a tower. PLUS, you're balancing the plate it's happening on with the other hand!! The only difference here is the "usual" game is with a chopstick instead. Steven goes for it, and has 5 pretty easily. #6 looked good. #7 and #8 didn't give him problems either. They ultimately fall over on his plate, but I think it was the buzzer that scared him and he jumped, which sucks. He doesn't think 10 extra seconds would help (I do... it would stop the buzzer from going off!!), and just goes for it again (I think this is a really hard one to attempt twice in a row, because of how calm and balanced you need to be). He looks super-concentrated. I wasn't thrilled with his fifth one. #6 was a little shaky, too. #7 was nice, and #8 knocked him over... but since he had less than 10 seconds to go, I think the time messed him up... now they leave with $50,000 having not even used the extra 10 second bonus... that sucks. Again, I bet it would've made the difference!

16 and Pregnant (S02E18 & S02E19): Megan, from Ault, Colorado. Nathan is her first boyfriend, the "love of her life" and hasn't gotten a job since he graduated high school. His parents didn't stand for the kid doing nothing with his life, so he moved in with Megan. September at 24 weeks: they know it's a boy and they talk names. They're three years and three months apart. He calls her immature, which is ironic. Her dad was over in Iraq when she got pregnant. Nathan is into partying and video games. She was on antibiotics and it canceled out her birth control. Her sister thinks that she can't handle it, she won't be able to do college, and that Nathan will leave. 26 weeks: her Junior year Homecoming. She's going to take off from school at 32 weeks?? Nathan doesn't want to "settle" for a fast food job. Her dad suggested the armed forces, but he doesn't want to be away from the baby. Nathan says he has nothing better to do than play video games. Nathan says he's "not a gun person." Megan seems to be trying hard to get him to do SOMETHING. October at 28 weeks: it's Halloween and Nathan is playing video games instead of going with Megan to a party - at his parents' house! He tells his friend that he feels like he's stuck, and the friend offers him to stay at that kid's house. He tells her that he wasn't planning on being with her, but then it turned out that she was pregnant. 29 weeks, November: Her mom tries to be supportive, but she's really upset at her baby shower. Nathan doesn't stay at the baby shower to open the gifts - he takes off with her friends. Her sister gives him a talk, but her "rumor has it" was odd. The sister brings up the Army, and he says no, and she says she's not thrilled that he's living off her dad's paycheck... while he's in Afghanistan. November at 33 weeks: she gets pink highlights. 36 weeks, still November: Nathan's gone, and he comes to say he feels bad. 38 weeks: he's applying, but not getting anywhere. 40 weeks - her due date has passed. Turns out she's 1 cm, but thinned cervix. Tells her to come back in a few days to assess things if she hasn't gone into labor over the weekend. Her sister has to leave to go back to North Carolina. She's getting deployed because of the earthquake in Haiti. 41 weeks: her dad is back. She talks about being out of school starting now, but that doesn't add up, LoL. Jumping, bouncing, castor oil... they were trying to induce. But it worked. 4 hours in, she's in some pain. 5 hours in, she's 9.5cm. 6 hours in, she's pushing. 7 hours in, still pushing. 8 hours in, still pushing. She takes some oxygen. He's out. 1 week old: Nathan's playing video games while Megan tries to take care of the baby. Her dad is helping. None of her friends are responding. Her mom watches the baby so Megan and Nathan can go grab a pizza. 3 weeks old, she's going back to school. I laughed that she was up all night and put on makeup before going to school. Another month goes by, still no job for Nathan. It looks like she got her pink highlights re-done. Nathan and two of his friends do some hooka and talk about laying tile in Texas. Apparently he can work there with them. So forget caring about being there with the baby, haha. She seems heartbroken that she doesn't have friends, LoL.
Then, we have another episode of "Unseen Moments." Brooke craved anything and everything. Megan went to Target to try on dresses for Homecoming. Nathan was NOT supportive. Kayla had just given birth when she went prom shopping, and her butt and breasts were bigger than she was expecting. hahaha, having a baby in your prom photo is just WEIRD! Emil & Daniel "what kind of ring" "the kind you engage with" hahaha. Isiah and Christinna prety much broke up... she flew back to Rochester, NY. Three hours later he asks her to come back, she says she will if he changes, and next thing you know, she's flying back AGAIN. What a waste of money! When Megan has all-blonde hair, she goes to talk to that one friend, and they're sad that they can't see each other as much anymore. Aubrey teaches her boyfriend to straighten her hair, paint her toenails, and which piece of makeup is which. Brooke made her husband wear a pregnancy suit. Aubrey lied about having pizza experience to get her job. Isiah and Christinna get yelled at and told not to yell at one another in front of the baby anymore. Brooke and Cody are having issues. We haven't even seen Ashley's episode yet, so I think it's weird that we're seeing "unseen moments" from that episode when we haven't seen any of that one yet. Why are they even airing this now? Unless Ashley was some sort of last-minute addition to the season?

Better With You (S01Exx):
not this week. Episode 11 TBA.

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Off season/Coming Up:

Wipeout (season 4 back January 6th)
Teen Mom (January 11th, this time featuring girls from the second season)
Hot in Cleveland (back January 19th at 10pm for 20 episodes of season 2)
Mr. Sunshine
(starts Wednesday, February 9th at 9:30pm on ABC)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
(not sure, probably January)
Melissa & Joey
(not sure, I'm thinking like May?)
Table for 12
(missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
Futurama (Season 6 continues with episode 14 in the Spring)
South Park (season 15 in the Spring)
Cake Boss (Season 4 TBD)
19 Kids and Counting (Season 6 TBD)
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