Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Second Online Live TV Drinking Game

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Come one, come all and bring your filled glasses, your impeccable sense of humor, and your regular
Burn Notice-watching crew.

Tonight for the season finale of Burn Notice, we'll be watching right along with you, so why not drink together? We'll be playing TheTalkingBox's very own Burn Notice drinking game and want you to join in. All you have to do is fire up your preferred Twitter client and follow @AndDrink. We'll tweet out when you should drink and what for. If you disagree or we miss one, let us so we don't fall behind. At the end we'll run the drink stats so you can see how many times you were supposed to drink, and what you actually gulped down during these two hours of 'spy'-flying antics.

For the original Burn Notice Drinking Game post, look here. Otherwise, the rules are reproduced below:

Take a Drink:
- Whenever we hear the word "burned" or the words "burn notice"
- Whenever there is text on the screen (not like the credits)
- Whenever Michael uses a fake name
- Whenever we see a girl in a bikini
- Whenever Fiona uses a gun or blows something up
- Whenever someone eats yogurt
- Whenever anyone says "Michael" (two drinks if it's his mom)
- Whenever a character is drinking
- Whenever we have a split-screen to show multiple views at once
- Whenever Michael wins a bluff

See you tonight, and don't forget to bring a drink.

Disclaimer: There are moments of TV Zen that simply must be honored. Should one of these occur during the show, the drinking game rules may be stretched to include these moments, so should you drink more than expected from blindly consuming liquid when reading the word 'drink' from a ton of tweets, it ain't our fault...
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