Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lots of Spring Starts; More Cancellations

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Animal Planet's Pit Boss got renewed, and the new season starts January 29th.

ABC's Secret Millionaire will start at 8pm on Sunday, March 6th... opposite Amazing Race.

Mr. Sunshine will be on at 9:30pm on ABC starting February 9th.

Happy Endings will be on 10pm on ABC starting April 13th.

A&E's new Beyond Scared Straight premieres Thursday, January 13th at 10pm.

F/X's Terriers got canceled.

FOX's Running Wilde got dropped from the normal lineup.

Lie to Me didn't get a full-season order, so things aren't looking so well for the long-term.

Love Bites got cut from 13 episodes to 9, so that's even worse.

Apparently there's a show called, You're Cut Off! that was renewed by VH1, and the second season will begin at 9pm on Monday, January 10th.

Glee also suffered this week... apparently tonsillitis has been going around the cast and they had to cancel some shooting, haha.

The Closer will not continue past this season.

Ken Jennings will be back on Jeopardy!, along with Brad Rutter and... a supercomputer. February 14-16, 2011.
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