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Just Kate, Rosie, and a Pregnant Teen this Week

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & Commentaries for unscripted shows this week include: Kate Plus Eight, Pregnant in Heels, and 16 and Pregnant.

Cake Boss  (S04E12):  Episode 13 upcoming.

Kate Plus Eight "New Zealand" (S02E04):  The family is done with Australia, and flew to Auckland to learn about New Zealand. They saw the countryside, drove all day, and saw kiwis, the bird. Paparazzi found them and hung around the family. A production assistant tried to shield the family, but the paparazzi shoved them and people started swearing. Kate took the kids to another area while the tour guide dealt with the intruders. Then, they did a tour of glow worm caves, which was only about an hour. Kate's helper was homeschooled. [I thought that the glow worms were really neat, and the filming was great] Then, there was a sky-jump thing, that's at a controlled speed, so it's not the same as bungee-jumping. Ashley (the helper), Cara, and Mady were all excited about it, but Kate was upset over whether or not she could do it. Kate had to "warm up" to the idea, which took a while. First, there was a skywalk, where you were able to walk around the edge of the building, attached to a harness. Kate was upset that there was a time limit, since she felt she needed a lot more time to decide. Kate complains that since she's "a paying customer," she should be allowed to do a tiny bit of walking if she prefers, not the entire thing. Brad mentions that if Kate WAS a paying customer, they'd be done by now. It's clearly a special arrangement that's allowing her to clog up this much time. [I was really annoyed with how much time Kate was taking up... if you paid any attention at all, I'm sure you'd realize that you're not the only person scheduled to do this today!] In retrospect, Kate feels bad about the way she treated him. [it's clear that Mady was back-and-forth on it, since we see her in and out of the suit] Kate ends up rushing the guy, not letting him talk about all of the normal details. Ashley does the jump first, then Cara, who said that she looked down and not out. Then Mady, who went backwards. Kate talks about how she would have been off the hook if the girls chickened out, but since they did it, she has to. She gets out onto the platform and freaks out... she eventually goes over backward, and screams a lot. Kate hits the ground and crumbled into a ball, just a wreck. She now considers it the scariest thing she has ever done... and she's now more afraid of heights than ever. Another day, they start out horseback riding as a family. Kate doesn't wear a net under her helmet since the paparazzi is going to take pictures and she doesn't want such a picture getting out. [this bugged me a bit] Kate loved to ride horses everywhere they go, but this was the first time that the entire family did it together. The paparazzi were spooking the horses, which angered Kate. She also wasn't thrilled with how short the ride was. Then, on to learn about the Maoris. Then, on to geysers (which didn't seem to impress the kids) and boiling mud. Then, some cultural education. Joel participated in a dance, even though he didn't really want to. 

Pregnant in Heels "Baby Bump Bridezilla" (S01E03):   Rosie has been implanted, and she's hoping to get pregnant, but is an emotional wreck. She's waiting to find out if she's pregnant, and plans to go in for a blood test.
Mummy IQ test questions today: How are you feeling?
Client 1: Robyn walks into Rosie's shop to ask for help in planning a wedding before the baby comes... with only 4-5 weeks before the due date. She needs a dress. "LA style" is to have the baby before you get married... um, ok. 40 years old, did IVF with her own frozen eggs (that she froze at 37). Her fiance is Mark... their first date was 30 hours. She has gestational diabetes... and has put on 80 pounds with the pregnancy, and blames IVF. Rosie wants to help with the weight issue. She brings a nutritionist for an intervention. Robyn says the doctors don't know why the weight is there, and Rosie doesn't believe her. Robyn argues that she has certain things in her cupboards because "they look cute" and that she doesn't eat them. like sprinkles. Robyn also makes a joke about Rosie probably having her own food disorder because she's skinny. The nutritionist brings out some examples from the kitchen, and suggests that they need to have fresh fruits and vegetables. Rosie then takes Robyn to Central Park, where she meets a fitness trainer. There are several moves that Robyn won't try. Her husband is trying to be encouraging, but Robyn is being belligerent. Robyn doesn't like the dress that Rosie worked out for her. They do some fitting work, and Robyn wants it done right then. Rosie says no. Robyn isn't thrilled. Robyn goes to try on the dress again and brings it to her personal tailor. She then calls Rosie and complains to high heavens. [I hate it when people refer to "scissors" as "scissor," and Robyn did] Rosie shows up with three dress options on the wedding day. [I thought the one she chose was beautiful] Robyn got into an argument over how other people were wearing their hair. One of the dogs peed on the train!! [wow! those were some PURPLE yarmulkes!] She ends up needing a c-section because the baby is breech. Robyn is wearing the original dress Rosie designed... to go to the hospital in. [crazy!] They name her Camden Rose.
Client 2: Michelle, pregnant with second baby, wants to ask her boss to be the godfather. She produces china for the Queen at Waterford-Wedgwood (she's Director of PR and Special Events). Her boss is Lord Wedgwood, and since Rosie is a former baroness, Michelle thinks Rosie can help her ask in the right way. Rosie is a bit skeptical of the concept of Michelle having a regular husband and a "day husband" (functions as a "work husband," really). Rosie tells them that they have to ask at a Tea, and have scones and spotted dick. Rosie tells Michelle to do some research on what to eat and how to serve. Rosie helps Michelle and the work husband with manners... like don't give compliments to British people, don't turn you back on a Royal, stop eating when he does. Rosie is concerned with how they're not taking it very seriously. She wants them to learn how to make and serve tea, since it's important to do it yourself with British, not have it catered. They try to make spotted dick, but it was a mess. Rosie tries to help Michelle pick out a dress, but the work husband insults LT and picks out a dress instead. They're going to "pop the question" at the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Rosie points out that they have crust on the bread and they shouldn't, and not to serve the spotted dick until after they ask the question, since it's bad. [hahaha. I was also curious as to how they invited him to this Tea, which was not covered. I think Michelle came on a bit strong, and the work husband was awkward in walking backward.] The Lord saw the spotted dick and wanted to try it right away, and had an awful face when he tried it. Michelle stresses how special the guy is, then asks the question. He's a bit strange in response, but accepts with a hug. [I still don't get why they didn't have the father of the baby there. and why we only saw him ONCE the whole episode.] The baby's name is Elle.

16 and Pregnant "Jordan" (S03E01): She's from St. Louis and has an identical twin, Jessica. Parents divorced shortly after they were born, and it was too much for their mom to handle. Grandparents officially adopted them when they were nine years old. They were models at 15 in NYC. Brian got her pregnant...  and he and Jessica don't get along. 
May, 30 weeks: her grandmother still reminds her that it wasn't a great decision. They stopped modeling when Jordan got pregnant, and now they're taking GED classes instead of being homeschooled. [they have TONS of pictures on the wall in their bedroom] Jessica wants to be there during the delivery, instead of Brian. Jordan had been on the pill, but she hadn't taken it long enough to be effective. [I'm reading this as "wanted to have sex, so got a prescription for birth control pills, took one, and had sex. LoL] They would prefer to have kids 4-7 years down the road. [duh. LoL] The girls have a mutual best friend, Ellie. The baby will be named Noah. At the party, she told the story of how she found out she was pregnant. [awkward] Jordan wants Brian to move in, and after some time, Grandma agrees. [I wonder why we're not seeing Grandpa] 
33 weeks: Brian moves in. [it amuses me that they have to keep labeling which twin is which, LoL] 
34 weeks: Brian asks Jordan not to let Jessica in the delivery room - he says it'll be too difficult for he and Jordan to bond. Jordan and Jessica talk about it, and there's some hurt feelings. 
36 weeks: Jessica has a lot of different ideas for career paths. Jordan is on some kind of medicine. She throws up on the way to a doctor's appointment. Jordan re-decides that she wants her sister in the delivery room. 
39 weeks: she's too uncomfortable to leave the house. She goes into labor, but also gets pitocin to move things along. 5 hours in, she's in a lot of pain. 6 hours in, she's pushing. 7 hours in, she's still pushing, and close enough that they bring in the doctor (rather than the resident who had been in the room). Grandma is also in the room. 
Noah James is born July 14th, at 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Jordan learns to breastfeed and diaper the baby. The baby is a crier. Jessica is realllllly upset that Jordan isn't asking for her help. Jordan is really stressed out and frustrated. She's jealous that Jessica is going to school and hanging out with friends, and Brian is going to college. At six weeks, they find out that Noah has severe acid reflux. He got medication through an IV at the hospital. New formula and some medicine is the plan. At the very end, they call her Alaina instead of Jordan... weird.

Wipeout  (S04Exx): Episode 13 upcoming.    

[season finale May 19, but will be back June 16th... and looks like it'll be moving to Tuesdays starting June 21st]
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Off season/Coming Up:
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Teen Mom  (no idea)
19 Kids and Counting  (we'll pick up with Season 6, Episode 13 at some point)  
Teen Mom 2  (no idea when season 2 starts)
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