Friday, April 22, 2011

Masters Leaves, Amy Proposes, Paul Kidnaps

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & Commentaries for scripted shows this week include: House, How I Met Your Mother, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Better with You, and The Paul Reiser Show

The Simpsons  (S22Exx): Episode 19 upcoming.
[Season Finale May 22nd]

House, M.D. "Last Temptation" (S07E19): Masters has paper origami airplanes hanging in her room. She drills herself constantly. It's her last day with House. She's one lumbar puncture (LP) away from finishing all of the procedure logs she needs to be a doctor. There's an opening in diagnostics for an intern. House tells the group that Thirteen was in drug rehab. Thirteen doesn't deny it. A teenage girl got sick while sailing, and she's in a hurry to get out to sail again. Masters wants to ask Cuddy's advice, and she points out that House keeps firing and insulting her... trying to get Masters to make her own decision. Cuddy leaves it with "working with House is amazing and it sucks... often simultaneously." Masters goes to see House, but he left her a note that he's in the ER. Masters overhears House and Thirteen talk about how the rehab thing was fake. Masters tells House that she'll take the position under him, and he forges her 10th LP, then tells her that she has to accept that in order to work with him. [and this is where we get the title, "The Last Temptation"] House puts chicken footprints on the ground leading to Wilson's office, since Wilson's chicken is quieter and calmer than House's chicken. [what?!? they have pet chickens now??] Turns out, House and Wilson have a bet to see who can keep a chicken in the hospital the longest. [hahahaha, LOVE IT] Masters misses 3 LPs, and Thirteen lets her do one on her to have the credit. When House finds out that Masters didn't turn in the forgery, he eliminates the intern position that was more or less for her. [and it's moments like this that make me hate House]. Masters is going to be a surgeon now, and her first day of internship finds her a little out of place. Masters fakes having to use the restroom to get out of the surgery in which she was assisting in order to check on House's patient. House assumes that Masters is back with him now, but she still seems determined to break away. Another kid is jealous that Masters gets to work with House. Masters stays at the hospital all night, working on the case... so when Wilson sneaks in to sabotage House's chicken, she sees him. House also catches him, and locks him in the office. [LoL!] The young sailor ends up giving Masters advice about loving something but not loving everything about it. Masters is shocked that the parents are considering letting the girl go sailing, then have her arm amputated to stop the spread of cancer in another month. Masters is totally upset that the dad won't go ahead and sign to have the surgery. House now has a dog in his office... training him to fetch chicken feathers. [hahahahaha, love it. I also thought that Stacy was House's WIFE when she signed the papers that forced his leg surgery even when he didn't want it, not his girlfriend. my bad] House's dog gets Wilson's chicken, and the security guard questions him... he says the chicken belongs to House. "at the top of the game, you play by different rules" - the sailor told that to Masters... and it makes perfect sense. Masters then gets the parents to sign the consent form by making the girl have a small heart problem... which Masters blames on the cancer. Once in the surgery room, Masters tells the rest of the team what she did (more or less)... making nobody in the room ethical anymore. [this episode killed me... I couldn't believe Masters did that... the girl only had one dream in life... why not let her fulfill it? even if she dies, she would have met her one goal. I like how Masters has an old-fashioned alarm clock, LoL] Masters tells House that she can't live with the lying, cheating, stealing, and deceit. [that final outfit of Masters' is hideous]
[Season Finale May 23rd]

How I Met Your Mother "Hopeless" (S06E21): We open with Staten Island, 1983, young Barney and his dad (who he then thinks is an uncle) saying goodbye. Back to present day... "let me check my personality.... no, turns out I'd never do that in a million years" [hahaha] Barney wants to show his dad an awesome night. To do this, Barney wants everyone to alter their identities [hahahahaha] Robin as a professional scotch taster, Lily is excited to be in an open marriage, but Marshall is weirded out by it. Ted gets a giant pile of topics he should avoid. And, Robin and Ted are fake-dating. The actors play along to the theme song, [which is really cute] since they tell Barney's dad that they're also in a band. Then, a play on "Who's on First" (Abbott & Costello, in case you're behind) over the names of cool bars and clubs. [Watch that bit here] Barney's dad gets it, but otherwise it went on too long. So, they go to a place called "Hopeless" (hence, the episode title). Lily might have a crush on Mila Kunis. [Who in the world remembers people they saw in a department store YEARS ago??!?] Lily really gets into her role. Barney makes a joke about how he finally knows what's it like to be embarrassed by his dad. Marshall and Lily bet on who can get 5 people's phone numbers first. Jerry makes a Footloose reference about a preacher outlawing dancing. [hahaha] Ted makes a reference to the blue french horn by saying he'd steal a whole orchestra. [I'd never say Ted was an 8!!] Barney and his dad split, and the dad gets really weird. They end up getting arrested and Jerry makes a crack that he wishes that the playwright friend was really a lawyer (funny because it's Marshall in both cases, haha). [Blackwood's Tavern - largest selection of beer in the city... interesting] Turns out, Jerry was faking drinking, and playing up the idea that a magician's best friend is a drunk audience. Barney and Jerry end up escaping from their handcuffs and running away. Marshall almost hits on Robin in his quest to get more phone numbers. Lily won the bet. [I also wouldn't give Ted a 2] Barney again wonders if he's already met the woman of his dreams. Barney decides to go fishing with his dad and JJ.
[Season Finale May 16th]

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Another Proposal" (S03E18): Anne, Amy, and Ashley are talking about Ben and Adrian getting married. Amy is clearly upset. Ricky thinks that Ben and Adrian won't last. George goes over to Ricky's to make sure he's not cheating on Amy, and he meets Nora. Ben didn't realize that Adrian wanted a big wedding... he was hoping for more of an elopement. [haha, I love the idea of Ben and Adrian having a china pattern when they eat at the cafeteria or with their parents] Cindy suggests that she and Reuben, and Betty and Leo, all chip in for a place for Ben and Adrian to live. Everyone agrees that they'd rather pay for a condo than a large wedding. Betty can't recognize a photo of Jesus... Betty suggests that they look like Cindy's grandfather. [hahahahaha] Leo is embarrassed that Betty doesn't know what Jesus looks like. Adrian asks Grace to be her Maid of Honor. Adrian invited Grant to be a groomsman, but Grant isn't sure that would be right. Adrian also wants Henry & Alice, Jack & Lauren, Tom & Madison, Ashley & Griffin, and Amy & Ricky. John can be the ring bearer. Adrian tells Ben that she wants it to be six weeks from that day... he feigns enthusiasm. Jack tells Lauren about Adrian's desires for the wedding party. Lauren is freaked out over who all Adrian wants in her wedding. Lauren's mother and stepfather [who is white, which I either didn't know or forgot] are splitting up. The guy (Dave) gives money to the kids, hoping they'll keep in touch. Amy wants to leave Anne's place and see Lauren, but Anne doesn't want that. Amy wants to marry Ricky before Adrian marries Ben, just out of spite. Adrian wants Ben to sleep with her, but he gets out of it. Amy doesn't want to be in Adrian's wedding, and wants Ricky to agree with her. He holds fast to the idea that they're not serious and are too young to be married. George presses Nora for more personal information. Looks like Lauren's father might be getting back with her mother. Ricky goes to talk to Ben, and he advises them to wait. Ben argues back, telling Ricky to marry Amy. Ricky tries to reason with Ben, and leaves without waiting for a response. Leo is shocked that the wedding is going to be in six weeks. Ben admits to Leo that he doesn't want a large wedding, and Leo says that he and Betty, Cindy and Reuben, would rather not throw a large wedding, but get them a condo. Ben panics, not wanting to be on his own. The two sets of parents want Ben to tell Adrian, and he doesn't want to. He also doesn't see any joy in extra responsibility. [LoL, silly pampered kids. College was WAY less stressful than living with my mom, regardless of the extra responsibility!] Jack is back with Madison, and they want to have sex. But, she wants to be fancy about it, and he wants it now. Grace doesn't want to have sex with Griffin unless there's a strong possibility that they'll get married. George shows back up at Ricky's place with the dog (Moose) and some blankets. Amy tells Anne that she and Ricky haven't had sex, and talks about how she can't trust him... the only way she'd trust him is if they were married. Anne admits that she thought the same thing about George. Ben talks to Adrian about wanting a small wedding, and says that if they do that, he'd ask his dad to buy them a condo. Adrian was upset about a smaller wedding, but she lit up at the idea of having their own place, so that settled that. And, then Adrian immediately starts planning how she wants the condo to look. [hahahahaha] Amy goes to Ricky's and tells him that she's ready to have sex with him... and that she's going to put on lingerie and that'll be that. She won't let him interrupt her, and so she ends up mortified that George saw the whole thing. Ricky just wants to talk... and the episode ends with Amy proposing to Ricky.


Mr. Sunshine (S01Exx): Episode 10 coming up.

The Middle "Royal Wedding" (S02E20):  well, I've decided to pick this one up full-time. I've mentioned it randomly here and there, and I know that the season is almost over, but I'm going to finish it out, then catch up on the first two seasons over the summer, and pick it up fully understanding the show when it comes back in the fall. Fever mellows out Brick's quirks, so it's easy to tell when he's sick. And it starts a family plague. Frankie is really excited about Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton. Sue's friend is out sick, so she's bored at lunch, and decides to try out to be an anchor on the school news. She's way overexcited about it. Mike is making cutbacks at work and doesn't buy the workers pretzels. Brick tries to coach Sue. After Frankie finds out that you can return a television for only $25, she buys a $3,000 television to watch the royal wedding. Brick coaches Sue some more, and she ends up doing the news really BIG during her audition. Frankie has problems getting the television to work, and by the time the family gets it working, she has pink eye and can't see anything. Axl gives her a Colts plate to hold, since she broke her royal plate when she was upset. Mike reinstates the pretzels, Sue starts writing the cue cards for the school news, and Mike tries to tell Frankie the play-by-play of the wedding. 

Better With You "Better with Lying" (S01E18):   Casey doesn't want to lie, but Mia convinces him its for the best. Vicki and Joel love Frasier because "it's as smart as they are." [odd] Mia wants a good "how we met" story. [I love how Maddie and Ben jump in and out telling their story] Mia claims that Casey was a pedicab driver who chased her down, stole a dozen roses to give her, and they kissed in front of a crowd. Vicki and Joel then offer Mia and Casey the upstairs room at the vacation home, which makes Maddie upset. Ben thinks Mia is lying, since pedicabs have been on strike for six months. [the dental floss thing was gross!] Maddie calls the story of how Mia and Casey met "fantastical" instead of "fantastic," and Maddie confronts her. Then we cut to the engagement party, where Mia is telling a part of the story that Maddie forbid her to tell... turns out that Maddie's story is fake, too. [the Bambi thing was reallllly weird. and what about Vicki at the zoo??] Mia and Maddie decide that they'd alternate the "good room" at the vacation house, which the girls end up getting, giving the boys the "bad room," where the story is being told. Maddie tells Mia that she needs to get Casey lying better. [LoL] Mia wants to tell the truth, tells Casey that, and then we find out that Mia over-explains how they met at the ER. Everyone likes the story, and now Maddie wants to tell the truth, too. Ben doesn't want to. They didn't meet at Habitat for Humanity, they were camping separately and Maddie almost peed on Ben. The kids don't know, but Joel and Vicki didn't meet at Yankee stadium, either. Turns out, it was a random party where they put keys in a bowl and matched up to make out. [figures.]
[May 11 season finale]

The Paul Reiser Show "The Playdate" (S01E02):   Uninteresting opening. there's a stray cat of some type in the backyard. One kid is going to a playdate, the other has one coming over. [the way the dads all take the kids to school weirds me out a little]The friend who has that giant warehouse is trying to catch the cat, and thinks it's tunneling. They end up catching the cat, while mom is at the dentist with Gabe... ALL day. So Paul goes to the school to pick up the playdates... but misses one of the kids. Paul is also dealing with another father who is under the impression that Paul doesn't think he's funny. Paul also picks up the wrong kid at school for the playdate, so several parents are panicky when they realize the problem. "what's that like, kidnapping?" was pretty funny. [They're all friends, I don't see why it's THAT big a deal that they picked up the wrong kids] They also double-promise the found cat to other people. [Lowry is a troublesome kid!]

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Off season/Coming Up:
South Park (season 15 starts April 27th at 10pm) 
Switched at Birth (Monday, June 6th at 9pm - yep, decided to pick this up after I saw a preview this week!)
Hot in Cleveland (June 15th picks us up at Season 2, Episode 11)
Futurama (Season 6, episode 14 on June 23rd)
Melissa & Joey (season 2 starts June 29th, 8pm)
Terra Nova (premiering in September) 
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