Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kate in Philly, No Mummy IQ, A GingaNinja

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Kate Plus Eight, Pregnant in Heels,16 and Pregnant, and Wipeout.

Cake Boss  (S04Exx):  Episode 13 coming up.

Kate Plus Eight "Philly Fun!" (S02E05):  Kate's best friend, Jamie, is with the family on this trip. [They had quite the suite at that hotel! and I don't like Kate's hair this way/length] Several of the kids get eczema, so Kate lotioned them up and put socks on their hands. They started the next day with the Ben Franklin walking tour. It's cold enough out to require hats and jackets, but it's not clear whether this was pre- or post-Australia. Kate flubs the preamble. [dislike.] There's a Ben Franklin made of melted keys and pennies. 1.8 million pennies in it! [totally never saw this on my trips to Philly!] They saw the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross's house, a museum, Independence Hall, etc. Kate touches a statue, flirts with it, and jokes about how she'd wear the pants in the relationship. [weird] Then it was on to try soft pretzels at the Reading Terminal Market. [been there!] They went to Miller's Twist [which I haven't tried] where they were shown how to make pretzels. Then, to watch a Flyers game. Kate likes NBA. [amusing] Kate talked about dating again. She won't use facebook or online dating, and apparently doesn't even have a printer. [she used to...] Day 2 they went to an Insectatarium. Kate held a tarantula. Franklin Institute was next. [been there, too!] They had someone walk them through the highlights of the museum, like the giant heart, the aviation display room, the sports challenge (which didn't work for them because too many people recognized them). Kate wanted to go on a flight simulator, and Cara wouldn't go with her, though Mady did. [nice change of pace.] Then, some cheesesteaks - Pat's and Geno's, the biggest rivals. Kate doesn't eat red meat, but wanted to do this whole thing. One of the twins [I think Cara] was being high maintenance, saying she doesn't eat any fast food, etc. They like Pat's the best. Once Kate tries Geno's with cheez whiz, she picks that one after all. Then, the Rocky stairs. [I thiiink we're abou to go on hiatus again.]

Pregnant in Heels "Pregnancy Runway" (S01E05):   Rosie wants to be a one-stop-shop for  pregnant women. She looks at some suspenders and laughed. Rosie plays some guitar hero. She can start another round of IVF again, but she's anxious about it not working again.
Mummy IQ test questions today: none.
Client 1: Melissa, first baby after three miscarriages, pregnant via IVF, wants a big baby shower that's a charity event. 34 weeks. Has a large estate (10,000 sq ft house). She was a model for 20 years. [don't know that I ever would have guessed that...] Her husband is a property manager of sorts. They have a STAFF (Deena the house manager, Pam the baby nurse, Alyssa the baby educator, Julie the personal trainer and nutritionist, Jill the doula. that's not including handymen, etc.). She's having the house renovated. Rosie shows up and immediately does a tour to see about baby-proofing. Melissa knows about taking out crib bumpers and even has full-plate outlet covers. There's a closet for newborn-six months FULL! [whoa... just whoa.] Rosie isn't sure why she's there with so much other help. Melissa talks about how she needs Rosie's input and help in putting together the fashion show. Turns out, she also hired event planners! She wants Rosie to have her name on it, really. They need to find the pregnant models first. LT helps, since he's really into style. They select five girls. The house isn't done being renovated the day before the event! [yikes!] Rosie leaves LT there to deal with the runway being built. Rosie curses when things aren't looking perfect for the fashion shows. Melissa isn't in love with her outfit, so Rosie tries to help her find something else to wear. Melissa makes her grand entrance in yet another outfit - but Rosie didn't design this one. [I really liked the dress she chose in the end. I wasn't in love with most of the clothes in the fashion show - erect nipples aren't cute] They name the baby Greyson Monroe. They cut the staff of women since they enjoy doing things on their own. [though I expect that they probably have the nurse part-time] They're already planning another child.  
Client 2: Lisa, not a millionaire but a friend of Hannah's. 31 weeks. bartender for six years, singer/songwriter for an all-girl rock band. Husband is Steve, who is in bands and works in the music industry. They have a one-bedroom apartment and little room for a baby - they need help making their space ready and appropriate. Knives and swords in the living room. skulls small enough that a baby could eat them. Steve is upset that Rosie isn't appreciating their collections. [eh. the guy doesn't seem to know much about young children.] They have guitars on the wall with bad words on them. They don't have any baby supplies at all. They specifically want help baby-proofing and figuring out the baby's space. They get a box and start removing things. Steve isn't super-agreeing yet. [why are they taking off CDs from the shelves instead of just anchoring the bookcase?] Rosie hires a team to re-do the apartment. They get the CDs back up and bolted to the wall. [How are candles not baby hazards? I think Steve might have been faking the excitement over the bedroom]. They name the baby Emma Jane.
[season finale May 24th]

16 and Pregnant "Jamie" (S03E03): 17, from Asheville, NC. Dad left when she was a baby, her mom raised her and her older sister. She's halfway through her senior year, a straight-A student, and wants to go into radiation technology. She's been with Ryan about a year. He's a big partier and a bad driver... no license anymore. [yep. sounds like the stereotypically teenage father to me!]
September, 32 weeks: They're having a girl, planning to name her Miah Christine. Her friends were shocked that she got pregnant - she was the "good" girl. They weren't using any birth control. "A mother becomes a mother when she finds out she's pregnant. A father becomes a father when he sees the baby." Her mom is trying to be supportive. 
September 34 weeks: [Why doesn't Jamie have a license?] She's not thrilled about her stretch marks. Her dad found out she was pregnant by looking at her MySpace, and he won't talk to her anymore. [MySpace? not Facebook? really??] She goes to meet her dad when he offers to see her. She talks to her a dad a bit, he says he wants to be a little involved with his granddaughter's life, and Jamie invites him to go to the hospital when she's born. [what?!? the man hasn't been there for you your WHOLE life, but you invite him to the HOSPITAL? I guess that's not a special moment for her...] 
October, 37 weeks: She goes to the fair with a bunch of friends [wearing a dress. odd, but I guess she can't ride anything anyway] Ryan's mom is hosting the baby shower. Her dad didn't show up, and she's sad. Her high school has a day care. [heh. pregnant area for teens!] Her mom wants to talk about Ryan being there for the baby, but won't let him sleep in her room. Ryan also plans on taking the baby during the day sometimes, but Jamie's mom doesn't like that idea. 
October, 39 weeks: She weighs almost 150 pounds. [odd. we normally don't see weigh-ins] She begins labor, can't get ahold of Ryan, and is upset. 2 hours into labor, she's uncomfortable and the contractions are "killing her." She gets an epidural. 5 hours into labor, Ryan shows up, hungover. He lies about why he wasn't available. 6 hours into labor, she starts pushing. She vomits a little during delivery. [I think this is the first time they've shown that] 7 hours into labor, they prepare forceps. 8 hours in, she's still pushing. Baby Miah is born 7 lbs, 8 oz. on October 3rd. [this completely throws off the idea that she was both 37 and 39 weeks during October. This is the most annoying thing about this show... either they skew when events take place, or they just can't do math!!] Jamie kicks Ryan out of the hospital. 
One Day Old: her dad goes to the hospital with flowers. 
Two Days Old: they go home from the hospital. 
Three Days Old: Ryan hasn't called, but shows up with a change of clothes. He looks like he's been partying, and Jamie isn't happy. Ryan wants to take the baby away, but he can't breastfeed her so he can't. They're both crying. Ryan holds Miah for a while. 
October, 1 week old: her teachers sent the assignments for the next month. Ryan is still trying to get the baby alone. Jamie offered to go with Ryan to his place, but Ryan wants the baby alone, so no agreement. Ryan got his license back, and invites Jamie and Miah to a Halloween party at his parents' house. 
November, 1 month old: she's heading back to school. She wasn't sure how to put Miah in the carseat on the bus. [I hate how they spell her name!] She got a text that Miah was hungry during a history test. [I'm not cool with that sort of arrangement.] She finds out that Ryan's had another girlfriend for MONTHS and that everyone knew but her. 
November, 6 weeks old: they're pretty much decided that they've got to go to court to figure out the Ryan-seeing-Miah issue.  

Wipeout  (S04E13): The qualifier today is "Spring Training," which starts with a zipline, some stairs with a punching glove at the top (which keeps punching!), a zipline of sorts (or swimming to the next part if you get knocked down by the glove), then the conveyor belt to the big balls, then the spring fling - a zipline to a swinging bouncy platform to the kitchen, where you go through holes and try to avoid bouncing buckets of mud and whatnot. [The "tootsie rolls" are really knocking people around!] One of the contestants claims to be a professional bull-rider... of mechanical bulls. [GingaNinja was funny when he described his nickname. The guy who will only propose to his girlfriend if he wins it all was strange.] Then, the Scarousel, where contestants first go from a platform to a pedestal to a pedestal... you move via danglers, and you try to avoid the sweepers and whatnot along the way. [there seem to be more slipping issues than usual] GingaNinja is the first to finish, then ThePrincipal, then Fashionista, then RobynHood, then Cosmetologist, and lastly TheProposer (whom LadiesMan lets go in front of him). Then, each contestant is on an individual trampoline pedestal. A sweeper arm is going around. Stay on the pedestal, get over the sweeper, and don't fall off. The last person standing in each of three rounds moves on. Many of the contestants struggle. RobynHood falls, then ThePrincipal (who manages to lose BOTH of his sneakers!), then TheProposer. GingaNinja falls. Fashionista wins. Then, people fall fast, with GingaNinja winning the second round. Last round, RobynHood falls first, then Cosmetologist, then ThePrincipal. Time for the WipeoutZone... Launch at 35 mph, swim to the over-and-out, climb the rotating stairs, go down a revolving slide to land on a platform, run across a bunch of revolving round platforms, "coins." GingaNinja is first. [water cannon blast in the middle platform on the over-and-out was a good addition] Nice finish with 8:36. TheProposer is next, and ends up proposing before he goes. She loves it, Jill loves it, I think it's cheesy. But memorable. He's reallllly struggling with the over-and-outs, and has less than a minute to finish the course when he finally gets through them. The slide does him in. Last, we have Fashionista, who does each obstacle twice, and I thought he had it, but he fell off of the edge of the final platform, killing it.    

[season finale May 19, but will be back June 16th... and looks like it'll be moving to Tuesdays starting June 21st] 
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Off season/Coming Up:
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Teen Mom  (no idea)
19 Kids and Counting  (we'll pick up with Season 6, Episode 13 at some point)  
Teen Mom 2  (no idea when season 2 starts)
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