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Rosie Down a Tube; Teen with Twins

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & Commentaries for "unscripted" shows this week include: Pregnant in Heels and 16 and Pregnant.

Cake Boss  (S04Exx):  Episode 13 coming up.

Kate Plus Eight  (S02Exx):  Episode 5 coming up.

Pregnant in Heels "Clueless" (S01E04):   LT gives Hannah a dance lesson. Rosie usually gets to meet her clients at the beginning of the third trimester, if not sooner. Rosie got pregnant, but it was an ectopic pregnancy - in the fallopian tube [how sad!]. She was rushed into surgery to remove the embryo, and unfortunately the tube as well [that sucks]. So, now she has a heart-shaped uterus AND only one fallopian tube.
Mummy IQ test questions today: Are you planning on breastfeeding? Put together a breast pump. Fold up a stroller. What do you do when your baby starts choking? Do you know baby CPR? How many minutes of supervised tummy time should you have? (30) Do you know what a mucous plug is? Diaper a baby.
Client 1: Michelle, a fashion merchandiser, pregnant with #1... having religious issues. Been married to Gary for two years. She's Catholic, he's Jewish. She's due in three weeks, expecting a girl. Gary wants Rosie to get Michelle to cook and clean - she doesn't do either at all [at all??!?]. They're also planning on a full-time nanny. She's a bit scared of pumping. She has four strollers - an everyday, an active, etc. [omg... 4? I understand 2. If you have multiple children, I'll understand 3. but 4?!?!] She doesn't know how to fold them. Michelle is determined that their daughter will be Catholic. Neither was very religious, they had a non-religious wedding, and they never discussed what their offspring would be [I don't get how these things don't come up]. She just assumes she'll get her way in everything - she always has. [hate that attitude!] Rosie wants to bring in a relationship expert to help deal with the control issues. Rosie puts blocks all over the floor, along with some dirty onesies, some bottles, and some random other toys. Michelle comes home and finds the place "a nightmare." Rosie is planning to teach Michelle to cook a few things and clean up. While Michelle is cleaning, Rosie pushes a button on an iphone-looking device that makes a crying sound, and she has to put down what she's doing and work on that. Rosie has her boil water... but she doesn't know where to find a pan!!! [good God!] She has a broken food processor as well. Rosie brings in a relationship expert to help with the religious issue. Gary isn't orthodox, but he takes certain parts of Judaism seriously. He isn't cool with doing anything that's Jesus-related. He's not thrilled with the idea of religion going on in the household without him, either. Michelle argues that religion is passed down from the mother. They consider a mix, like baptism + baby-naming on the same day. They both seem pretty happy with that compromise. [I'm not sure how long it will last] When Michelle does into labor, they didn't realize they were supposed to call the doctor. [not forgot... didn't know. geez.] They name her Sophia. Rosie gives them a food processor.  
Client 2: Mina, first pregnancy, due in less than a week, has never even touched a baby before. [sounds like an accident pregnancy if I ever saw one!] She's a shopping housewife. He didn't know how much it would cost to keep her happy until they were married. She's been "too busy" to take any classes in infant care or anything [even though she doesn't do anything]. She's having a scheduled c-section. They're hiring a nanny, but not a live-in one. Mina doesn't know much about anything. They have a nursery/office, even though she doesn't work. The nursery isn't ready, she has only a few outfits, and she thinks that she'll be able to sleep for five days in the hospital, while nurses care for the baby. [I hate ignorance. what was her doctor telling her??!?] Her dog pees on a pad, since it isn't trained to go outside. When Rosie tells her it has to go, Mina says she'll need a dog trainer. Rosie tells her to baby-proof the place before she returns... Now, Mina's due in three days. Rosie meets Herman, Mina's husband. Not much has happened in the nursery. They have no bassinet, stroller, and the changing pad hasn't been secured to the table. Mina argues that she will get everything done before the baby comes. Mina mentions that she scheduled a c-section so she isn't caught by surprise when the baby comes. Rosie tries to talk to the couple about what they'll be doing when the baby is born... Mina is planning to dress the baby... that's pretty much it. [yikes] She doesn't want to deal with diapers... "that's work... I don't want to do it." Rosie brings in a real baby, 3 months old, for Mina to interact with. The baby is from a previous client. Mina has some difficulty holding the baby. They don't have a diaper pail, and didn't know they needed one. Mina isn't actually "pushing," but she's getting some beautiful diamonds as a push present. [say what?!?!] 75 diamonds in that bracelet! Mina curls her hair to go to the hospital. She wants Rosie to ride with her to the hospital. They name him Tyler. Mina has learned that she enjoys spending time with her son and bonding with him.

16 and Pregnant "Jennifer" (S03E02): 16, from the Tampa area. She plays softball. She's pretty close to her family. BabyDaddy is Josh, and they were together a few months when they got pregnant. He's older than her, and her parents don't like him. She's pregnant with twins. 
August, 28 weeks: 3 weeks until school starts... she'll be a sophomore. Josh and Jennifer go to an indoor golf course. She has purple in her hair. Josh thought it was awkward to buy condoms... so he didn't. [stupid] Her parents don't want them to give the babies his last name. They plan to name the fraternal boys Noah and Joshua Jr. 
August, 30 weeks: she believes that she's the first pregnant girl at school... she's starting a new one. They're planning on a c-section. Josh's parents take them out to dinner at Buca di Beppo. They offer to have a baby shower, and they don't get why her parents are so upset at Josh. 
August, 31 weeks: [really cute shower invitation!] Jennifer's mom wants to have something separate for their family. Neither of her parents are planning to go.
September, 34 weeks: baby shower today, tho we mostly only see the food. She was hurt that her parents didn't go. School starts [it's been longer than the 3 weeks they mentioned at the beginning of the episode, but whatever. maybe they decided to change schools later and didn't cover that.] She's going to an alternative school, and has no interest in meeting classmates. She barely fits in her desk. She's wearing pants that are too small. Other girls talked about her.
35 weeks: She and Josh are celebrating a year of being together. [Josh is kinda weird-looking] He proposes, she accepts, and the ring fits her finger. Her mom is surprised and asks Jennifer to have Josh come in and talk to her. The mom is trying to be a middleman between the father and Josh, but she's not looking forward to telling him. Mom makes reference to the fact that the family is not accepting of the fiance, and that's a cloud on a special moment. The next morning, Jennifer's dad talks to her, and asks why she accepted Josh's proposal. He tells her to wait on the marriage and focus on the babies. Now, she's doing her schoolwork from home because she's pretty tired. 
October, 37 weeks: c-section day. 
1 Day Old: they fill out the birth certificates. Jennifer's parents cry.
3 Days Old: Jennifer is still in a lot of pain. Josh and her mom fight on the phone. 
4 Days Old: time to go home, and the parents let Josh go with them. She's in pain in the car on the way home. They get a lot of visitors. Josh goes to hang out with a friend, then texts Jennifer and says he won't be back when her parents are home. [I hate teen pregnancies]
1 Week Old: Josh comes over and picks up Jennifer and the babies to go to his parents' house. He gets upset that she answers a call from her mom in the car. They get into an argument, she asks him to take her home, he lets her out on the side of the road and drives off. [what is this boy thinking??!?] She calls her mom to pick her up, he shows back up, hurts her incision when he picks her up, and she calls the cops while he takes the kids out of the car and sets their carseats on the ground. Her mom shows up and holds her back so she doesn't hit him again. The cops show up, photograph her, and put Josh in the squad car. Jennifer isn't pressing charges, but he keeps calling. [what a way to end an episode!]

Wipeout  (S04Exx): Episode 13 coming up.    

[season finale May 19, but will be back June 16th... and looks like it'll be moving to Tuesdays starting June 21st]
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The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Teen Mom  (no idea)
19 Kids and Counting  (we'll pick up with Season 6, Episode 13 at some point)  
Teen Mom 2  (no idea when season 2 starts)
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