Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Better with Yous; Read the Terms & Conditions

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & Commentaries for "scripted" shows this week include: The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Better with You, and South Park.

The Simpsons  (S22Exx): Episode 19 coming up.
[Season Finale May 22nd]

House, M.D.  (S07Exx): episode 20 coming up.
[Season Finale May 23rd]

How I Met Your Mother  (S06Exx): Episode 22 coming up
[Season Finale May 16th]

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Deeper and Deeper" (S03E19): Ashley shows up at school to turn in some work. The counselor wants to talk to Ricky. Grant invites Grace to his place for the night. Adrian and Ben are looking at condos. Ashley is introduced to Mr. Malkovich, who oversees homeschool. Ashley is rude to him. Ricky isn't planning to go to college. Ricky tells Adrian that they're all too young to get married. Ashley gets a study-buddy, named Toby. They both admit that they give off slight British accents to distinguish themselves from the everyday people [good. glad they decided to make note of the fact that India Eisley is getting worse and worse at performing an American accent.] Ashley lies to Toby right off the bat, but he catches it. Turns out, he's a liar, too. [great, haha] Toby offers her a ride in his car, and she takes him up on it. George goes to the butcher shop to see Nora, which confuses Bunny. Grace and Grant show up at Grace's house, and rather than ask permission, Grace just announces that she'll be spending the night at Grant's house. Her mom isn't thrilled, but lets her go. Madison wants to have sex with Jack, even though it's not in a fancy setting like she originally wanted. [that girl is just h0rny sometimes!] But, he says no because she's not on the pill, and a condom's not enough for him. Adrian runs to Amy for advice on getting Ben out of the house, but we don't hear it. [I wonder why we don't get to hear "the secret"?] George is out to eat with Nora, and he finds out she's gay when her lover walks in with Reuben, as they work together. Ben, Adrian, and Leo are out looking for a condo, and Ben says no to everything, since he doesn't want to move out of his house. Grace and Grant have sex, he says he loves her, and she makes him promise that if they stop loving eachother, they be nice about it. When George tells Ashley that he had a date with Ricky's mom, she responds, "the married one or the gay one?" which was funny.

Better With You "Better with Dancing" (S01E19):  Surprise! This ran on Monday after Dancing with the Stars, which I wasn't expecting. Casey doesn't want "til death do us part" in the vows. Mia is upset that Casey is a terrible dancer. Turns out, Casey is a great dancer, it's Mia who sucks. [caught me by surprise.] So, the dance instructor helps him keep up the ruse, and invites him to a secret male dancing party. [hahaha] Ben talks to his mom on the phone, Maddie pushes it away... the next time, she does a quick 10-second convo, then makes up an excuse. [intriguing that she doesn't like to talk to her] Ben tells Maddie "your mom is a mean little booze troll!" [hahaha] Larry King is staying in Ben's hotel, and Ben asks his advice about an argument with Maddie regarding how much time they spend with Vicki and Joel. Vicki teaches Mia how to insult a man. [very awkward, and RUDE beyond words] Mia has no idea it's she who can't dance, and starts insulting Casey's dancing. Casey can't take it and demonstrates his ability with the instructor as his partner. Ben has sex with Maddie in a library, as per Larry King's advice. Vicki and Joel hear about the complaints Ben made, and get upset at him. Ben asks why Maddie told them, and he calls her a snitch. Now, Ben wants to get advice from Larry King about how to stop the Putneys from being furious. Mia confronts Casey about his dancing abilities, and Casey says that he's a great cake-icer, present-wrapper, scrapbooker, rhythmic dancer, handwriter, french-braider, and color-distinguisher. [not only is this all amusing, I hope we get to see it come to light later!!]. Between ages 11 and 14, his half-sisters raised him. [but we don't really get why...] Larry King tells Ben to get the Putneys coffee-flavored candy in a glass bowl and tell them something different. It works. [Vicki and Joel are really easy to fool, apparently. It was a funny scene.] The episode ends with Ben asking Vicki why old men like (warm) towels... she whispers something to him... Ben and Maddie leave, with Ben asking Maddie to kill him when he turns 50... [waaaay weird. no idea]


Mr. Sunshine (S01Exx): Episode 10 coming up.

The Middle  (S02Exx):  Episode 21 coming up. 

Better With You "Better with Crying" (S01E20):   Second episode of the week! Good, because I love this show. Bad, because it seems that they may be trying to burn off episodes. (or, maybe just trying to find a different timeslot?) Casey scares Mia by telling her she is carrying twins, to cure her hiccups. [funny!] Vicki just doesn't want to listen to Joel hiccup. Ben does something crazy to try to cure Maddie's hiccups, though it works. Vicki, Maddie, and Mia go to a dress fitting for Mia. Joel practices his wedding toast for Ben. "Anger, arousal, and itchy" are the emotions that Joel finds acceptable for a man. [Mia looks good in a wedding gown for being eight months pregnant!] Another bride ends up making Mia feel bad that she won't be able to drink, dance, or eat sushi at her wedding because of how pregnant she is. [who has sushi at a wedding? but, I love the idea!] Ben is making it his personal mission to make Joel cry. Maddie pronounces "ET" as "Eddie." [I don't get why she does this, and it totally weirds me out] Mia wants to postpone the wedding until after the baby is born. [not too unreasonable, though it's a little late in the game for that...] Apparently it's a Putney tradition that the bride does "the worm" at the reception. [say what now?!?] Maddie joins Ben in trying to get Joel to cry. Vicki wants in on trying to get him to cry. Mia and Casey go to try and get their deposits back so they can change the wedding date. Mia and Casey decide to tell her dad they want to change the date, but plan to blame it on Ben. When Mia tries to tell Vicki, Ben, and Maddie about the postponement, Vicki thinks Mia is a lesbian. [odd conclusion to jump to!!] Casey tells Joel separately. Joel then goes to try and get the deposits back. The family cuts him off as he's trying to steal $500 of stuff from the dress shoppe. Joel ends up giving Mia the speech now, in the dress shoppe, and he cries. [Ben makes too big a deal of it. I loved how Ben and Maddie were going to have sex, but ended up looking up the calories in ice cream cake instead, hahaha]
[May 11 season finale]

South Park "Human CentiPad" (S15E01):  The main kids have iPads (not Kenny, of course), and Cartman is making fun of anyone who doesn't. A random kid accuses Cartman of having a fake, so Cartman gets offended, runs home claiming that the battery died, and yells at his mom. [typical] Then, he even asks her for her lipstick so that he's "'pretty' the next time his mom decides to f*ck him." Kyle's telling a guy about how nice Apple stuff is, and the guy says he doesn't like the idea that he's being tracked. Next thing you know, three guys from Apple come in and take Kyle's stats, claiming that Kyle agreed to all of this stuff when he agreed to the latest terms and conditions in iTunes. Kyle runs away. Butters can't believe that Kyle didn't read the terms and conditions, and all of the kids agree with Butters. [amusing. Butters, while tending to be a voice of reason, isn't too often agreed with across the board. but then again, Cartman is off elsewhere] When Kyle runs to his dad for help, the Apple people taze Gerald. Meanwhile, Cartman is trying to get his mom to buy him an iPad, but $900 is too much. [duh] She tries to get him a Toshiba Handibook, but Cartman throws a fit about how she's always f*cking him. Everyone in the store stares, and Cartman gets nothing, so he cries on the way home. Then he apologizes, asks for the off-brand, and consequently making another joke about getting f*cked when his mom says no. Kyle is thrown into a cell with two other people who didn't read before they agreed. Steve Jobs comes on, takes the three people, and says that they'll be sewn together mouth-to-anus, with the end going to an iPad, creating the HumancentiPad. [omg, WHAT?!?] Butters, Stan, and Kenny try to help Kyle's dad find out what Kyle agreed to. Butters finds it, and they read about the mouth-to-anus plan. When Kyle signs something else without reading, it makes Steve Jobs angry. He feeds the front guy a burrito, which goes through everyone. [omg disgusting] Meanwhile, Cartman goes on Dr. Phil about his mom f*cking him. Gerald, Butters, Stan, and Kenny go to Apple to speak to "the geniuses" about Kyle. "" is Kyle's AppleID. [somewhat amusing.] The geniuses are stumped that Kyle didn't read the agreements. Back with the other story, the triple-person eats cuttlefish and asparagus, then they're sprung and put into an ambulance. The "doctor" has Kyle sign something so they can operate, but it turns out that it's just Apple trying to see if "it" is reading yet. [grossness again as the food goes through the group] Apple gives Gerald & Co. a replacement friend instead of the original Kyle, and when Gerald gets angry, the geniuses summon a council to figure it out, and they all open their mouths while bright lights shoot back and forth. [whoa.] Apple teamed up with Dr. Phil and Best Buy to give a "needy boy who was raped by his mother" the first HumancentiPad. This means that the contraption belongs to Cartman. The geniuses touch colored bubbles, and decide to retroactively make Kyle's agreement invalid... but his dad needs to join Apple to do that, so they can make it a "family account." His dad fights it, but agrees, again emphasizing the fact that "Apple tracks you." The item gets recalled, since Kyle has to be removed. Cartman makes another f*cked comment, and gets struck by lightning. [not the best ending.]  

The Paul Reiser Show  (S01Exx): First, a note to mention that this show has been canceled, if you hadn't heard. Second, I'm not sure when they'll burn off the other episodes.

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Off season/Coming Up:

Switched at Birth (Monday, June 6th at 9pm)
Hot in Cleveland (June 15th picks us up at Season 2, Episode 11)
Futurama (Season 6, episode 14 on June 23rd)
Melissa & Joey (season 2 starts June 29th, 8pm)
Terra Nova (premiering in September) 
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