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Babies Share a Room; Another Crappy Dad; Engaged Wipeouts

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Pregnant in Heels,16 and Pregnant, and Wipeout.

Cake Boss  (S04Exx):  Episode 13 coming up.

Kate Plus Eight
 (S02Exx):  Episode 6 coming up.


Pregnant in Heels "Couples Therapy" (S01E07):   Rosie needs LT to explain some of his slang. Rosie really feels different, possibly pregnant, so she goes to get checked out. Turns out, she is pregnant. [I'm really thinking that they piece the Rosie segments together completely separately from the Client segments, since she's looked pregnant in several scenes last week and this week. and if she's already showing, then she didn't just find out.]
Mummy IQ test questions today: What do you do if the toddler hits the baby?  (tend to the baby, talk to the toddler) 
Client 1: Diana, pregnant with a second child, wants to move to a larger apartment, but her husband doesn't. Due in six weeks. Dad Ashley thinks it's important for the kids to share. (He's a Brit, she's a Southern Belle.) A few issues over worrying that the first child will feel neglected with a second child. Rosie suggests that they both look at other apartments AND think about re-doing the current apartment. Rosie sets up an appointment with a realtor, and Rosie doesn't go on their tours. [Smart move, since Diana was totally trying to get Rosie to agree with her constantly.] The first is a 3/4 near Battery Park, $3M, carpeted. #2 is midtown, $5.4M, and gigantic. Then, Rosie brings in a space-planner. Diana looks fairly upset that he's even there, although she knew that someone like this was coming. Then, Diana has issues with things in the room matching for both girls, yet not being identical. [um, ooooook...] In the end, they decide to stay where they are for now because they don't want to uproot Khloe (the older daughter). The space-planner redoes the room, and the parents are happy with it. [Round bassinet is interesting.]     
Client 2: Rebecca, a stay-at-home mom who needs time to herself. Pregnant with #3, she's 32. Husband Patrick is 24 (this is her second baby with him). He gained 80 pounds because he was stressed with a baby. He lost the weight. Another baby wasn't planned, but she's 33 weeks. He's a nutritionist who is gone like 5am - 9pm. [those are some loooooong hours. no wonder the kid is stressed!!] Rebecca wants to get back into singing. [where is this family's money from?] Patrick wants marriage therapy. Rosie recommends therapy and time apart to be happy. He wants to go to the gym, she wants to sing. They have a session with a couples counselor. Patrick finds Rebecca controlling. Patrick doesn't feel like she loves him all the time. Rosie gets Rebecca some time on a stage in an opera house with an accompanist. Similarly, Rosie introduces Patrick to a physical trainer who works out with him and teaches him some meditation. [Patrick looks a bit skeptical at first.] They name the baby Jacob. Rebecca has plans to take singing lessons. 
[season finale May 24th]

and Pregnant "Cleondra" (S03E05): 17 from Mississippi, but near Memphis. Likes to dance. a Senior who wants to major in physical therapy. Her sister was 17 when she had a baby. Boyfriend Mario lives across the street with his dad (his mom lives around the corner), and they've been together a couple years. She got pregnant when she was 16.
September, 7 months: [late start on filming this one.] she doesn't want to deal with taking care of her niece and her baby at the same time. She was going to have an abortion in the beginning, but Mario wouldn't deal with parental consent or something. Her mom supported the notion of abortion. She's having a girl. Her friends have become kinda distant. Mario blames himself, and dropped his plans to join the army. [too bad. that might've been a good choice for him.] He wants her to move in with him. Mario doesn't get why you can't plan things until the baby is there. Cleondra is nervous about leaving home. 
September, 20 weeks: they've been together two years this week. Mario's dad wants Cleondra and the baby to move in there, too. 
October, 32 weeks: she's planning to only need to take off two weeks from school, plus Winter Break. She's worried about who will take care of her niece if she moves out. [nice of her not to be self-centered like many of the girls we see on this show!]
October, 33 weeks: Mario's mom doesn't want to be called "grandma," and says that they can pick from "nona," "gigi," and "yaya." Cleondra likes "grandma." [LoL.] Then they talk about baby names. Cleondra doesn't like anything people suggest. Mario doesn't want to help pick out a name. [that's sad.]
November, 35 weeks: baby shower. Her friends have been planning it since they found out she was pregnant. [um. okay. not a lot of decorations or anything for a long-planned event...] She goes into labor the next day, and is 6 cm dilated just 2 hours into labor. She's in pain and feels the urge to push 4 hours in. 5 hours in, she's pushing, which goes on for over an hour. Kylee Sue is born November 29th. [eek. definitely Mississippi!]
December, 2 days old: Cleondra is tired. Mario is tired and wants to go sleep in his own bed. [selfish prick.] Cleondra wants to sleep in her own bed. Cleondra's mom helps out. Her sister is hanging around more so Cleondra doesn't have to watch her niece as much. [good!]
November, 2 weeks old: [here we go with stupid errors again. It's clearly not November, MTV.] Cleondra goes to school for a test and her sister and brother watch the baby for four hours (she told them she'd only be gone about 90 minutes). Mario isn't thrilled because there's always people over there. [fairly reasonable thought process.]
December, 3 weeks old: Mario won't come over to help with the baby, insisting that they should move in with him. [Mr. Rude!] Cleondra asks her mom if they can spend the night over there once so he can see what it's like. She doesn't like the idea, but lets it happen to prove a point. But, over there, Mario won't wake up to help out. [so that proves nothing.]
January, 1 month old: time to go back to school. Because Mario is picky about who watches the baby, Cleondra's mom's boyfriend will watch her Mondays, Mario will on Tuesdays, Mario's mom on Wednesdays, Cleondra's mom on Thursdays, and Mario's sister on Fridays. [holy mackerel that's nuts!!] Mario's mom offers to let them go over there two nights a week as a more neutral location. [I'm not sure how much that'll help!]

Wipeout "Spring Wipeout: Engaged Couples" (S04E15): 12 couples today. The Qualifier today starts with the Love Boat Launch (a raft down a slide and up a ramp), then the spring-a-vator (conveyor belt) to the big balls, the spring fling (swinging platform), the Wipeout Kitchen (holes to get through, bowls of goo raising and lowering, wedding ring arms), and a swim to the end if you get knocked off. The setup has one member of the couple doing an obstacle, then the other, and when the second reaches the first, the first moves on again. [random reference to Angry Birds.] Next round, the Scarousel... Dash from a platform across a few pedestals, grab onto a revolving red dangler, ride it over some hurdles to another platform. Climb up a few pedestals to a yellow platform, grab onto a yellow revolving dangler, ride it past some sweeper arms and then on to the end. First three couples to complete it will move on. It comes down to the wire! Next round is Wipeout Wedding Chapel. Dizzy Dummy to flipping flat to bouncing pedestals to crankshaft to knee sweeper to spinning platform to finish platform. The first pair through each round moves on. [flipping flat is always funny!] The improv couple gets through it first. College Sweethearts come close, but Overachievers win the second slot. The winning couple will get not only $50K, but also a 7-day Mexican Riviera Disney cruise! [I want! LoL. but it might be a bit of a stretch to call Disney a "luxury" cruiseline...] Okay, today's WipeoutZone features chairborne (a seat that rockets you out into the water), the over-and-out, the slippery staircase, the spinning slide, and the coin toss. The boys will go first, then the girls. Best combined time wins. Mr. Improv goes first... does well on over-and-out (with a new technique at that!) [cool!], struggles on the slide, struggles on the coin toss, nice overall finish time of 6:12. Now, Mr. Overachiever misses the slide twice, finishing with 9:00. [cool to end on an exact minute!] He struggled on both the over-and-out and the coin toss, but recovered his footwork in both cases. [impressive!] Mrs. Improv messed up the first over-and-out but made the second just fine. She gets the slide on the first try. [that's rare!] She takes the coin toss slowly, falls off twice, and the team's final time is 18:20. Mrs. Overachiever slides right off the over-and-out [that was truly funny], goes SUPER early on the slide, and falls in the middle of the coin toss which runs her out of time.    
[season finale. will be back June 16th or June 21st, I have conflicting information.] 
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Off season/Coming Up:
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
19 Kids and Counting  (Season 6, Episode 13 in June)  
Teen Mom  (season 3 starts July 5th)
Teen Mom 2 
(no idea when season 2 starts)
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