Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Archer - Tunting Kidding Me...

Archer "Sea Tunt I" (S04E12): 
From the Diary of Archer Sterling...

Of course Mother is dramatically introducing some amazing news about... something... but Bermuda is great by the way. Long story long, her master plan is to recover a hydrogen bomb from a crashed B-2 bomber and sell it back to the US government. Resting at 13,033 fathoms deep (not sure how I'm the only person in the room to know this...), we're racing the Russians and apparently have to 'steam' there faster.

Cheryl's brother Cecil happens in (why the hell is he here anyway?) and he has a submersible lab, an island, and a helicopter. Cecil is gracious enough to fly on his helicopter to his research vehicle to get moving on the bomb recovery. I make very good use of the bar to make long island iced teas, and make fun of Lana about... well, everything. Cecil kept his girlfriend, Tiffy, under control from Cheryl's taunting. Then, Cecil questions the crap out of Mother about Cheryl... while I kept drinking.

The drinks had morphed from fuzzy navels to hairy navels as Cecil kept wandering around asking everyone questions... strange dude. He even questioned Pam through her rampage of the soy seafood buffet. Cheryl has been watching Cecil from some video monitoring room that is recording everything... So... Cheryl goes nuts and tries to take over the cockpit from Tiffy. Pam's swelling from her soy allergy finally gets bad enough to send her rolling around on the floor. 
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Cecil comes clean about the plan to steal Cheryl's inheritance... and about the madman who took over his underwater lab and plans to send missiles to major US cities loaded with VX nerve gas... man this guy's a tool.
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