Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bates Motel: We're Just Getting Started!

Not a lot of time has passed since the series premiere, but a lot sure has happened! I wasn't expecting yet another death this episode, figuring that the first nine episodes had given viewers their fill of that! But, a cliffhanger can be a good way to get everyone to return next season, so it makes sense. I'm not thrilled that the sheriff found it acceptable to kill Jake to take care of things, as that really makes me wonder how much longer he'll put up with Norma, as she must be the biggest pain! We completely avoid Dylan's work this episode, though with Norma cleaning rooms it's believable that the "workers" are still around at least. I don't know where next season will begin, and I surely don't know how to predict what might occur, but a little less corruption would be nice...

Bates Motel "Midnight" (S01E10): Norma goes to the sheriff about Jake wanting the money, and he says that he'll take care of it. We see him go to a storage unit where there's a bag of money, among other things. [the theme of this show is that everybody is corrupt, after all.]
But, she isn't sure if she can trust him, so she asks Dylan for a gun. He's hesitant but decides to help her out, plus teach her to shoot. [that "Mom" thing WAS a big deal!] In the process, Dylan admits what his job is, upsetting his mother. [but it shouldn't have really been a surprise.] She then shows up at the therapist's office, but she doesn't have a scheduled appointment. She asks for advice on handling stress, but she won't go into detail about what's stressing her. She talks about being an only child with no surviving parents, but then she suddenly claims illness and leaves. [was this just so we could once again see that she tells multiple stories about her past?] 

Keith's sister (the bookkeeper for the "Asian import" business for Keith, Shelby, and Jake [whom she knows as "Joe"]) talks to both the sheriff and Norma separately. It seems that Jake/Joe has this business going in multiple ports, and he's a dangerous guy.

Norman asks Emma to the winter formal the day of the dance, and he freaks out when he learns that Dylan has been helping Bradley when the girl comes to get her father's things. Norman takes out his anger on his mother, then just tells Dylan that he should just date Bradley. [that was an absolutely GORGEOUS dance!]

Norma tells Norman that she grew up in Akron, Ohio and was sexually abused by her brother. [yikes!] She kept it a secret but wanted someone to know "just in case." Well, this is on his mind so he ignores Emma at the dance, and she leaves. A guy then punches Norman for "taking advantage of Bradley" after her father's death. Norman leaves on foot in the rain and is picked up by his teacher, who offers to tend to his wounds at her place. Now, things were already getting awkward between them earlier, when he overheard her private phone conversation with "Eric." Well, after she undresses in plain view, Norman has visions of his mother telling him that he knows what he has to do. We learn that he killed his teacher, though nobody else is aware. [CREEPY.]

Meanwhile, Norma goes to the dock at midnight to meet Jake and sees the sheriff talking to him about working together. [whaaa?] The sheriff shoots Jake after making a deal, then throws the bag in the water. He knows that she saw him, and is upset that he didn't trust her. [no surprise.]
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