Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Secret Life: The Wrap-Up Begins...

The Omar-Adrian storyline is wrapped. I could live with where we are for George and Kathleen, Jack and Grace, and Clementine. Henry opened up a new can of worms for he and Alice, Ethan did with he and Layla, and Leo did the same when he offered Amy and Ben apartments in New York. I've made peace with the fact that Ashley, Anne, Robbie, Mimzi, Margaret, Shaker, and Nora likely won't get any fanfare as the series closes, and we've probably seen the last of Dylan, Lauren, Madison, and Grant as well. But, I just can't shake the feeling that the drama is not wrapping up loose ends quickly enough... I don't want to be angry at how the series ends in two weeks! Sad, sure. Crying like a baby, perhaps. But I'm never thrilled when I'm just mad about the ending. For example, I still can't talk about last night's series finale of Rules of Engagement, which just had me gritting my teeth at the closing credits!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "When Bad Things Happen to Bad People" (S05E22): Kathleen finds out that Grace and Jack had sex, and warns Grace that she needs to be honest with Jack about her plans not to marry him. She tries to weasel out of it and have George talk to Jack, but he won't.

Omar doesn't want to have a long-distance fiance, so he calls off the engagement unless Adrian moves to New York. [AMEN! He realized that Adrian is a selfish brat!] She's so upset that she breaks the truth to Jack - Grace wants to go to college alone and she's years from marrying anyone. She adds that Amy doesn't want to marry Ricky, either... she just wants him to watch John while she's at college. Clementine takes this opportunity to make one last play for Ricky, but he assures her that it'll never happen between them, though Adrian believes the opposite. 
Ricky has more to think about, however, as he now has the chance to move to New York with Amy. See, Leo has a shop and property there, so Ben and Amy could have apartments, and Ricky and John could stay with Amy while Ricky transfers to the office there. [too magical to be true. Why wouldn't Ben have any idea about this before?] And, if Ricky doesn't go, Ben feels his chances to be with Amy are high... he admits to Alice that he hacked Amy's computer and read her diary, mentioning she's not over Ben. [you are KIDDING me!] 

In smaller storylines, Ethan is already thinking about having sex with Layla, partly for the "anonymous" factor. [I don't get it... he wants to have sex with her BECAUSE they don't know each other very well? is that a thing now?] He's too embarrassed to buy condoms, which Margaret points out means he's not ready for sex. [AMEN.] And, Henry tells Alice that he's going to the Philippines for a year to work in a hotel, but he's really doing something else. [ooohhh... mystery! Any guesses?]
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