Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Secret Life: Marriage and Moving On

The show of a thousand storylines! We've likely wrapped up Tom, Madison, and Lauren, but I think all of the 20+ other characters still have something going on, which will really start to become pressing in the remaining three episodes. A few major things that stand out, however... Chloe possibly going back to her stripper days. I don't know what she's not getting that she feels she needs this life again... PLUS, I want Ben to talk to Henry and Alice more, not Chloe! Next, Kathleen. I'm not sure why they bothered to write-in her mother for two episodes, except possibly to show the family trend of marrying young. Speaking of which, what was with Grace and Amy telling Kathy to "play the field" when neither has really done that?? The bottom line? I'm starting to become nervous that we're going to get a slipshod ending...

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
"First and Last" (S05E20): Kathleen's non-drinking, non-card-playing mother, Victoria, visits, interrupting what was going to be an elopement. She's very critical of her daughter, and even more so of George. [makes sense.] Kathleen hasn't spoken to her mother since Marshall died, but Victoria needs someone to care for her, as her husband left her after she demanded to visit Kathleen before she dies. Bad heart or not, Victoria was shunned from the community for disobeying her husband, who has already married someone else. [seriously??] Victoria knew that Marshall had a girlfriend in Africa, as she heard about it through the missionary grapevine. [ha!]

Victoria isn't the only newcomer to the scene - George's mother shows up after taking a long trip to see all 50 states, which began before the series premiered. With both mothers present, Kathleen and George get married as Grace and Amy cry on one another's shoulders. [LOVED Kathleen's dress!]
Grace was crying because she's trying to get out of marrying Jack (who is finally cast-free!), though she did accept his proposal. Amy's reason for crying isn't as obvious, though we do learn that she wants to get married the day after she graduates from high school so that she can jet off to New York a week later for summer school. [Ricky is unaware, though Ben has figured it out.] Both George and Adrian are skeptical that the wedding will occur.

Weddings aside, Omar and Adrian have a condom break, and he's paranoid that she's pregnant. She claims that she's on the pill and doesn't need the morning-after pill, but Omar is worried because she got pregnant by Ben when she was on the pill. [you guys know I have so much to say here but I'll refrain...] She suggests that they get married a year from June, after her sophomore year, and then they'll move to New York.

On the educational side of things, a speller named Brian asks Kathy for bee tips, but Ethan doesn't want her to spend time with him. [such a control freak, that boy!] Ethan tries to prove he's a good enough speller to help Brian instead, but it doesn't work. On the flip side, a girl named Layla cheats off Ethan's algebra test, and it takes some convincing to prove that it wasn't Ethan who was copying Layla's paper. [this is another scene I thought that we could have done without. what did it really add??] For the older kids, college acceptances are going around, and although Madison and Lauren got in to Hudson, they're planning to attend Berkeley. [thank goodness that SOMEONE on this show knows what Early Admission means!] Grant is going to Harvard, and Grace is so jealous that she makes a scene. [ha! that's what you get for not putting academics first, Grace!]

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
"All My Sisters with Me" (S05E21): Kathleen's mother has passed away, so she wants to be alone, as does Grace. Grace is still trying to get out of her engagement, so she thinks about going to a different college than Jack, then has sex with in an attempt to prove that they're incompatible. 

Anne offers the house to Amy and Ricky (and John and Nora), but Amy wants to go to school in New York without her husband and son. Anne then gives Amy a second option: if she doesn't want to get married, the house will be sold and Amy can use the money to fund her single mother life in New York. [either way, that's a crazy deal! I bet Ashley would be mega-jealous!] Ben is also still looking out for Amy, though Leo puts the kibosh on his son having both an apartment and an on-campus room. [good!] Ben can't stop thinking about his first love, however, so Chloe tries to seduce Ben into forgetting about Amy. [hold the phone! this was ridiculous!!] When he turns her down, she calls her old pimp. [huh??!?]

Omar wants to get a condo in New York, but Adrian doesn't want to move into a place a year after Omar has lived there already, and doesn't care if they waste rent money for a year. [she is SUCH a selfish BRAT!!]    

George wants Anne to buy him out of the furniture store, but she's more upset that she wasn't invited to his wedding or Kathleen's mother's funeral. [...why would she be??] She talks to Anne about bring "part of their family," and she's welcome. This is especially helpful because Willadeen is with Nora now. [eep!] Meanwhile, Tom grows attached to George's mother, Eva, and the two decide to head to Alaska on her motorcycle. [and Kathleen was thrilled...?]
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