Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Secret Life: The Kids Don't Care

This episode both had me on the edge of my seat and constantly rolling my eyes. Adrian is still a spoiled brat, Amy still doesn't take responsibility seriously, and Ben throws money at any little problem. At first, I thought that Adrian refusing to let Omar take a business call was the worst moment... until both Amy AND Ben managed to not learn what Early Acceptance means. I remember the specifics of Early Admission being drilled into us the first couple of weeks of my senior year of high school. And, it wasn't even so much about the non-refundable deposits (which, although variable, you pay with every type of application, by the way), it was about integrity - if you were playing the "Early Admission" game, you could only do it for one school, and you knew you were promising to attend if they accepted you. I knew maybe a dozen people who did this, one of whom was SO sure about his choice that he even applied for housing the same day his acceptance came, which gave him #41 (or something close to that) in the pick-your-rez-hall system! Anyway, I digress. The constant drama is something I'm really going to miss after six more episodes... what other current series has it like this show??

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Money for Nothin'" (S05E18): At Hudson, Amy (who plans to major in secondary education because "she knows how important high school is") learns that her Early Acceptance application requires her to go there, which is why there was a $2,000 non-refundable application fee. [for comparison, that's REALLY high. Harvard charges $75, Princeton $65, and Florida State University $30 (though it was $20 back in 2001).] Amy wants to arrange a room on campus that would be large enough for Ricky and John to visit, so she's very upset to learn that she can't live on campus and have overnight guests. [once again, I'm sure she could have known this in advance, especially now that the internet is available!] Ben admits to the financial counselor that he might be there just because he's following Amy, but he likes the school and will come there anyway, even if he also didn't "understand" the Early Decision process. [I'm using different terminology because they're using various phrasing, but it all means the same thing.] Ben plans to get an apartment, and after the counselor suggests he and Amy live together, he thinks about getting a room on campus, too. [both??] Amy hates the idea of going to the same school as Ben, and will hardly even accept a ride to the airport.
also, isn't this about the most unflattering outfit ever?
At the community college, Ricky turns in a paper a day late, and his professor is pretty understanding of his childcare issue. Adrian then tells Ricky not to marry Amy, so it seems that she's unknowingly sided with Nora. Of course, Adrian is also upset because Omar has suggested that they move to New York. ["so, what did you get me?" really? at 18-19 years old?]

At the coffeeshop, Jack is approached by a lawyer who wants to sue the school for millions of dollars in punitive damages, and although Grace and Jack's father are both against the idea, Jack worries about his athletic future and is strongly considering it. [I think the "Christian angle" is getting played a little hard here, though.]

At Kathy's house, she continues to tutor Ethan, who is feeling better about his math skills when he learns that Kathy's dad isn't great at algebra, either. [I thought that was awkward.] Kathy's dad calls and Kathy passes the phone to Ethan, who tells him that Don (the babydaddy) is after money, and that's why he's trying to see Kathy and the baby. Kathy and Don talk about the situation, but Ethan gets him to admit that he really is after some moolah.
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