Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bates Motel: The Belt, the Sex Slave, and Shelby are Gone

Having a very limited background in horror films, I never know what to expect with this drama, though I still like it quite a bit. Norma is acting more and more disturbing, and Norman is becoming creepier and creepier, and now that Shelby is dead, I'm not sure what's going to happen next. This episode had all of the elements of a season finale, so to place it in the middle certainly piques my curiosity as far as what's coming next! I'm not even sure if I can make a possible prediction, as I certainly wasn't planning on more blood shed this episode! I mean, I can see Norman kissing Emma, and Dylan getting in even deeper with the local "mafia," but with the main story? Not a clue! Do you want to wager a guess?

Bates Motel "The Truth" (S01E06): Norman assures Emma that his mother will be okay once she processes the information about Shelby's sex slave. But, Norma jumps in the car to drive off as Norman tries to stop her. [that was an insane scene!] Norma calms down but wants to wait to go to the police until the belt is back in their possession. [well, what else would you expect her to do?]

Dylan (who is only 21, by the way) tells Gill about taking his dead colleague to the hospital and then running over the culprit, and is told to burn down the guy's truck in the woods. Then, Dylan and Norman go to the marina and find the belt on Keith's boat, tossing it into the lake. [where the body is? won't they eventually dredge that thing?] Dylan tries to convince Norman to live with him, and he's willing to, but then things get more complicated...

Shelby comes over to be intimate with Norma, and they are together in a motel guest room until Shelby hears water running and winds up finding his sex slave. [he just can't get enough in general, can he??] She runs off into the woods, and Norma stops Shelby from shooting the woman. When he returns from chasing after her, he gets violent, putting a gun to Norman's head and striking Norma. [well, this isn't going to end well!] This causes Norman to go into a trance, so he hits Shelby. A fight breaks out, and Dylan and Shelby shoot one another as Norma drags an unconscious Norman out of the house, then calls the police.
Joseph Lederer
Gunfire continues until Shelby falls over, dead. Before the police arrive, however, we learn how Norman's father really died, as Norma tells Dylan. Norman blacked out and killed his father with a blender to the head. [... I don't really know what to make of this...] Norma then covered for her son by putting him to bed and staging a death scene in the garage.  
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