Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bates Motel: Things Are Getting Weirder!

Norman's voicemail for Bradley was very annoying. Of course, it was probably typical for an awkward teenager, but that's why you don't have sex in high school. Similarly, when Norman tells Emma that he slept with Bradley, Emma believes that it was just a one-time thing, not that her two peers are now "together." I had never even heard of such casual encounters that young! Okay, sorry for the mini-rant. The freaky things that happen around town have been getting more and more extreme, which, although frightening, is quite intriguing. It makes it more difficult to turn away from the drama, but I'm okay with that... at least for now. Any predictions for how intense events will become next?

Bates Motel "Ocean View" (S01E05): When Norman gets home from spending the night at Bradley's, Dylan tells him of their mother's arrest. The boys go down to the jail to ask Norma what they can do, as her bail is set for $100,000. Norman decides to use the deed to the motel as collateral, then has Emma drive him to a bailbondsman.
Joseph Lederer
When Norma is released, she ignores Norman, upset that he "went out and got laid" the night she was arrested. [don't you just love selfish people?] She's also upset that Norman told Dylan their "personal business." [I can get on board with that anger.] Norma actually forces Norman out of the car, and when Dylan finds out, it reinforces his concern for his brother. One of his coworkers fronts him $5,000, but the guy is shot in the neck immediately afterward. [everything is so crazy here!] Dylan takes him to the ER and then leaves, but when he later sees the killer, he runs him over in the truck. [the blatant disregard for humanity is disturbing.] Later, Norma meets Shelby for the last time in a while, which upsets her. At the station, Shelby messes with the computer system to take down the cameras, then steals Keith's watch fro the evidence room. [so, Shelby is undoubtedly a bad guy now!] So, when Norma's attorney files to run tests on the carpet fibers, they find out they've gone missing.

Norman tells Emma about the imprisoned girl he found, and Emma looks up some titling information online to get an idea of where she might be now. [I don't know if I would have come up with the ideas she did!] It seems likely that Shelby and Keith were business partners to some degree, so they check out a boat of Keith's, where they find the girl. [what in the world are they going to do with her??!?] They take her to the motel, which causes Norma to learn about the situation, though she refuses to believe that Shelby would keep a sex slave.
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