Thursday, April 18, 2013

19 Kids & Counting: Working and Working Out

I really like that this season is showcasing something that each of the children is doing, as that's an aspect that has fallen aside for more focus on what the whole family is doing day-to-day. I understand that newer viewers would prefer to see how such a large family manages life, but I feel like we've seen dozens of episodes like that at this point, and it's not really the time to be drawing in more people... the series has about run its course, honestly. I still like to see what some of the children are doing, but when the bulk of this season seems to be JimBob and Josh losing weight, with a few short stories going on about the other 20 "characters," we're not getting anywhere. Thoughts?

19 Kids and Counting "Pushups and Planting" (S07E04): JimBob and Josh have hired a former NFL player as a personal trainer. [I bet it was a trade, not paid work.] They've already made some progress, as JimBob is down to 211 pounds and Josh is at 216. The guys struggle with pushups, and JimBob does twice as many unassisted situps than Josh. [I wouldn't even note it if there was next-to-nothing else to talk about this episode...]

The younger kids have a competition to see if they could grow more plants in the greenhouse or inside the house. They also tie string to trash bags filled with air to fly as "kites." [this family doesn't actually own kites? they've never made them as a homeschool project? #fail.]
Jill and Jana also have a patient in labor, so they travel to her home, where she delivers safely.

19 Kids and Counting "Coffee & Caricatures" (S07E05): Jessa and Jinger volunteer at Mama Carmen's Espresso Cafe, which raises money for Guatemalan orphans, among other causes. They call 50 friends and family members to invite them to come out for the day, and they end up raising $1,010.41 in donations. [I don't know about you, but I find that impressive!] Jinger is a big coffee drinker, so getting to the shoppe at 5:30am meant trying a lot of different drinks throughout the day. [years ago, I worked below a pizza place/coffeeshop and got to try tons of drinks - so much fun!] When the Duggar family comes in, each asks for their own drinks, resulting in 10 smoothies and a bunch of coffee beverages.  

Jackson and Johannah decide to draw pictures of the family for $1 each to earn money for a present for Josh & Anna's new baby. [cute idea.] They got the idea from the Japanese caricatures. They make $10 and plan to get some cars and a ball, assuming it's a boy. [which we know it is, thanks to Today.]
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