Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Archer - Papal Tail of the Dragon...

Archer "The Papal Chase" (S04E11): 
From the Diary of Archer Sterling...

ISIS was a freaking mess as Mother was preparing for... something. The Vatican calls in need of agents to prevent an assassination. Because she couldn't send Lana [black] or Ray [flaming] or Cyril [afraid of anything Churchy?], I was the obvious choice. Somehow, Pam, Lana, I, AND Woodhouse ended up going on the mission...

Just great... I end up in Rome with no Italian skills, relying on Pam and a high-as-hell Woodhouse. Luckily, Lana unknowingly walked a bag of heroine through security. After nearly killing the Pope, we make the swap, but forgot all the weapons in the hotel room, so when the bad guys show up the entire group makes a run for it. Pam keeps falling into Woodhouse and getting stuck with his drug needles... when did he become such an addict?

I find a Fiat-looking micro car and get us away from the shooting mob of Swiss guards, but Pam and I get into a slap fight after she insisted on driving. We determine that the cardinal is really behind the assassination, and not the Swiss guard. Lana takes the wheel and I jump to the other car and shove a flare into the gas tank, saving the day and the mission, again. Apparently, ISIS has a reputation for blowing it, which the Cardinal was counting on. And wouldn't you know it, Pam marches right home and tells Mother... snitch.
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