Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Archer - Huge Freakin' Dog

Archer "Un Chien Tangerine" (S04E10): 

From the Diary of Archer Sterling...

Like any good story, this one starts naked in bed. Morocco is great... I think. I was insanely drunk and don't really remember, but we were there to extract an agent who wouldn't activate his GPS beacon.

I do an awesome job losing a tail right after Lana interrupts an awesome conversation about opossum and prehensile tails. We get to the agent's location and a huge, gun-hating dog... who turns out to be Kazak, our agent. Mother ignored Lana's phone call, so we get to take the dog with us. For some reason, the tic-tacs I feed him gave him gas.
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Pam decides to become a field agent and took the IFAAB - ISIS Field Agent Aptitude Battery. Her perfect score didn't convince Mother. But oddly enough, Lana bailed in the middle of the desert after we couldn't ride the hovercraft out of the country and had to drive across the desert. I was sad too, but that's no reason to quit on me, and our new, massive, canine friend.

After a serious talk with Kazak, I turned around to go get Lana and called Mother to move the extraction point to my cell signal. Kazak saves Lana from some bad guys who picked her up and we get the microfilm he was carrying. I need to work with huge dogs more often.
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