Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Ali's Appointment, Aubree's Birthday, Kailyn's Therapy

Leah's fear of learning how severe Ali's delays might be struck me as odd. For over two years she's been wondering why Ali hasn't been developing as expected! Of course, I'd probably rather have an unexpected event like Leah's than a completely sad but expected turn of events like with Jenelle. That girl just cannot get her act together, and it's only going to get more and more difficult. Similarly, Kailyn isn't striking me as more and more independent and mature lately, but maybe I was expecting too much. And then there's Chelsea... from whom I expect nothing anymore. I was surprised that she didn't cry over Adam this episode, though! Baby steps.

Teen Mom 2 "Hard Knocks" (S04E11):
Leah: It's time for Ali to see a neuro-muscular specialist in Columbus, Ohio, which is four hours away. She asks Jeremy to come, but he has to work. Fortunately, her mother and Corey are able to go, and at the appointment they learn that Ali has very low muscle tone and no reflexes. [wow, I don't think I've ever heard of someone lacking reflexes!] Ali is taking a few steps here and there, but she isn't really trying. The doctor recommends an EMG Nerve Conduction and a muscle biopsy, so those are scheduled for mid-December.
Jenelle: She goes to court over her charges with Gary, but if she has to take a drug test, she could go to jail. [as always.] Fortunately, all the charges against her are dropped. But, she gets an eviction notice and a small claims notice over one month of missed rent. [it makes me laugh SO HARD that she finds that to be ridiculous!] Plus, Jenelle is suffering from depression again, she and Kieffer "party a lot," and she's been using "uppers" when she gets cranky. Regardless, Jenelle wants custody of Jace, claiming that Barbara is nothing because she's just a deli worker at WalMart. [which is still better than being unemployed. at least to some people.]

: She and Jo go to family therapy, where Kailyn talks about not wanting Jo's girlfriend around Isaac. Afterwards, she tells him about her marriage and moving plans, and he says that it's dumb, as she hasn't even been with him for a year yet. [I can definitely agree with Jo on this one!] He then says that there will be a custody battle if she wants to move. [duh!] Javi doesn't believe that he'd never need therapy, so he struggles when Kailyn asks him to walk away before she gets angry at him. [while that was a strange moment, that was a cool crayon craft!]

Chelsea: Chelsea has a week left on her leave, but she colors her friend's hair at home. For Aubree's third birthday (she turned three last September 7th), Chelsea's party for her includes a blow-up princess castle, while Adam's is a pool party at a hotel. [that mini bike is a bit much for a three-year-old, no?]
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