Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Marriage on the Mind

Not to speak poorly of Chelsea, but I bet this episode is really rough on her to watch. She's had issues with being alone, so for the other three ladies to talk marriage in the same sixty-minute span probably didn't make her feel too good. Because it's reality television, I wonder how close on a timeline these events actually are... like if all three really WERE considering such things simultaneously. I'm not sure why MTV ran two episodes, as I've already talked about how inundated viewers are with this series. I mean, they don't really go together better than any two other chronological episodes, so there must have been some sort of scheduling thing. Regardless, I wasn't impressed with either, and was completely shocked by Jenelle's storyline... Kieffer's back?? Really??

Teen Mom 2 "For Better or For Worse" (S04E07):
Jenelle: Her roommate asks her if she actually loves Gary, and Jenelle says yes. So, when he proposes, she accepts, though the act was less than exciting. Barbara suggests that they wait to tie the knot until they've been together at least a year, and Jenelle's roommate concurs that they might be rushing things. [ya think?!!]

Kailyn: Javi is considering joining the military, but Kailyn is worried that will mean they move around a lot. He gets more information, and learns that he'd make more if he was married, so he brings it up to Kailyn. She tells him to take the entrance exam, and if he passes, they'll talk about getting married and moving forward. [seems to me like she's dragging her feet. and she should be, really. I mean, how long have they actually been together?] But, the system is down when Javi goes to take the test, so it's postponed a week. As planned, the couple takes Isaac to Las Vegas for a few days to see friends, but Javi wants to get married while they're there. She doesn't want to rush things, so she thinks they should wait. [who agrees??]

Chelsea: Adam's girlfriend, Taylor, spends more time with Aubree, and Chelsea gets upset that Adam wants more time with his daughter. [meh.] She cries to her dad about Adam. [nothing new here.]

Leah: She tells her mom about the plan to get married before the ceremony date, and her mother agrees to be a witness. She also lets Corey know. [poor Corey.] The happy couple stops by a jewelry store on the way to the courthouse to pick up some wedding bands. [holy cow! talk about last minute! what if they didn't find the right rings in an hour??] Both sets of parents and the twins are in attendance.  

Teen Mom 2 "Don't Be Cruel" (S04E08):
Jenelle: she's been falling behind in school and with her "internet job" because there's a lot going on. It all started when she, essentially, wouldn't have sex with Gary. He packs up his things and leaves, then kicks in her front door. [yikes!] The next day, he apologizes and brings her a puppy, and Jenelle realizes that he has problems with his anger. Later that night, however, they get into a physical fight, get arrested (with drug and paraphernalia charges thrown in as well), and spend the night in jail. A no-contact order is put in place, and Barbara helps Jenelle pack up Gary's stuff. A PI comes by to ask if Jenelle wants to press charges of violence, but her lawyer wants to be present for the conversation. [I'd hope so.] But, that's when things REALLY get interesting... because she's depressed, she calls Kieffer and invites him over to her mother's (she won't go home because she's afraid Gary will show up). [this girl's life is unreal!] 
Kailyn: In Vegas, they see Kailyn's old friend, Toni, then hang out at a pool and visit a wedding chapel. [lol, something was cut there... I wonder "who" got married at the chapel they were talking about?]  Kailyn and Javi decideto wait. Back home, Kailyn's nail technician friend tells her that it might not be great for her to move around a lot with Javi right now. [true. and I think just allowing Jo six weeks with Isaac in the summer is not enough.]

Chelsea: She talks to her lawyer to learn more about what factors are considered when determining custody agreements. [I wish we could have heard more, actually.] She oversleeps and skips school. [no more A-D-A-M spelling?] Adam takes Aubree for a day but she's very cranky. He returns her to Chelsea and asks if she'll sign the paperwork to move their court stuff to the other county. [I don't really understand what the deal is... did they both move to another county or something? it seems that they're still pretty near one another. then again, I don't know my South Dakota geography, or if Adam would have an ulterior motive for moving the hearings.]

Leah: They get a key to their new place and promptly move in. Because of rising costs, Leah asks Corey for more child support than $500/month. He says that he needs to go over his finances, worried that she's wanting like $200-300 more/month. However, she won't give an actual number, and he eventually suggests $100 more per month. She accepts it, but when she asks her lawyer to draw up new papers, she's advised to ask for even more. She contemplates it for a while but it winds up being a $300 increase, plus half of all clothing. [that's quite a bit higher. I wonder what the straw was that convinced her to really jump the price?]
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