Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Secret Life: The Secrets Come Out

As the final season winds down, a lot of loose ends need to be tied. However, this show doesn't seem worried about that, as they just keep finding new strands! With the big ceremony in jeopardy and both parties questioning if marriage is the right thing, the situation is only becoming more stressful. Why add David as a father to Robbie? Why have Kathy's friends desert her? Why have Clementine AND Adrian both consider their past relationships with Ricky? There are so many characters now that we can't learn about all of their drama each episode, so at the moment we're clueless on Henry, Alice, Madison, Lauren, Jacob, Ashley, Toby, Grant, and Griffin, plus Adrian's parents, Mimsy, and Betty. Plus, open-ended conflicts are going on with Tom, Camille, and Dylan, so who knows which storylines we'll see from episode to episode. I hope that the series doesn't unravel too much more, as I really would prefer organic endings instead of crazy answers that cover multiple characters at the same time...

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Untying the Knot" (S05E15): Amy confronts George about his lying about Robbie's biological father. Anne is pissed and pretty much wants nothing to do with her ex-husband now, and with the added stress of custodial issues with David, she decides that Amy's wedding no longer matters and that she should evict George. (plus, she's about to become single, though Nora is trying to convince Willadeen to stay with Anne until things calm down.) Ricky thinks that he and Amy should just go to City Hall, but she wants a wedding now that she has a dress. Words spreads fast that there might not be a big shindig, so Grace decides that she and Kathleen should help plan Amy's wedding. [that would be the most awkward scenario I could come up with, really!] George freaks out and tells Anne that Amy and Ricky aren't really married, and he's also considering taking over the planning. [get ready, this is going to be like wildfire!] So, when Nora calls Anne to ask about the wedding, Anne shares the news with Nora. Amy and Ricky find out that two out of three mothers know the truth, so Ricky has to head over to tell Margaret before someone else does. [like Ethan, because the kids at school are next!]
Adrian flaunts her engagement ring to Ricky, then suspects he's not actually married. [I think she might have thrown in suspicion where there wasn't much to go on.] She and Clementine use the internet to find out that a marriage was never recorded. But, Adrian has other things going on with her own status... she has not yet told her parents that she's engaged.

Jack is trying to find a Christian orthopedist who will believe that he has healed early, but when the x-rays reveal the truth, all he gets are smaller casts. [kinda cool.] The doctor also suggests that Jack see a psychiatrist, as he's not ready to live on campus again, staying in the safety of Grace's home for now. [yeah, I think he's more anxious than he's letting on.]

Kathy's friends are upset that she has a posh home in Texas, so they won't be friends with her anymore. [teenagers! geez!] Chloe befriends her, but Ethan is worried about that choice. He turns to Margaret, worried that Chloe is going to give Kathy sex tips. [hahaha!] Chloe has dinner at Kathy's, and they share parts of their stories. [what a strange match!]
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