Friday, March 29, 2013

1600 Penn: Wrapping It Up

It's been thirteen episodes already, and the past four have aired within two weeks. These final two episodes received less than two million viewers each, so it's pretty safe to say that this is the end of 1600 Penn, a show that could have been so much more. However, at least the end of the season managed to give the audience a little hint of the directions that would be taken next. The first episode, "Bursting the Bubble" was pretty straight-forward, really. Although there were twists in both plots, someone just rose to the occasion and everything worked out. The second ("Marry Me, Baby"), however, couldn't have been more dramatic. In fact, when it was over I told my husband that I couldn't have written in more shenanigans if I tried! Anything you can think of to make that story crazier?

1600 Penn "Bursting the Bubble" (S01E12): The Princess of Andorra is visiting, and she wants Skip to escort her to a gala. [I love how quickly that got him out of his funk!] but, it turns out that she's a bad girl, and she drags Skip out to a rave instead of the fancy event. [didn't this happen to Will on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? he was supposed to take a girl to an opera and she wanted to hit the clubs?] Fortunately, Marshall saves the day.

Becca and DB are babysitting the younger kids for the night, and Becca wants to use it as a dry-run for parenting. [except your siblings never behave like other charges, LoL.] DB is less structured but winds up getting the kids to do their homework when Becca becomes obsessed with beating a video game that mystified Marigold and Xander. [I laughed at the fact that they just watched other people play!]

1600 Penn "Marry Me, Baby" (S01E13): [love Emily's dress!] Dale makes a joke about weddings and now there's an issue with the fact that he can't find his own marriage certificate. At first it seems that Skip never mailed it, so Dale and Emily plan a big ceremony to replace the small courthouse affair that sealed their nuptials years ago. It's a big hassle to plan, however, as it seems that every selection is potentially offensive to someone. [but it was a big too exaggerated...] Emily actually finds the original certificate but they go through with the ceremony anyway. [was I the only one not to care for Emily's gown?] It would have been a double wedding, actually, if DB had his way. When Becca turns down his proposal, the kid turns to Marshall for advice, hoping to learn what he could do for the soon-to-be mother of his child. Anyway, back to the wedding... Skip decides to sing to Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" as Stacey plays it on the harp. [I laughed at the fact that Skip is so into The Goonies that he thinks this is one of her lesser-known works!]
Byron Cohen/NBC
But, Becca's water breaks during the song so the nuptials are truncated and Emily takes Becca to the hospital as Dale, Skip, and Marshall ("just in case there's any unexpected press issues in the car") head to Old Navy to get DB. [I laughed SO HARD at Marshall's line that I cried!] Skip kisses Stacey as he leaves, and she admits that she does like him. [so, you can see that future episodes would probably see them attempting to date once again.] In the car on the way to the mall, Marshall tells the President about his year-long relationship with Becca, but Dale already knew. [I found it out-of-place for Marshall to admit to this now (it wasn't that related to DB running off), but we see why soon enough...]

At the mall, DB has quit Old Navy and has joined the real Navy. [haha that as soon as Dale says that he's proud of DB, Skip asks for a pamphlet!] Still, he heads over to the hospital with the others, and they wind of running the last ten blocks to the hospital because of the traffic. [I really laughed at how Dale realized that people must hate the messes the First Family causes!] At the hospital, Becca and Emily come to terms with their relationship. [so that tension is gone for the fictional second season.] And, when Becca goes to deliver the baby, DB acts as her hypnosis tape, despite the fact that he was skeptical of it in the first place. [that was very "DB," I thought.] When Becca's son is born, his skin is dark, and it's implied that it's actually Marshall's baby. [and this is the end of DB. and why Marshall had to admit to his relationship with Becca. and the start of a new scandal of sorts, really.]
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