Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RETURNING: Secret Life: Amy's Got a Dress...

Where to start? Well, I know that I'm going to miss this show when it finishes airing in a few months. I can't believe I ever got attached to this teen drama, but I think I just love the obscene number of characters who have more drama than I could ever imagine. And, speaking of drama, I really wonder what the point of having Amy buy that dress was... part of me wonders if it was for the simple reason that "#AmysDress" would surely get twitter in a twist? I'm struggling to think of another good reason - what do you think? And, more on Amy - I laughed pretty hard that she forgot she had a sister. I mean, can you really blame her? I think that Ashley was intended to be a popular character (remember when they released The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens?), and it just didn't pan out... or India Eisley didn't love the work. Regardless, I anticipate seeing her return for an episode in this final stretch. Who I DIDN'T expect to see, however, was Chaz Bono. That cameo wasn't highly publicized, and I wasn't quite sure it was him at first, but I liked his appearance on this series, where every person has had a struggle in discovering who they are.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "To Each Her Own" (S05E13): Amy buys a $25 wedding dress at a thrift store that she loves, but Ricky doesn't like it, finding it dirty, ill-fitting, and ridiculous. [I liked the neckline. Also, this takes me back. I had a friend buy a wedding dress at a thrift store years ago, though it was for a joke-wedding.] Ricky offers to buy her a new dress, but Amy claims that's a waste of money. He begins wondering if Amy only bought it to try backing out of the wedding (Adrian thinks this, too). Amy stands up for it, saying it just needs to be cleaned and altered, but almost everyone else has a negative reaction. George and Willadeen like it, but Anne isn't so sure. Jack tells her that maybe she should choose something different and Grace calls it unique. Adrian says that re-wearing her dress would be better, and Omar actually recognizes the designer and thinks it'll work well. [whoa. I was pretty surprised that Omar knew the label!] Ricky and Chloe look at a cell picture of the dress, and Chloe questions whether Amy is actually already married. [hmmm...]
Kathy is struggling to return to her hometown, but her parents don't want her to stay with her grandmother because she'll be around "bad influences" like Amy and Ethan. [I can see that.] Ethan wants to talk to Kathy's parents about it, so he asks Ricky for advice on how to play Margaret and Shaker. Shaker is much more open to it than Margaret, and he decides to let Ethan fly to Texas as a learning experience. [I was a bit dumbfounded on this one...] Kathy doesn't want him to, tho, but Ben supports the idea and drives Ethan to the airport at the last minute, telling him to fight for the love of his life. [more foreshadowing?] Ben even springs for a first-class upgrade for the two. [oh, that Sausage money. always helping out!]

And, speaking of Ben, Leo and Camille worry about Chloe, who hasn't been able to sleep much for years. [awww.] She's pretty worried about school as she's gotten two or three years behind, and she tells Leo that she doesn't believe Amy's married. Leo tries to get Ben out of the country after graduation, but he wants to be there for that wedding. [of course.]

Anne finds out that George ran into David a while back, and begins to wonder if Robbie is David's son, as David now has twins. David is curious, too, and wants a DNA test. [what's the point of this? I think there's already enough happening in Anne and George's lives!] 

Robbie returns a trophy to Clementine, as all it does is make Amy mad. [Clementine being in love with Ricky is funny to me. I guess not to her.]
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