Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Boys Come and Go

Well, Jenelle and Kieffer are back apart, so maybe we've actually seen the last of him this time. I laugh so hard at the idea that Chelsea wants to be like Farrah and move someplace else to get a fresh start... she's seen as so incredibly dependent on both of her parents (especially her father) that I don't think she would be at her best without that support system. And, speaking of new living situations, I really have a lot of doubts about Javi and Kailyn, even if we didn't already know that she's going to wind up with someone else. Of course, it would be much easier to move out on a boyfriend than a husband, which makes me worry for Leah. I know that she and Jeremy last, at least for a little while, but I still don't feel like the viewers are seeing the connection that the two of them must share. Or am I just missing something?

Teen Mom 2 "So Hard to Say Goodbye" (S04E05):
Jenelle: She has the breast enlargement and struggles to get around afterward. [she looked a little heavier than normal as she was going in for surgery.] She's been secretly texting with Gary, who sends her flowers. Her roommate is hiding the pain medicine so Kieffer doesn't help himself. [huge eye rolls. though, in all honesty, years ago I had a friend who was on pain meds for his back, and he had to keep them hidden whenever another friend's brother was around.] Kieffer isn't really being supportive so Jenelle goes to stay with her mother while she heals. Kieffer heads back to New Jersey, and Gary returns to her life. [who are we kidding here? her love life is hilarious.] 
Chelsea: Because she has to move, she's considering going farther away than across town - she's sick of seeing and hearing about Adam. [I can relate to the idea of leaving your hometown, but a few months into school is not the ideal time!] Her mom thinks that the timing is bad and helps her look at local places. She isn't in love with any but might have to move into one anyway. She takes an exam at school where she has 45 minutes to cut the hair of a mannequin to seven inches. She gets a 90 on the test, with points taken off for stray hairs and blending. [interesting. I wonder how many mannequin heads you have to buy!?!]

Kailyn: She's out of school for the summer but is still working. She dreams of marrying and settling down, so she invites Javi to move in. She's never lived with a guy before but thinks it will work. [oh... this should be extra interesting then!] She doesn't really move around anything to make room for him before he brings his stuff over. [I found this totally odd... couldn't she at least have made some space for his clothes??] She suspects a proposal is in the works, and she starts hinting around the day he moves in. [I can't believe how awkward that was!] She suggests he pay for groceries and electricity. [I've never understood roommates who handle bills that way... is the math just too hard for them to divvy up the household bills each month?]

Leah: She decides that Corey isn't serious enough about working things out, so she asks Jeremy to move back in again. She wants to set a date for the wedding[
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