Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Secret Life: Kathy's Coming Back, but George has the BIG News!

"Took a powder" - do you know what that means? I had to look it up... apparently, it means to leave to avoid an unpleasant situation. Please tell me I'm not the only one who had never heard this phrase before! Now, the bigger question... how much longer will the happiness in this family last? 
I'm not sure. I'm as shocked as the next person that Ben seems to be over Amy, and I'm really confused over whether he's going to make a play for Grace at this point or what his plan is. Now that we know both Ricky AND Amy have doubts about their future, I'm struggling to hypothesize what will become of them. The tagline for this final half-season is "together forever," which I would think would apply to these two characters more than anyone else. However, I don't know that they're good together, and I think that they both only really fell for one another because of the circumstances. Sure, they've each grown a lot over the past 3-4 years, but is that enough?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "It's a Miracle" (S05E14): Ricky tells his therapist (Lauren's dad) that he thinks Amy will back out of the wedding. He says that he is in love with her, but knows that she's not in love with him, so he doesn't want to marry her - he deserves better. [that's smart.] He also admits that he's not already married. [ouch. more and more people are figuring this out...] He's also thinking about cheating on Amy, but won't actually do it. [this is new!]

Omar's student teaching is over, and he receives a million dollars to make a set of videos where the best teachers showcase their lesson plans for a year. [this sounds like a really big project he proposed to a bunch of people... how had Adrian not heard about it at all??] To celebrate, he proposes to Adrian with an heirloom ring.

Ben never made it to school and completely forgot about driving Chloe home. [how far away is this airport??] He wishes Amy a good life and moves on. See, that morning, when talking to Ethan, Ben realized that he only fell for Amy because Grace wasn't interested in him. That night, he goes to meet his parents for dinner but it was a set-up... he has dinner with Dylan instead. [this was a strange move on Leo's part, I feel.] Later, he tells Leo he doesn't think he loves Dylan, but he needs to get over Amy. 

In Texas, Ethan tries to talk to Kathy's father about her living with him in California. But, her father feels like Kathy shouldn't be "comfortable" and "having fun" but feel guilty and ashamed. [I wonder if I'd feel the same...] The housekeeper tells Ethan to act more masculine if he's going to win over Kathy's father, but Ethan's final plea is actually based on love and volunteering to be castrated. [WHOA!] Kathy she claims that she's really become more independent in California, and her parents decide to let her stay the rest of the school year in California. [meh. honestly, there are so many characters, I could really care less about little Kathy and Ethan at this point.]

Jack wants Grace to cut off his casts, but she doesn't believe that he's healed weeks ahead of time. [what's the point in having Jack act so weird??] She drives him to the hospital at Jack's father's request, and Jack decides to become a minister. [wow. another leap. going out on a crazy note, eh, Secret Life?] A psychiatrist tells him his bones can't be healed yet, but Jack doesn't believe him, of course. [plus, the whole "I gotta get back to football practice" thing doesn't mean as much if he's going into ministry, right?]

Tom wanted to have sex with Tammy, so he tells her she can move in with him and that he'd marry her. It doesn't work. In lecturing Tom, Kathleen begins to wonder if the only reason she is with George is because it's easy to go back to what you already know. [great point!] And, speaking of going back to what you know, George meets with David about Robbie's paternity... see, George took his own paternity test a while ago and knows he's NOT Robbie's biological father. But, he doesn't want David to be in control of Robbie, and that might be what's on the horizon. [dang. forget wrapping up everything neatly!]
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