Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bates Motel: Suspicious Characters Around Town

A body burning in the town square? Yeah, I'm kinda freaked out about this town! Perfect title for the episode, though! The creepy factor continues to concern me, and I am still not sure if I'll make it through the entire season before I won't be able to watch any more. It was interesting to see Norman's half-brother, Dylan, make an appearance already, as I had initially found it weird he was at the TCA presentation when he was not in the pilot. His arrival certainly helped the flow of the episode, though, as we learned more and more about what secret corruption there is throughout the area and just how widespread the evil may be. I liked Norman being given another "friend," though I was surprised that he allowed Emma to take the secret journal of drawings. Who knows what will happen next! Any theories on what's going on or what will take place in the future?
Bates Motel  "Nice Town You Picked, Norma..." (S01E02): Norman's half-brother, Dylan, shows up and causes some trouble around the house. He's still upset that Norma drove away his father and ended up with Norman's father, Sam. Plus, he's suspicious about Sam's death. [me, too.] Dylan soon gets involved with some shady characters in town. Norman gets really upset when he finds out that Dylan has their mother in his phone as "the whore," and tries to badly injure (or even kill) his brother. Dylan catches him, though, and deflects.
Joseph Lederer
At the bus stop, Norman and some kids see Bradley's father drive by out of control. [I still forget that Bradley is a girl's name on this show.] He crashes and they go after him, only to find he's been badly burned - his warehouse was lit on fire. [yikes!] He winds up in a coma and Norman brings a potted plant to his friend. [did that not seem odd to anyone else?] In searching around after the car crash, the police find Keith's truck and search for him, too, as he hasn't been home in days. [but that not being uncommon was weird in itself.] The police later return to question Norma, who explains that Keith did come over, but nothing terrible happened. The Sheriff wants to search the place, but she knows he needs a warrant to do that. [though, let's not lie... if you don't acquiesce to the requests of authority, you're probably hiding something.] Norma tells Norman about it, then goes for coffee with Deputy Shelby, who informs her that there are some bad guys in town who take matters into their own hands. [not gonna lie, I was a little worried after that... and even more so after seeing the burning body in the square! why wasn't it at least extinguished before allowing traffic to pass it?!?]

In class, Norman has to partner up and write about why a classic poem is still relevant in today's world. [cool assignment!] His partner, Emma, who has cystic fibrosis, comes by the next day, and comes across the journal of drawings Norman has. She borrows it and later texts him to come to her father's shop, where she reveals that she has figured out part of the story - it's about Chinese sex slaves. [whaaaa???!?] She wants to figure out if it's true by going to look for a grave, and he accompanies her to the woods. They stumble upon some pot fields and are spotted, so they run back to the car and barely escape. [eerily weird.]
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