Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Two Make Strides, Two Regress

I'll hand it to MTV... once they're airing a season, they don't stop for no reason. They keep those episodes cranking on a regular basis. Unfortunately, when you run two seasons nearly back-to-back, it seems like a lot, even if those are truncated seasons in comparison to what the broadcast networks are doing. It's doing a good job of keeping viewers up-to-date as best as possible, though the lives of the girls are so publicized that the gaps are growing by the day. I can only imagine what the next check-up with Dr. Drew will be like! Jenelle still can't keep it together around her son, Chelsea is moving up in beauty school, Kailyn gets violent, and Leah plans to semi-elope.

Teen Mom 2 "Fall to Pieces" (S04E06): 
Jenelle: It's been a week since her surgery, and she asks Gary if he likes her breasts better now. He plays it safe and says he likes them both ways. [remember, she wasn't with him when she decided to get the procedure.] She invites Barbara and Jace over for dinner, but Gary does all of the cooking. [I really laughed at how Gary acts when Barbara's around. extra laughs, overly agreeable.] She plans to spend the night at her mother's so she can watch Jace early the next morning, but Barbara upsets her so she leaves. [the way those two fought over a bottle was disturbing.] She winds up not going back, and Barbara asks Gary to care for Jace the next morning. [Barbara has Gary's number??] Barbara tells Jenelle that she's doing nothing but gaining weight and being a pothead. [haha!]
Chelsea: She has started working the floor at the salon school, with real clients, and has her first up-do. [I was a bit shocked that she's be asked to do a hairstyle on a person before she's done it on a wig!] She's found a new place to live. She learns that Adam has a new girlfriend, and he sends her a letter about taking her to court. [I like that they spell out A-D-A-M around Aubree now.]

Kailyn: Javi brought his dog when he moved in, so now there are multiple dogs and cats running around the house and making messes. [that sucks.] Kailyn and Javi argue over the dogs, because there's a hole in the fence and he wants them to stay in the house, but she has friends over. The argument turns physical, and he talks about breaking up. [I would, too.] She calls Javi later and apologizes for putting her hands on him, and he agrees to work with her through her issues. They go swim with some sharks together. [even if it's something she's always wanted to do, I thought it was a strange activity to do right after a physical fight.] She thinks about taking boxing to help release her anger. [hahaha!]

Leah: She's overwhelmed with planning a wedding and finding a new place to live, so her mother hires a wedding planner to handle that part. [was Leah really giving her kids coffee??] She wanted a beach wedding, but because it can't be private enough, they'll have it at a pond instead. [SO not the same!] She and Jeremy put in an offer on the house and put both names on the mortgage, but because they're not married, they're less likely to get approved. So, even though the real wedding is in June, they plan to go to the courthouse and put it on paper to speed up the home-buying process. [I know that a lot of people do this (at least in Florida!), but I've never really understood it.] It's time for Ali's annual evaluations, and her social/emotional skills are on-par. Her cognitive skills are at age level, and her verbal skills are wonderful. Her hip and leg strength has improved but she's not using her calf muscles, plus her hands are weak. [her hands?] Her gross motor skills are at 11-12 months, so she's behind but improving. Her weekly appointments will continue to focus on getting her to walk, and Leah and Corey must pay attention to the latest exercises.
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