Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Secret Life: Will Ricky & Amy be Together Forever?

I'm not saying that nothing happened this episode, but I was really waiting for something exciting to happen. I mean, when Ricky missing a day of school to care for his son is the most interesting event, I think it's a swing and a miss. Ricky and John spending the day together effectively did nothing for being such a large segment of the episode. Unless, of course, it's a preview of sorts to Ricky being a single parent, but I don't think that will end up the case. Speaking of parenting, I had completely forgotten that the pastor isn't Jack's biological father... was that a first-season storyline? (this site started covering the series at the start of its second season.) Anyway, it seems that the time has come to really start questioning whether Ricky and Amy will be "together forever" like this final batch of episodes keeps promoting... thoughts?
The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Fraid So" (S05E17): John bites a kid at daycare so Ricky has to take the day off from school and work to watch him, as George and Margaret are both working. [those twins are starting to have different looks, LoL.] Leo sends Nora to work at the butcher shop to help out Bunny and suggests she put in a good word with George on using them as the restaurant's meat supplier. [how did I NOT see this coming??] Nora shows up at Ricky's after the butcher shop and offers to help with childcare more, saying that she's "okay now." When he turns her down, she admits that she doesn't think he and Amy should marry. [after all the previews that showed Ricky crying, I wasn't that touched that it was over something Nora said!] After that, Nora decides to start looking for an apartment, though she's also started attending extra meetings to curb her drinking. [only a handful of episodes left and a character might fall off the wagon... odd plotline...] Back at Ricky's, Amy calls, saying that she doesn't want to lose him. Ben, on the other hand, moves to a hotel suite to avoid the noise on campus, bringing a girl with him. [privileged kids! he's just fonna "get a suite" like it's nothing! in Manhattan!] Oh, and Chloe thinks that Amy wanted Ben to know her flight information, so she left her plans in the copy machine at school, and Ben conveniently changed his flight to match hers. [because, you know, changing your flight the day you leave is no big deal... ::eye roll::] 

George goes to Jack's dad about him having a gun, while Jack tells Tom that he can't get Chloe's pimp's face out of his head. After that, George takes Jack home to sleep at his house, but Jack will only sleep sharing a bed. [awww.] Jack repeatedly chickens out of going to a therapist, but George eventually goes with him to Dr. Fields' office. [everyone in town uses the same therapist... gotta love it.] Jack asks the therapist about his religion, and when he won't respond, Jack is wary of talking. However, he soon starts admitting his vulnerability, and even moves to sleeping at his parents' house, even though he wants them to sleep in the same room to make him feel better. [it's a start!]

Kathy's grandmother will let her be alone with Ethan to do homework, but he's afraid of being trusted. [what an odd problem.] He calls Ricky, who tells him not to go. He goes anyway, but when they get started, Kathy's babydaddy shows up, wanting to marry Kathy and ask for the return of the baby from the couple who adopted her. [this kid is crazy!!] Ethan asks Ricky to come over and talk about how difficult it is to be a father, but he's overly busy after missing school. Ethan then suspects that the babydaddy is there for something besides Kathy or the baby. [like...?]
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