Saturday, June 27, 2009

summer seasons started!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
: September 27th

Family Guy: September 27th

The Cleveland Show: premiering September 27th

American Dad: 27th

How I Met Your Mother: September 21st.

Little People, Big World: off-season

House, M.D.: September 21st.

Lie to Me: September 21st.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: well, they're divorcing. And the whole world is talking about it. I'm not sure if they went through counseling or not... but if not, I am sad they're jumping into divorce. If so, I'm just sad for the family. It'll be rough on the kids (we already know they miss seeing their daddy all the time). The crooked houses were somewhat interesting, but they START at $1,250!! People in this recession aren't going to pay that, so I think it was a dumb plug for the show. In other news, next month I'll be blogging from Pennsylvania, just 90 minutes or so from the current Gosselin home. Not gonna lie, I kinda want to casually see them in real life one day, I think it would be neat.

Table for 12: off-season. or maybe even canceled.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Grace having sex was a big disappointment. Grace's dad dying was a sudden plot twist, and I'm unclear on what that'll do for the show, and why Ben and his dad are so concerned. It's disturbing what Ricky had to say throughout the show, and I wonder if his speech to Adrian's dad will come back to haunt him. Anne being pregnant was written in for the actress, but it's still nuts. I think Anne should give the child up for adoption, and I'm hoping that'll give an interesting spin to the "educational aspect" of the show. I don't understand Tom's reaction yet to his dad yet, but maybe it'll just hit him next week. Amy's naivety about crying babies is annoying, and George is surprisingly being decent for some reason. All in all, should make for an active season (take the pun as you will).

Make it or Break it: I missed the premiere, but hopefully I'll catch the show next week.

Cake Boss: not gonna lie, I was jealous of the bachelorette cake. My girlies made me some phallic sugar cookies for my party, but the cake was so cool. Problem: there were only 6 girls at their party and that was a HUGE cake. The other cake was super awesome. I was impressed with the zombie. I kinda wanna start working with fondant now (which may be in my benefit, since it's my husband's preferred cake topping anyway), but I can't invest in ingredients since I'm moving in less than a month (see the Jon & Kate blurb for location).

18 Kids and Counting: yay, a birthday party! It was fun to watch the kids all rollerskating, and I was pretty psyched to watch Michelle, who usually takes such a passive role in the family's activities. As Jim Bob pointed out, she's usually pregnant or nursing so she can't do the fun stuff. And Michelle realizes how important it is that she's at 100% so she takes these things carefully. No update on Josh and Anna. I am also trying to figure out when we're going to see the Tennessee episodes! We know Jason's birthday is April 21st, and we know that the Duggars were in Tennessee for at least two weeks (Anna was two weeks shy of knowing the sex when she did a webisode and we also know the Duggars were there when Josh and Anna found out), so I'm guessing soon!

Lincoln Heights: August 4th

South Park: October 7th is really far away.

Glee: September 16th.

Wipeout: I liked the guy with the Neil Diamond outfit, that was funny. The dad (who was the first to run the obstacle course) with the neon shorts was funny. I thought the tribute to the new Ice Age movies was cool, but kinda unincorporated. The fat girl at the end was useless, she seemed so surprised that "the motivator" pushed her at the big bouncy balls. And her stupid lying there was dumb, I thought it would've been much more interesting to watch her try to get through the up-and-down circular hurdles... not gonna lie, but when she started the course, I was ready to bet she'd get herself stuck in them, hehe. Browlicious got some bad hits to the noggin. It also became a lot more obvious in this episode that they've removed or foam-covered all of the dangerous parts of the various courses, which is good. Sadly, as I'm moving very soon, I won't be able to try out to be on the show after all. Some of the best trash-talking of the season took place with the final three on the sweeper. The Wipeout Zone was definitely geared (haha) toward various strengths today, as the first two contestants struggled in completely different areas. Browlicious quit way too early, he totally had a shot at the 50 grand! The final guy really cut it close (as the girl did when she beat the first score), but he surprised many and made it!

16 and Pregnant
: Amber and Gary make a strange couple. While they have been together for two and a half years (when she was pregnant), they don't seem to know one another very well. They have a lot of issues, and we never really find out what it is that Amber does (but she did leave Steak and Shake to take her current job). He buys her a $20 engagement ring from WalMart, but I guess when you're seventeen and pregnant you should take what you can get. Yet another reason to wait and marry someone with hopes, ambitions, and a bank account with more than $500 in it. Amber was happy, although mom and dad weren't exactly thrilled. Her older brother used to be BFFs with Gary, but at least he's mature enough to not do anything stupid on camera. Mom and Auntie, on the other hand, badtalk Gary and his whole family while being filmed. Amber has a rough labor, with more than four hours of active labor. They seem to have the parenting part down okay, and don't seem to complain as much as some of the previous mothers, although Gary doesn't seem to have any qualms about pawning off the child on his mother.

Monk: August 7th.

The Goode Family: The idea of a "lending library" is very fitting for the Goodes. The rivalry between Helen and Margot continues I love the spunk that Helen has sometimes - in this episode, when she decides that the freegan Heinrich Mueller will be at their party! Ubuntu made a funny joke about needing a strong German influence (Hitler much?), and Bliss and Grandfather have a good time messing with the freegan. The idea of crying on your food to season it was a little creepy, as was using grey water in a dunktank! Now, I had never heard of a "freegan" before, so if you are also not in-the-know, it's basically a freeloader, who doesn't buy anything at all (or even use items that have been harvested or processed), living off of refuse, pretty much. I particularly enjoyed the idea that a freegan would dump a woman, since they don't throw away anything, LoL. (of course the idea that he already has 1-2 wives and 6-8 children and he left them all is not addressed)

Surviving Suburbia
: caught this just because it was before Goodes. It was a pretty funny episode, where the family is trying to convince Henry to go to college by playing the Game of Life. Unfortunately, although Courtney is a doctor and the mom is a veterinarian, Henry (hairdresser) is doing much better because life is about "luck" and not "hard work." Similarly, Courtney wanted a "pink spouse" instead of a "blue spouse," so mom flips out without making too big a scene. Courtney had some really great lines, and I'm glad they cast such a quick little girl. I have mixed feelings about the parents cheating in the game at the end, but life goes on (haha again).
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