Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Secret Life: Amy, Ben, and Omar go to New York

Amy and Ben fly solo for their campus tours but Grace brings Kathleen along on hers? I'm not sure what's going on there. I'm also intrigued on how the next episode will play out when a handful of main characters are out of town... though, of course, George has his own cans of worms brewing. On that note, I am sick of Jack not getting the psychological help he needs, so hopefully George will be able to push him over the edge after what happened! Similarly, the return of Tom could mean interesting events are on the horizon for his character as well, though I am confused over why it took him four bus transfers to make it to the restaurant! The characters are always jetting over to Jeff's, which gave me the impression that it was nearby... Camille and Chloe were noticeably absent in an episode where they could have at least appeared at the dinner table with Leo and Ben. Still no sign of Lauren, Madison, Henry, Alice, or Ashley, though at least we heard about Lauren and Madison still existing. So much left to happen, I can't wait!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Shiny and New" (S05E16): Amy wants to give back the gifts they received for their "wedding," but some of them have been used. Upset, Ricky asks Amy for his mother's wedding ring back, then goes to see Leo to return the wedding cash. [asking for the ring back was a little harsh...]

Amy and Ben leave to tour Hudson University in New York, and Ben suggests that the two of them just go someplace foreign where they know nobody. [ever the smooth-talker, that Ben!] Amy and Ricky start discussing the logistics of how she'd actually be able to go to school in New York. On the flight, however, Amy's seat buddy is actually Omar, who is headed for a business lunch, despite Adrian's jealousy that he gets to go to New York. [I couldn't believe that she refused to drive him to the airport!] Amy tells him that she's not really married, and the two begins talking as Ben listens in from the row behind them. Ben texts Ricky and Adrian about Amy and Omar sitting next to one another, leading the fiances to worry about their traveling counterparts. [are you serious? Ricky and Adrian are worried about Amy and Omar getting together? hahahaha!] Meanwhile, Ricky dreams of being with Clementine, and the next day he received a letter form her that talks about how long she's been in love with him.

Grace and Kathleen are going out of town for a few days to tour college campuses, which means Jack should go to his parents' house or back to his place on campus. He leaves Grace's and offers Nora a ride to work. However, he falls asleep at the wheel and runs into a police car, making Nora half an hour late to work. Jack then tries to invite himself over to Adrian's and Ricky's so that he's not alone. In the end, he returns to Grace's guesthouse, and when George knocks on the door, Jack shoots a gun at him. [wonder where he got that...?]
Shorter stories: George buys Jeff's Restaurant because he wants to cut all ties with Anne. [I forgot that the furniture store is a joint venture.] Ethan cheated on a math test but doesn't want Kathy's tutoring. It horrifies her that he'd rather fail than accept her help, so he asks Amy for help, though she just suggests he ask Ricky for assistance. [Ethan is the strangest kid!] 
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