Friday, April 12, 2013

Go On: Dumping Janie

"Beard-O" and "Loudy." Those are the types of nicknames that the group gives to one another. Makes you wonder how long a first-time viewer will stay tuned in, huh? Similarly, I continue to find it a bit odd how often Ryan "sees" his dead wife, but maybe it was less creepy in this episode because it's told as a flashback rather than have Ryan just see her appear in his everyday life. I think the most problematic thing about this episode (along with it being the funniest, actually), is that the group members actually realized that they are making no progress. Obviously, this has to continue in order for the show to work (although transitioning new members wouldn't be a bad thing, necessarily), but it's depressing to think that you've now watched 22 episodes of a talk show host in group therapy where he's made very little progress in grieving his wife's untimely death. Should this series be granted a second season, what would you change?

Go On "Urn-ed Run" (S01E22): In group, Lauren brings out new props and personalized healing portfolios for everyone, with tasks that include George forgiving his boss and Ryan finally spreading his wife's ashes. [when you're single, you have time to do these things...] See, Ryan has struggled with doing so because he made his wedding to Janie bigger than she wanted, so he wants the disposal of her ashes to be perfect. Ryan dumps the ashes in a lake from a covered bridge, and Steven sings a hymn in an odd manner. [but if it would have made Janie happy...] But, Mr. K. realizes that it was Bisquick, not Janie's actual ashes. [anyone else weirded out by that??]

So, Anne and Mr. K. set out to help Ryan by stealing Janie's ashes and leaving a ransom note. [how peculiar!] Steven and Ryan catch up to them but Anne accidentally puts the urn on the roof of someone's car and that person drives off, busting the vase on the asphalt of a gas station. [I can't imagine how much that must suck!] In thinking back to his wedding, Ryan realizes that he took Janie to the batting cages so she could get out her stress, so he sprinkles the small amount of ashes that remain over the plate. [an odd choice, I thought.] 
Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC
Everyone begins to realize that they're all still miserable... forcing Lauren to question if she's making any difference at all. Yolanda and Sonia try to help Lauren by faking a "simple but meaty" problem for their leader to fix, so they pretend a coworker has passed away. But, Lauren shows up at the hospital to help the girls' coworkers, so they have to get a bunch of people to act out scenarios for Lauren. But, Sonia blows it as soon as Lauren starts talking. [man... I thought we'd wind up with some great lines from what Yolanda scripted, too!] In the end, however, some of the girls get a little closure... Lauren burns her wedding invitations, Yolanda her wedding dress, and Anne a piece of art that her wife bought. [why not sell the dress and the painting??]
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