Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 Broke Girls: Some Things are Worth the Splurge...

I don't care if it gets raunchy... this show is SO funny! I love it. One joke in particular stands out, but that's probably because I've had a similar experience. At the clinic, Max counts the patients in the room to see what the odds are that Caroline has herpes, based on the "fact" that "1 in 6 people have herpes." So, back in high school, a billboard went up in my area that said "1 in 40 black men in ___ have AIDS," (I no longer remember if it was within the county, the state, etc.) but my first peer to spot it read it as "1 in 4," so that day we heard a lot of "1, 2, 3, AIDS!" in the cafeteria. It was hilarious, then horrible, then by the next day we knew the correct number. Regardless, I found the similarity funny, as did my husband.

That's not to say that the series is flawless, of course, because one of the clear problems in this episode is that the girls only make $4, despite the fact that it's clear Max sold ALL of the cupcakes she baked for that day... I can't be the only one bothered by that obvious mistake, right? 

2 Broke Girls "And the Worst Selfie Ever" (S02E21): The girls hit up an "under a dollar" store, where they buy a chair, sheets, and steak. [whoa. that's quite the variety!] But, the chair and sheets soon rip. Caroline is upset that the sheets are ruined, so she calls CandyAndy to come over and have sex. It's her first "booty call" (even if it was a "booty tweet"), and it soon becomes clear that she wants him back. Max tells Caroline that Andy is sleeping around, so a relationship isn't in the cards, but she begins to panic over a new problem... she experiences some itching and a rash of some kind that leads her to think Andy gave her an STI. Caroline uses her phone to take a picture, comparing it to images online and showing Max and Sophie before taking it to a clinic. [really? why were people interested in seeing that??]
Monty Brinton/CBS
A blood test costs $250, so Caroline meets Andy to ask for a loan. [awkward!] He claims he's been "safe" but will get tested the next day. [weird "let's get married" line. it's also implied he gave Caroline the money for her own test.] The receptionist comes to the diner to let Caroline know about her negative results on the sly. [I thought that was funny!] Turns out, it was just an allergic reaction to the dryer ball from the "under $1 store. [why was that anywhere near her area?] Oh, and because Max sees a former hook-up at the clinic, she decides to get tested, too, and is also clean. [39 guys??] The whole thing makes Caroline realize that she needs the cupcake business so that she can ignore the needs of her lady parts. [odd phrasing, but we all know that corporate-minded Caroline needs business to take her mind off pleasure.]

Meanwhile, at the diner, Max tries to help Han's online dating profile after one match takes a look at him and leaves. [Earl: "Jesus is coming back before she is." ha!] However, Max ends up setting him up with one of the girls on WebMD who had a similar-looking condition to Caroline's! [blech!]

Cupcakery Savings: $205.00
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