Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HIMYM: Marshall and Lily to go Abroad??

Ted is no longer allowed to talk to girls as far as I'm concerned. Seeing him get weak in the knees (while sitting down, no less) chatting with women has been getting more and more annoying, as we know that none of them will turn out to be "the mother" before we get to Robin & Barney's wedding day. Although, that seems like the smallest of concerns right now... Marshall and Lily moving to Italy is a much bigger deal. I mean, can you picture Marshall actually living like this?
Cliff Lipson/CBS
On that note, I really loved Marshall using the same eight words in Italian over and over but the captions all saying different things. Long live "come on, bro. Don't Bogart all the Funions." As soon as CBS announced that the sitcom would be getting a ninth season, I began to wonder how much of the eighth season was written to end the series, and I think we're starting to see that quite a bit is. How many times have you seen a television program come to an end because the main character(s) were moving? More than I can count, that's for sure!

How I Met Your Mother "Romeward Bound" (S08E21): The Captain is moving to Rome for a year and would like Lily to move with him, but she's afraid that Marshall would resent being a stay-at-home dad for the duration. [though he wouldn't actually have to be...] She decides to turn down the job without even consulting her husband, but when she goes to see Marshall at work, she learns that the firm has had no business for a while, and they're down to just 2-3 people. [that sucks.] When Lily tells him about the opportunity, he's in love with the idea, so he rushes off to The Captain to get Lily the option back. But, when it's offered again, she declines once more, afraid that she actually sucks at her job. [I can relate to this, but only to a certain degree. If you can do it in Manhattan, chances are that you're decent. It's not like she'd be moving from middle-of-nowhere, Plains State!] In the end, they decide to go. [wow, this will surely be a big change!]  

At the bar, Barney and Ted are trying to get a woman to remove her coat to reveal her hott body, but Robin then reminds her fiance that the girl in question is their wedding planner. [hahaha! my wedding planner was also quite attractive. maybe it's one of those industries? you know, like pharmaceutical reps, LoL?] Barney tries to be like Marshall and not exude desperation when he asks a girl to remove his coat, and when he succeeds, he's proud. [and I'm shrugging because it doesn't matter.]
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