Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Kailyn's Engaged, Leah's Married, Chelsea Moved...

... and Jenelle sucks. No, seriously. This episode was nothing but more examples of how she is really unprepared to live as an adult. Not that the other ladies were shining examples this time around, but Jenelle was laughable. I have really lost interest in how all four of their lives are going, so hopefully we're only a few wrap-ups away from this series being over. Do you agree or are you still intrigued with how these girls are living their lives?

Teen Mom 2 "For Love and Money" (S04E10):Kailyn: Javi and Isaac put together a proposal, and Javi and Kailyn head to the courthouse soon afterward to get their marriage license. She still hasn't told Jo, but is planning to add in the part about a potential move when she does break the news.
Jenelle: She hasn't been making as much money at her "online job," so she can't pay her rent. [because her cell phone bill comes first, you guys.] Barbara wants to help Jenelle figure out her finances, especially if she and Kieffer (her new roommate after her former one became homesick and returned to New York) are making most of their money selling hand-carved pipes online. [is there really a large market for that?] Jace turns 3, and they have a party at a gymnastics center, where Jenelle thinks her son should enroll for lessons. [I agree with Barbara - where's the money for that?? also, Jenelle feels it's appropriate to roll up her shorts and bare her midriff at the party?] She also drops out of school because the Gary thing and her surgery put her behind. [so she's back to going nowhere...]

Chelsea: She moves into a new place and goes out for her 21st birthday. [she's so awkward about drinking "legally."] Next up, Aubree turns 3!

Leah: Her dad visits for a few days before Leah's wedding, and she talks about having not seen him since she was 13. [is Leah's sister also trying to rekindle her relationship with her father?] It rains on her wedding day, so they marry under an umbrella. [lol, this is why you don't have outdoor weddings! I can only think of a ONE I've attended where it DIDN'T rain!]
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