Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Middle: A Bookmark for Halloween?

Brick growing up has been one of the more interesting ongoing arcs on this series. Each of the characters is really well-written, and great care is obviously taken to make sure the personalities are clear with every action, but the kids are maturing, little by little. Brick starting middle school was going to open up all kinds of potentially awesome storylines for the little misfit, but when he starts acting like a typical pre-teen by crushing on girls and wanting to go to a dance, I think audiences everywhere were a bit intrigued! He is definitely still himself, though I was a tad surprised that he made the costume on his own rather than asking for Frankie's help. And, for every notch he grows out of his shell, his sister becomes more and more confident in who she is, and his brother learns how to make lemonade out of lemons! I'm really looking forward to the other holiday episodes on the horizon for this comedy!

The Middle "Halloween IV: The Ghost Story" (S05E05): As punishment for not doing the dishes, Frankie makes Brick go to a party, where he stares at a girl named Harper, on whom he has a crush mostly because she developed early. [ha!] Frankie and Mike suggest Brick try talking to her via social media, but, he's slow to reply so the entire family helps him IM. He decides to ask her to the Halloween dance, and she says "yes." [haha, nobody high-fives Brick.] Brick dresses as a bookmark, and has a seizure or something at the dance. [that many different things were happening to him and his parents weren't called? I'm suspicious.]
Frankie buys licorice menorahs so nobody is tempted to eat the candy before Halloween, but they do anyway, and they have to hide from the trick-or-treaters. [typical Hecks!] Sue gets the Wrestlerettes pumped by having a team sleepover, but when they hold a seance, Sue calls Christopher Columbus and thinks she sees the Santa Maria on the wall. [I'd say that's a stretch...] She starts telling everyone, concerning Mike. Both parents talk to their daughter, explaining that they've all had experiences that seem paranormal, but they don't believe they happened. Well, this only encourages Sue. [which makes sense. If they believe they really saw something, what's to stop the same thing from happening to Sue?]

Axl is being hazed on the football team, but he and Hutch, a fellow hazee, throw a party... only to not be let in because they're not upperclassman players. [hilarious!] They decide to crowd-surf their way in, then hang out with a couple of girls until the upperclassmen tie them up again. [it seemed almost like freshmen boys pledging a fraternity, really.] 
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