Thursday, October 31, 2013

South Park: Ike and Foofa

This episode left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Part of it is probably the fact that I really prefer adventures where the main kids are all involved, but the other is that the Ike storyline was incredibly far-fetched. Facial hair and chewing tobacco? His parents and teachers not really knowing anything about it? Nobody feeling the effects of Ike's changes except Kyle? I just didn't buy it. Perhaps if it had been the B-story to Intelelink instead of the other way around, it would have worked better. Because, in all honesty, I thought that there were not enough crosses between the two to really make them work well together.

South Park "Taming Strange" (S17E05): Mr. Mackey tells the kids about "Intelelink," which the kids can use to schedule appointments with the nurse or counselor. In the process, he shows the class a degrading picture of Kyle that Ike drew. As this has been happening frequently lately, Kyle tries to befriend his brother, but he's not interested, preferring to use some chewing tobacco. [I think that may be the worst depiction of puberty ever, by the way!]

Kyle goes to Mr. Mackey for help, but Intelelink is having problems and it's a while before he gets any ideas... and all he gets is "look up Canadian puberty to find out how it is different." [LoL, true, everything Canadian is different on this show!] Kyle skips school to take Ike to Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!, but Ike tries to "tame Foofa's strange" at the concert and gets in trouble. [wow. that was insane!]
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However, this makes Foofa decide to move on to playing for older audiences, and she soon goes wild. She hangs out with Ike, but her former band members bring Sinead O'Conner to tell her to control herself. [only part of me wants to look up the reference here...] But, she sticks with her mature shows, acting like Miley Cyrus in a way.

The whole situation seems to have started when Ike began getting the wrong medication from the Canadian government, and was receiving hormones instead of constipation medicine because of a system screw-up. [I laughed at the healthcare jokes.] Tom Brady has been getting the laxatives instead. [ha!] Kyle is able to get Ike to stop being so aggressive with the change.

Meanwhile, back at school, the system has problems, and Mr. Mackey keeps pouring money into it (we're talking about $100k) until he just has to have it removed because of the disastrous outcome.
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